11/15: Thursday Thoughts

1. The best part of my day yesterday was coming home after a long day, putting my feet up, and feeling the baby dance away in there. Coolest thing ever!

2. I realized that I’ve had a Thanksgiving meal four times already, and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet… 1) Friendsgiving; 2) Friendsgiving leftovers #1; 3) Work Thanksgiving on Monday; 4) Friendsgiving leftovers #2. Good thing I love it all!



4. We had this for dinner last night. (Thanks for the recommendation Lindsay!) I substituted plain Greek yogurt for the sour cream and added a can of black beans to it, and we ate it over brown rice. Protein packed and delicious! So good, so easy, just do it!

5. Um, yes.


6. Can you believe one week from today is Thanksgiving?! YESSSS!

7. Coffee + cocoa powder + NuNaturals Stevia packet + milk = hot cocoa coffee. My new favorite thing. [Decaf coffee for me thankyouverymuch.]

8. It’s that time again… We need a new show on Netflix. Any ideas?

9. I am thrilled to have no plans on the agenda for this weekend. I plan to sleep, clean, spend time with Cody and the pups, and SLEEP. Did I mention sleep?!

10. Today is Thursday which means tomorrow is FRIDAY! Yippee! Have a great day!


  • What was the best part of your day yesterday?
  • Do you love to eat? Would you consider yourself a “foodie”?
  • What are your weekend plans?
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  1. says

    I would definitely consider myself a foodie (now!) — but if you asked me even 6 months ago, I would have laughed and say “Never will I ever”. I’ve found a new appreciation for it — the tastes, textures, and the company surrounding it and the fun of making it.
    I can’t believe I spent so many years denying myself the pleasure!!
    Have you and Cody watched Dead Like Me? I’m definitely a fan. Not sure if it’s available on Netflicks though.

  2. says

    I LOVE to eat!!! I have never understood those people who say they get so busy they “forget” to eat. No matter how busy I am, my stomach constantly reminds me, lol!!

    Have you watched “Revenge” yet? It is my favorite show and I ended up watching all of last season in a weekend on Netflix.

  3. says

    I love to eat, and though I’m not sure how I feel about the term “foodie” that probably describes me considering how excited I get about food :)
    This weekend I have all of Saturday to relax and do whatever I want (the best.) and Sunday my husband and I are going to our first Thanksgiving Dinner of the season (we have 3 total!). I’m excited!

  4. says

    Yay for the baby dancing away!! Ah, so exciting!!! Next Thanksgiving, you’ll have a baby to celebrate with!! I wish we had Thanksgiving again in Canada;) Twice a year would be awesome.

  5. says

    I definitely love to eat. I’m not sure if I’d consider myself a real foodie, though, because dealing with a finicky stomach means there are a lot of things I have to avoid eating. But when it comes to dessert… I don’t think there’s anything I don’t love.

  6. Amanda N says

    Can’t believe Turkey Day is next week already! eek! Love finding new shows to watch on Netflix. We’re currently on season 2 of the Walking Dead and on season 5? of the X-Files. Once Season 2 of the walking Dead is done, we’ll watch Season 2 of the Killing and then after that Season 2 of Hell On Wheels. We don’t have too much time to watch TV so we usually just do one show at a time.

  7. says

    Ummm, my weekend plans better include having a baby hahaha. I keep saying today that I wonder if the baby will fall in the 5% that are actually born on their due date (ie: tomorrow). It’s a small chance, but maybe this baby likes to go with the stats haha

  8. says

    Aww, I love that Julia Child quote! She speaks truth!

    I can’t believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away. This year has flown by! Then again, I say that every year. But I feel like they keep getting faster and faster!

    The coffee + cocoa powder combo is amazing! I discovered it at a coffee shop a few years ago, and at the time proclaimed that it was better than hot chocolate. Now I’m not so sure…maybe equally as amazing?

    Happy Friday! <3

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