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Good morning to youuuuu!

I hope your weekend was a great one! Ours was a pretty festive one if I do say so myself. Christmas shopping? Check. Decorating for Christmas? Check. Hanging Christmas lights? Check. Listening to lots of Christmas music? Check.

We usually try to decorate the weekend of Thanksgiving, but it just didn’t happen this year since we had family in town. Fortunately we were busy little elves this weekend and got most of our Christmas shopping done and all of our decorating finished!

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Saturday morning began with a trip to Kneaders Bakery where we got egg sandwiches, coffee, and split a cinnamon roll. It definitely started our day out on the right note!


Afterward we hit up a few stores and crossed off several of the items on our family’s Christmas lists – woo hoo! The rest of the day was spent decking the halls! Cody worked on putting lights up outside while I decorated the inside, and then we spent the evening together hanging ornaments on the tree while rockin’ out to Trans Siberian Orchestra Holiday Pandora Radio.


Decorating for Christmas has always held a special meaning to me, particularly as I’ve gotten older. It brings back memories of growing up when we would listen to Christmas music and decorate the tree as a family, and it’s a tradition I’d like to continue as we have our own children.

Last week I was struggling to get in the “Christmas spirit”, but I’m already feeling it more now that we have our tree up and our house decorated. I love the holidays!


  • When do you usually decorate for Christmas?
  • Do/did you have any Christmas family traditions growing up?
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  1. says

    Getting a Christmas ornament every year. So fun to look back at all of the years! We got a pregnant one last yr as a gift and it was so fun to put it up this year knowing Brooklyn is here!!

  2. says

    We celebrate Chanukah, and I don’t do much decorating of any kind of any holiday haha We do set out our presents, take out the menorah, and light the candles each night together :)

  3. says

    I love the holiday season too, how could you not? Our family tradition growing up was always to decorate the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We got our tree and decorations up last weekend, but we still want to put some lights on the outside of the house! It’s hard finding time and daylight to get it done.

  4. says

    So glad you had a great weekend! We put up our tree as well and I do admit, it got me a bit more into the Christmas mood. :) Have a great Monday hun!

  5. says

    Your weekend sounds wonderful and that tree is so pretty! On Christmas Eve we open one present (usually pjs or something) and then drive around and look at all the Christmas lights while drinking hot chocolate, I can’t wait!

  6. says

    The tree is so pretty! Growing up, my sister and I would help my mom put up her snow village collection on the fireplace mantel every year. We would argue over which pieces to put up, but it was a fun time overall. I miss the decorating at my parents’ house.

  7. Amanda N says

    The last 2 Christmas’ since we have been married has been so memorable due to Christmas tree mishaps. Year 1 was fitting a live tree (almost 6ft) inside the car and having it almost die after a week because it wasn’t reaching the water in the stand. Year 2 was chopping down a tree that ended up being way to short for our ceiling. This year we’ve learned from the 2 years past and didn’t have any issues! We usually buy our tree the weekend of thanksgiving and do the decorating at the same time if possible. Your tree looks nice!

  8. says

    Your tree looks amazing! My husband and I had a great time decorating for Christmas last weekend. Our tree is a bit sad-looking because we can’t fit a full-size one in our NYC apartment, but it still feels very festive in here!

  9. says

    This weekend was all about decorating for me as well :) It’s kind of a tradition to bring out the decorations on the first of December, and so Saturday was spent busting out the garlands and snowmen, and then Sunday the tree came out as well. Your tree looks absolutely gorgeous – one of my favorite things about this time of the year seriously has to be curling up on the couch in the evenings with the tree on and just basking in the warm glow.

  10. says

    I agree with you. Decorating for Christmas always brings back such wonderful memories. I have a bunch of my Grandma’s old ornaments and they are so special to put up in my house and share childhood memories of spending Christmas with my grandparents, with my kids. Your tree is absolutely beautiful, btw!!

  11. says

    Love the tree!! I had a great weekend decorating and getting into the holiday spirit too! I just adore this time of year! I just love curling up next to the tree with the fire going and drinking a cup of tea. So comforting!

  12. says

    Next weekend is our time for putting the tree and what not up! We’ve so many traditions, my favourite of which is going to visit all my mums sisters – 3 of them, and their families and my nan and grandad on Christmas morning! We all meet up in my aunties house to exchange gifts!

  13. says

    The first weekend of December is when we usually put up the tree. And of course it is up this year as well! Sadly I can’t put out Christmas lights outside (rental house and the owners don’t like it) but its going to be crazy inside!

  14. says

    I’m glad you enjoyed a festive weekend! Your tree is beautiful, and I love the snowman/puppy ornament. My family always waited until the first weekend in December to decorate the house and put up the tree. However, we “warmed up” to the Christmas spirit on Thanksgiving by watching Miracle on 34th Street and decorating gingerbread houses. :)

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