12/13: Thursday Thoughts

1. My new favorite snack as of lately has been peanut butter on toast with a glass of 1% milk. So simple, yet so delicious. It hits the spot every time!


2. Does anyone else go in phases with painting their nails? I’m currently in a paint-my-nails-all-the-time phase. It’s kinda fun. It secretly makes me feel more fashionable too.  P.S. Do you spot the creeper in the background?


3. Last night we had our Christmas party for my 5th/6th grade group at church. We built gingerbread houses, played games, and I sent them home with way too much sugar in their bodies. I’m sure their parents loved me after that.

4. I made mini loaves of this chocolate bread to take over to our neighbors with a Christmas card, and I made an extra loaf for us. Paula Deen doesn’t mess around when it comes to chocolate. It was ohmygoshamazing.

5. Got my book in the mail yesterday! Can’t wait to start reading it!


6. You need to add about a 1/2 tablespoon of heavy whipping cream instead of creamer or half & half to your coffee. Just do it. Trust me. It will change your life.

7. I’m loving my new hair more and more these days. I actually used to always be this blonde until I realized how much maintenance it was… Oh well, it’s fun for now. And the cut makes it 1,000,000,000,000 times easier to do my hair. Gotta love that part considering I despise doing my hair. Someday I’m going to invent a robot to do my hair everyday. How awesome would that be?!

8. Yes, I do bring an entire bottle of ketchup in my lunch to smother on my veggie burger because I love it that much.


9. So happy I found this new-to-me healthy living mama blog! I may or may not have spent way too much time stalking her blog the other day.

10. I got one of my favorite holiday packages in the mail yesterday – our Christmas goody box from my grandparents! My grandparents always send us a jar of my grandma’s homemade strawberry jam (the BEST!), some homemade chocolate treats, Wisconsin cheese, and a mini loaf of peanut butter pumpkin bread (it’s as amazing as it sounds, trust me!).


11. We are heading to downtown Salt Lake (it’s about 45-50 minutes from our house) this Saturday to check out Temple Square all decorated for Christmas and the new SLC Trader Joe’s!! Can’t wait!


  • What is your favorite snack as of lately?
  • Do you make Christmas cookies/goodies for your neighbors?
  • What do you like to put in your coffee?
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  1. says

    I have heard great things about that book, I might need to go ahead and just get it. I also smother veggie burgers in ketchup and actually get the costco sized ketchup for my boyfriends apartment since we go through it!

  2. Corey @ Learning Patience says

    I love changing my color after I have already gotten my nails done..I cant do the whole filing and cutting of the cuticle thing… GROSS to the catsup thing…I can’t stand it. :-(

    Debating currently weather or not to cut off all my hair this week! :-)

    xoxo from Texas

  3. says

    YUM. I am 100% a ketchup girl all the way!!!
    I’ve been into nails lately, too. It absolutely makes me feel more put together! Right now, I’m sporting gold sparkles. Very festive :)

  4. says

    Ahh toast and peanut butter! Its totally my go to but I like it on that super dense sprouted bread with butter underneth too :). AND my current cold weather snack of choice is either apples and almond butter or chocolate and tea AND my coffee poison is also heavy cream… with a bit of maple syrup. So so so stupidly good.. I get excited about waking up thinking I will have it!

  5. says

    oo I totally go thru nail phases lol lately I’ve been too lazy to paint them so they’ve been clear… I think that’s cause I ran out of nail polish remover though haha

  6. says

    Yay for trader joes!! I hear you with the hair…thats why I went darker this time because it is maintenance free…and my natural blonde still came through!

  7. says

    YES! I am in a paint-my-nails-every-day phase too! Ever since I stopped getting mine done professionally, I’ve resorted to investing in a plethora of Essie colors and now I change them like I change my socks.

  8. says

    Sometimes I bake Christmas goodies for others, but not every year. One year I made cookies for every single family on Daniel’s side (he’s the youngest of 7) – that was the only year I did it though lol.

    I want some of that peanut butter pumpkin bread!!!!!!!! My snack lately has been pretzel thins with TJ’s goat’s milk creamy cheese. Soooooo good.

  9. says

    I am so jealous of your blond hair!! Mine is SO bad. Hubby told me to book an appointment for tomorrow but it’s so last minute and I don’t know how that will work out with little miss!!

    Anything chocolate right now is a winner in my book and I really want to decorate a gingerbread house!!!

  10. says

    Peanut butter pumpkin bread! Oh my that sounds AMAZING!
    I am so jealous you are going to Trader Joes! We live down south but both of our parents live up north so I’ve already made it clear that it is a must we go to Trader Joes when we go home to visit for the holidays! ha You’ll have to let us know how it is! I am so excited!!!

  11. says

    I totally know what you mean about nail phases! I go through two week phases randomly where I can’t go a day without polish on my nails.. and god forbid there’s a crack or peeling.. I have to start all over! 😉

    And I’m with you on the ketchup.. I could eat it on anything! My friends used to make fun of me for dipping plain chips in ketchup, but it’s just like a fry… right? Haha

  12. says

    I’m totally have PB and toast as a snack later, decided immediately upon reading point one :) I’m going through a nail painting phase too, I think it’s a winter/christmas thing – have a similar colour on mine at the mo :) I do coffee…Does you gran or grandpa make the pb pumpkin bread? Sound amazing!!!

    • Ashley says

      I think the nail polish phase has something to do with winter/Christmas too. My grandma makes the peanut butter pumpkin bread! It’s so yummy!

  13. says

    YAY FOR TRADER JOE’S!!!! And I love the creeper in the background of your nail photo! I go through nail phases too, I either don’t touch them for months or change the color every week. Just painted mine for the first time in about 2 months.

    • Ashley says

      It doesn’t have a strong flavor or taste… It just makes your coffee soooo creamy and perfect. I think it has less sugar compared to half & half too.

  14. says

    KETCHUP = THE LOVE OF MY LIFE… Mmmm, I smother it all over spinach. Makes my mouth HAPPPPPY! :)

    Currently I’m loving chowing down on a can of pureed pumpkin with pumpkin pie spice and stevia… SOmetimes I add eggs, baking soda and throw it all in the oven to bake away! I think I may do that tomorrow. Makes my house smell AMAZING and makes my tummy a happy happy camper! (Which is SHOCKING because my stomach hates everything, lol).

  15. says

    There’s so much goodness in this post! First, I couldn’t agree with you more about Paula Deen–her chocolate recipes are oh-my-gosh-amazing! 😉 I made her chocolate chip pie for a party about a year ago, and deemed it one of my favorite desserts ever. I’m definitely going to check out the bread recipe next!

    I go through nail painting phases, too. I’ve been in a very long phase this time though; it began in July and has been going strong since! The funny thing is, I hadn’t painted my nails for nearly six months until I did them this summer (for a wedding), but prior to that, I’d paint them nearly every other day. 😉

    Just checked out your new ‘do! Love it!! Hope you have lots of fun in SLC this weekend; how exciting that Trader Joe’s has finally arrived!

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