Eating Healthy in the New Year

I’ve never been one to make the stereotypical resolutions come January 1st of losing weight, going to the gym more often, or eating healthier. However, I never try to belittle those people that do make the resolution to make this year the one that they start exercising regularly or eating better. I’m all about encouraging healthy lifestyle habits, and if January 1st is the day you choose to start those efforts, that is awesome. 2013 may be the year that you’re challenging yourself to get back on track with your workouts, lose those last ten pounds, or clean up your diet.

Diet-to-Go is a diet delivery company that prides itself in making wholesome, delicious, and healthy meals that can be delivered right to your doorstep. In today’s age, people are go-go-go so it’s often times difficult to have the time to prepare and cook a healthy and quality meal. A lot of the convenience foods we do find to eat when we’re in a hurry are often packed with extra sodium and sugars. Not only that, but we are tricked into believing we need a lot more food than we really need thanks to the oversized portions served at various restaurants. All of these things contribute to expanding waistlines and aren’t doing our bodies any favors. Fortunately Diet-to-Go makes it affordable and easy for you to get quality meals, nutrients, and accurate portion sizes without putting much time or energy into it.


[turkey & swiss sandwich with an apple]

I was a little hesitant when I initially received the meals from Diet-to-Go as I haven’t had a great experience with prepackaged meals in the past. I’ve found that prepackaged meals are often packed with extra sodium, the food is flavorless, and the texture is strange. These Diet-to-Go meals proved me wrong. They were delicious, tasted fresh, and left me feeling content and satiated.


[mushroom strata with V8 Vegetable Juice & low fat yogurt]

Diet-to-Go offers three different menus – low-fat, vegetarian, and low-carb. The three unique menus offers countless options for those that have various food restrictions. Below are the meals I received from their low-fat menu to try out:

  • Breakfasts – bran muffin, nonfat yogurt, & orange juice; fajita omelet with cooked artichokes; mushroom strata with V8 Vegetable Juice and low fat yogurt
  • Lunches – turkey & swiss sandwich on a whole wheat bun with an apple; chicken bistro salad with sesame breadsticks; chicken philly sub sandwich with pudding
  • Dinners – tamale pie with baked potato & corn on the cob; baked spaghetti pie with cauliflower and sesame breadsticks; grilled barbecue chicken with baked beans, green beans, and roasted potatoes

I was honestly super impressed by each and everyone of these meals. A couple of my favorites were the fajita omelet, mushroom strata, turkey & swiss sandwich, and the tamale pie. I also loved the fact that they listed the nutrition facts and ingredients of each meal right on the package.


[fajita omelet with cooked artichokes]

Obviously I am not on any sort of “diet” at the moment, but I still found these meals to be super useful when I was in a rush or didn’t feel like cooking. This diet delivery system is a great way to have some healthy and convenient meals accessible when you need a quick and easy option.


[barbecue chicken with baked beans, green beans, & roasted potatoes]

If you or a friend or family member are interested in cleaning up your diet this year and giving Diet-to-Go a try, feel free to enter in their 1,000 meal giveaway on Facebook. You can enter for a chance to win 1 month or 1 week of free meals. It’s a worth a shot, right?! You can also get 25% off any meal plan by entering in the coupon code “newyear2013”.

Disclosure: FitFluential LLC compensated me for this campaign. All opinions are my own.


  • Do you have any health related resolutions or goals for the New Year?
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  1. says

    That’s really interesting. Thanks for sharing! My mom has lost 100+ pounds on JC this last year and this sounds very similar to that (buying their food..etc), I really believe that people have to find what works for them and if it’s staying to a plan that all of the food is set out for them, that’s awesome!

  2. says

    Those meals actually look really good! I’ve never been attracted to prepacked food meals, but that looks edible! I did Slimfast a loooong time ago because I was lazy in college and didn’t have time or skills to cook anything really. I ended up eating a shake for breakfast, a snack bar for lunch, and something else premade like a frozen burrito for dinner. It was awful and I don’t even think I lost weight. Yuck.

    I am definitely one of those gungho people about my New Year’s reoslutions this year. Not all of my resolutions (because yes, there are many) are about health, but some of them are. I’m actually making a resolution for every month so I have a whole year of resolutions. You can read more about it on my blog.

    Have a happy Friday!

  3. says

    wow, super impressed as well. Especially with the sodium! They all look so tasty and balanced. Just wish they didn’t have the word diet to go. Should be nutrition to go, ya know?

  4. says

    I don’t do the resolution thing either. I do however, have the goal of cleaning up my eating a bit. My hubby & I eat pretty well as it is, but I feel there’s always room for improvement :-) I also want to keep trying new foods & cooking techniques.

  5. says

    I had a really good experience with Freshology – if I had a million dollars, I’d keep doing it (but I def don’t!) so I can’t lol :) …my goal for the New Year is to train for the Disney Half Marathon for next year… the farthest I’ve ever run is 3 miles, so I’ve got a looooong way to go!

  6. says

    I’ve always been intrigued by these meal-order services, and it sounds like Diet-to-Go really delivers what it promises! The omelet in particular looks mouth-watering-delicious! My goal for the next few months is to gain weight, so I’d probably need to eat two days’ worth of these meals daily to get there. 😉 Nevertheless, I think this sounds like a great option for busy people who are looking to clean up their diets!

  7. says

    Those would totally come in handy with a new baby!! I’m glad they turned out better than you thought. Was kinda like me and the food at the hospital. I was actually impressed with what they were able to give me for being vegan!!

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