Week 27: Natural or Epidural?

A couple “housekeeping” items:

  • I have yet to hear from two of the Premier Protein giveaway winners! Check out this post to see if you won. If I don’t hear from the other two winners by Wednesday evening, I will choose two new winners.
  • As if you hadn’t already noticed, my blog has been and will continue to include more pregnancy/baby posts as time goes on. I still plan on keeping this primarily a healthy living blog, but I also want to do one or two posts a week about my pregnancy, baby Hunter, and all of the things that go along with being a new mama. I’m still trying to decide how to structure this all, so I need your input! Would you prefer pregnancy/baby posts to be shown in another tab rather than on the Home page? Or do you like the pregnancy/baby posts on the Home page? I want your honest thoughts! Please let me know in the comments. Thanks guys! You’re the best!


How far along? 27 weeks! Next week will start my 3rd trimester! Holy cow!

Baby’s size? The size of a rutabaga – about 13.6-14.8 inches long and weighs about 1.5-2.5 lbs.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: Sleep has been pretty great this week! I’m so thankful for this considering I needed the sleep to help me get over the cold I had.

Best moment this week: Painting the nursery and setting up the furniture!

Miss Anything? Not really anything in particular.


Movement: His kicks and punches are getting stronger by the day it seems!

Food cravings: I’ve noticed my sweet tooth has come back a little more this week, but no crazy cravings other than that.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing too major, thank goodness!

Gender: BOY!

Labor Signs: None

Symptoms: Sore back, itchy belly, a little heartburn, a bit of a bloody nose (supposedly this is one of many pregnancy side effects?), and more tired this past week than I have been in awhile. The tiredness could just be from getting over my cold too, who knows.

Belly Button in or out? Out!

Wedding rings on or off? On, but like I said last week, I take them off sometimes when I sleep because I notice a little more swelling then.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy. Smile

Looking forward to: My doctor’s appointment this morning! No ultrasound, but I always love to hear the little heartbeat and know that all is well. I also have my gestational diabetes test this morning… Not particularly looking forward to that! Wish me luck!


I’ve had many people ask me over the course of my pregnancy whether I plan to deliver Hunter naturally or get an epidural. I’m not one to jump on either side because I honestly don’t have a strong opinion either way. Major props to those women that are able to naturally deliver their babies without any extra meds, but in all honesty, doing it the natural way is not a huge priority to me. If I end up having a smooth labor and delivery, and I feel like I can push Hunter out without any extra meds, then awesome! I’ll be all about it. However, I will have no hesitation in getting an epidural either. Knowing myself and my low pain tolerance, I imagine I’ll end up getting an epidural, but nothing is set in stone. My main goal is to have a healthy baby and that’s truly all I care about.


  • If you’re pregnant (or have ever been pregnant), do you plan to (or did you) get an epidural or deliver naturally?
  • Do you like the pregnancy/baby/motherhood posts on the Home page? Or would you prefer them to be published in a seperate tab?
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  1. Lauren says

    I like your posts on the front page, but I click through from google reader and will read them either way!
    I’m just in my 2nd trimester this week and I’ve been thinking about the natural/epideral thing a lot lately. My husband thinks I’m nuts to even consider going without an epideral, he doesn’t want me to be in pain like that if I don’t “have” to be, but I’m just not sure. I think I’ll prepare for labor without it, knowing that I might change my mind when the time comes. I’d rather be super prepared, than be shocked if I can’t get one for some reason. I hear once you see your baby you kind of forget about the pain, I hope that’s true :)

  2. says

    Hi. I am mum of two little girls and with both of them i`ve chosen natural birth. Friend of mine chosen epidural and was happy as there was no pain. I was in pain, but for some reason felt really strong and proud of myself. I wanted to know what natural birth is like. If you think you can cope with a pain, have a go and try natural :-) anyway you will forget about pain the same second you see your miracle x

  3. says

    I love reading about pregnancies and baby stuff, so I think it’s fine on the main page. But if it’s easier organizational-wise to keep them on a different page, that works too! I just click through google reader.

    I’m nowhere near babies yet, but I think I’d have the same approach as you when it comes to the epidural debate. If I feel up to delivering naturally when the time comes, awesome, but I have absolutely no qualms about going the medical route.

  4. says

    You look sooo gorgeous! :-) And I love your pregnancy posts so I don’t mind if they are on your homepage! But maybe, it can be beneficial, for those who are mainly interested in your pregnancy/motherhood posts, to have them sorted under an extra tab, so they can find them easily.

  5. Becky Przy says

    You look so happy!

    I wanted a natural birth and told my husband to not let me get an epidural. I went about 4 hours w/o one and then asked for an epi–best decision ever! I got a nap, husband got a shower and it was an easy delivery.

    I like all the posts on the main page w/o going to another tab.

  6. says

    I really have no idea how I personally will feel about it when my time comes. A part of me says I’d like to try to do it naturally to see if my body could handle the pain, but who knows. I don’t want to limit myself either way.
    PS- You are looking incredible amazing love!

  7. says

    You look FABULOUS! I have a feeling I will be blowing up! Haha! I did with Anthony, so might be same with this pregnancy, I am all ok with that 😉

    I had an epidural, best thing ever! I know a lot of people against it, but I am not one for pain and I am not even going to try to be superwoman and go natural unless emergency arises and I have to.

  8. says

    I love seeing these posts, but I might be a little biased :)

    I feel the same way as you do about the natural vs. epidural convo. I am going to try and go as long as I can without the meds but I know that I will eventually get them. I want to be able to enjoy the moment as much as I can, and I’m not sure I can if I am totally in pain and miserable.

    Good luck with your GD test, it’s really not as bad as people say. I had some eggs in the morning and then took my test and I was just fine. My glucose even went down, which she said was weird but everything checked out fine. I think the people that get sick don’t eat.. if you are told not to eat before your appointment make sure to take a snack to eat right afterwards :)

    • Ashley says

      Yeah, it really wasn’t that bad! They told me I could eat, no problem, so I was fine. :) I just hope the results come back good now!

  9. says

    I am one of three kids (the oldest) and the only one to be born naturally. My mom said it was because the doctor was older and slow-moving, and by the time he got to her, she was too dilated to have an epidural! I love hearing her tell that story because she said she was in disbelief and was nervous, but she made it through just fine. Though for my brothers, she was all about the pain meds! 😉

  10. says

    I love your pregnancy/baby updates, so I vote to keep them on the Home page. But I’d read them either way, so I guess it doesn’t really matter to me.. :)

    One of my favorite things about your posts is your happiness and joy. I know so many pregnant people who make pregnancy out to be a negative and miserable thing. I’ve never been pregnant and, while I’m certain it comes with its challenges, I always appreciate your upbeat attitude.

    Good luck with your appointment today !!

    • Ashley says

      Thank you so much Steph! That means a lot to me. :) It was a tough journey to get to this point, so I can’t help but to be happy about it all! I’ve truly been blessed with a pretty awesome pregnancy so far too which I’m so thankful for.

  11. says

    Personally, I like having the baby posts on the homepage! I enjoy coming to your blog to follow along with the things going on in your life, and the baby is definitely one of my favorite things to read updates on! However, I would obviously still read baby posts if they were somewhere else on the blog :)

    • Ashley says

      I wouldn’t hide it, just put them in a different spot out of respect for people that wouldn’t want to see them front page and center. If I wanted to hide it, I wouldn’t write about it all. 😉

  12. says

    You are so darn cute! I kinda feel like I got the best of both worlds in labor &delivery. I labored for 24 hours naturally and then got an epidural and had 4 more hours of labor and 1.5 of pushing. Turns out I got the epi around 7cm (right before transition) and it made the rest of the experience so pleasant. I was super tired by the time the epi was placed, and it gave us time to relax. And I didn’t have any other interventions, which was one of the reasons I was scared of the epi. You will make whatever choice is best for you, and the doctors will do a great job of keeping Hunter safe :)

  13. says

    I had the SAME exact mentality. God will get that baby out whether you need the epidural or go naturally. I had NO PLAN and ended up getting the epidural after I was 5 cm diallated and had enough pain! Healthy baby is all that matters! and YOU LOOK ADORABLE!

  14. Sarah says

    Good luck with the GD test today, mine is in a few more weeks! Nothing is set in stone for me either, I’m going to try to go med-free at first but I’m not 100% opposed to an epidural if it gets really bad, just have to wait and see since it’s the first one 😉 I actually have a high pain tolerance so I’m interested to see how it all turns out.

  15. Kelly says

    i’d love it if you kept the pregnancy posts on the home page! it’s so fun and interesting to go on your journy with you, and i’m afraid if it’s on another tab i might miss something! :)

  16. says

    Good luck with your appointment today! I hope and pray everything goes well. And coming from a non-pregnant (and not trying or hoping to get pregnant) reader, I enjoy the pregnancy posts directly on the home page. Sure, your blog is mostly about healthy living and that’s why I originally started reading it. But I think a lot of your readers stay because they like you and want to follow your life, whatever happens. It’s your blog and your life, so blog about what’s important to you! Those are always the best posts.

  17. says

    With my first daughter I had an epidural and personally loved it. After I got it I was able to take a nap and just chill out before labor started. I did ween down the medication before I started pushing so that I knew I needed to push and that helped. I plan to do the same when I deliver daughter two in a couple months!

  18. Lisa says

    I would recommend the epidural. I don’t understand what women mean when they say that the drugs make them feel like they are not “present” at the birth. The epi blocks the pain which to me made the whole experience better. If your labor tends to go long you won’t be exhausted by the time Hunter actually arrives.

  19. Pattie Welch says

    I think you have the PERFECT attitude towards delivery. I’ve had both (natural and epidural) and it doesn’t matter how Baby Hunter gets here (natural, epidural, c-section) just that he arrives safely and you are kept safe as well. However it works out, will for sure be an amazing experience. Keep that positive attitude! Congrats.

    As for where to put the posts: home page – it is such an important part of your life and should be front and center.

  20. Lissa says

    With baby #1, I planned to go natural as long as possible. It was a 36 + hour long labor, I got the epi and had a c/s. With baby #2, I planned to get the epi just in case I needed an emergency c/s, but was fully dilated when I arrived, so I went natural. My point is that a lot of plans go out the window, so your open mind is best :) Good luck!

  21. says

    I have had two babies, one was induced early due to some complications and I chose an epidural. The second one I went into labor naturally and probably could have had him natural. My husband was worried when I went into “transition” because I was shaking all over and my teeth were chattering so he convinced me to get the epidural, but the pain was not off the charts. Since I was not set on natural, I got the epidural and then realized I was at a 9! I had easy deliveries both times, my labor goes FAST! Good luck with whatever choice you make.
    Baby and HL posts on the home page is fine, or you could just have a separate tab.

  22. says

    I was like you, not a strong preference either way so I ended up getting one when the time came! It made it soooooo much better and more tolerable. Major props to those who do it naturally! Whatever’s best for you is what works! I don’t think people should judge either way :-)

  23. Katie says

    I just stumbled on your blog and I’m really enjoying it. I am impressed how active you still are, it’s hard to exercise when you don’t feel good. I had baby number 2 in July and I was not active while pregnant with him and it was a very hard pregnancy. I ran when pregnant with number 1 until about 27 weeks. I gained the same both times (about 60 lbs) but this last pregnancy I hurt so much more. It’s been hard but I am back down to normal weight. After my first, I trained for and ran my second marathon when she was 8 months old. I now realize that it wasn’t good for me physically or mentally so I am taking a more balanced approach to exercise now and it’s still working. Sorry for the blabbing I just wanted to encourage you to keep moving and enjoy that sweet baby. I actually miss feeling my babies move in me after I have them:)

  24. says

    I got an epidural and have zero regrets. My water broke and 10 minutes later my contractions were 1.5 minutes apart and it felt like being hit by a truck (no early labor to build up from). I think though I had the “perfect” epidural. It was the lowest dose, I could still feel everything but I could manage the pain. I felt Em moving through the birth canal, was able to tell the OB when my contractions were and needed no guidance as to when to push. From water breaking to Em being here was 6.5 hours with 3 of them being medicated. I was up and in the shower an hour after having Em. I think at the end of the day a lot of people will be like DO THIS or DO THAT but it’s a decision you just have to make for yourself. :)

  25. says

    I like everything to be on one page!

    I’m planning on getting an epidural for sure. I had a kidney stone a few years ago, and the pain was so horrific that I thought the only thing left was death. I was vomiting, cursing out everyone, could barely stand. It was not good. The pain was a 10 out of 10. I told myself after that I would never voluntarily put myself through that kind of pain… so epidural it is!

  26. says

    Yay, love seeing your updates! :) Personally, I have found that even more people seem to be interested in my blog since doing the pregnancy updates! I think people like to see how things are progressing. So I would just leave it as it has been … but that’s just my opinion. Either way, you’re in my Google reader, so I would be alerted if you posted a new update! :)

    And I am most definitely doing the epidural. I know I’m a huge wuss … there’s no way I could handle it without drugs! 😉

  27. Leslie says

    Being pregnant myself, front page is awesome for me but it doesn’t matter too much since they all pop up in my Google Reader the same. And I feel the EXACT same way about natural v. epidural. Part of me hopes that I labor at home until I’m like 8cm, go in and out she comes within 2 hours haha! Wishful thinking, I know. I like to hear that I’m not the only one who doesn’t feel SO strongly one way or another. I can’t wait to hear more about you and little Hunter. Aren’t you just dying to meet him? I know I am with our little girl, it’s so much anticipation!

  28. Jennifer Strickland says

    my second baby is 4 months old, during my whole pregnancy i was dead set to delivernaturally (first was emergency c section at 30 wks). my mom, husband, etc all thought i was crazy and i was determined to prove them wrong. when my contractions started they were very intense and i didnt get much relief in between them. i walked into the hospital screaming for drugs. it was the best decision for me.

  29. Alexandra says

    I love your pregnancy updates so I say keep them on the home page!! I honestly dont tihnk it matters either way though just as long as you keep doing them :) And I couldnt agree more on the whole epidural vs. natural debate…all that truly matters is delivering a healthy baby in a safe way for both baby and mom :) You’ll know whats right once you get in there!

  30. says

    I bet you’re stronger than you think you are!! But in all honesty, who cares what you end up doing. You’ll go what’s best and right for you!!

    Super cute outfit, by the way 😉

  31. says

    I’m 27 weeks today! I had my glucose test this morning – get the results tomorrow. Found out my iron is a bit lower than it was at the beginning of pregnancy so I need to take a supplement. I’m not planning to get or not get an epidural. Really I’m just going to go with the flow when the time comes. I’m definitely not going to deny myself one at the time if I feel like I need it. As always, I love your updates!

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