02/14: Thursday Thoughts

1. I really don’t have a ton of thoughts today, so let’s see where this post will take us…

2. This snack never gets old.


3. I find it interesting how one weekend can be nonstop go-go-go and the next one we have absolutely nothing on our agenda. The latter is the case for us this weekend. Fine by me.

4. Excellent post by the lovely Annette. I’m all about spreading awareness on this issue.

5. Let’s take a vote! What’s better – traditional Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or the Reese’s Trees, Hearts, & Eggs? Cody says the traditional ones, and I’m all about the holiday versions. More peanut butter baby!


6. One of my favorite things about working with kids at our church is hearing them pray. It is SO cute. We were praying for our minister last night, and one of my fifth graders said, “Dear God, please help Pastor to get better because he’s really funny and cool.” Love it. 

7. Don’t forget to enter the Sambazon Juice & Smoothie giveaway!

8. I’m really hoping this congestion I’m experiencing today is “pregnancy related”. Supposedly congestion is a pregnancy symptom? Ugh, I really don’t want to get sick!

9. That’s all I got for ya today friends! Hope you’re having a great day!


  • What’s one snack that never gets old for you?
  • Do you have a low key or busy schedule this weekend?
  • Traditional Reese’s PB Cups or the holiday versions?
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  1. Michelle says

    ■ What’s one snack that never gets old for you? Colby Jack cheese sticks/cubes

    ■ Do you have a low key or busy schedule this weekend? Low key. Mom and I are meeting for lunch then finishing up my registry at Babies R Us.

    ■ Traditional Reese’s PB Cups or the holiday versions? Holiday versions, for sure. Seems like they have more peanut butter!

  2. says

    A snack that never gets old: Anything with peanut butter. I love peanut butter with crackers, apples, etc. :)
    We have a nice and relaxing weekend; this doesn’t happen very often. I am so looking forward to family time.
    I am with you festive Reese’s win every time! They are especially best cold. So good!

  3. says

    Congestion is definitely a pregnancy symptom!! I’ve had it off and on throughout my entire pregnancy and knock on wood, I haven’t gotten sick once. I actually have a sinus-y thing going on right now giving me headaches…

  4. Kelly says

    Congestion is definitely a pregnancy symptom! When you are pregnant your body goes through hypervascularization which means your blood vessels get closer to the surface and cause lots of random side effects including congestion!
    Just a little anatomy from a maternity nurse 😉

    Thanks for your post!

  5. says

    I remember having a sore throat for weeks before I had my son and as soon as he was born, it was gone. Well, gone in like a day!! I think it was from drainage and congestion related to my pregnancy. Hopefully, it goes away before Hunter is born though because if not, you are gonna be congested for a while.

    Oh, and the holiday themed Reese’s are WAY better!

  6. says

    The Reese’s eggs, trees, hearts, trees, squirrels etc are way better because they don’t have the extra wrapping of normal cups! Better for the environment and one less step to get them in your stomach!

  7. says

    I teach preschool (4s and 5s) at a Christian preschool, so we pray several times together throughout the day…The last prayer, before they go home each day, I ask one of the kids to lead prayer, and my heart melts every time with the things they come up with to be thankful for. It’s always just so precious :)

  8. says

    Hi! I too loved Annette’s post! I am a recovering binge/emotional eater ( I just recently started a blog documenting my recovery and journey to healthy and happy life). I lost a lot of weight, got obsessed with losing weight, cutting calories and over-exercising (cardio) to the extreme. I was miserable and due to my disordered thinking thought I still wasn’t skinny enough even though I had gotten very thin. After a few very stressful months and the death of someone very close to me, I spiraled into a depression and binge eating cycle. I had lost my period while over-excercising and calorie cutting and my doctors couldn’t figure out why because I too had gained weight like they told me. It was only when I acknowledged my issues, and began taking small steps to begun healthy again that I began to get my period regularly again. Blogs like Annette’s and yours are part of what is helping me through my recovery. I’m especially hopeful when I see you having a happy, healthy pregnancy (congrats btw- I love the name, Hunter!) as one of my dreams is to start a family and I’m praying I didn’t mess my body up to much while I was mistreating it. I’m still working on all the other issues so it’s inspiring and hopeful to see people like you, healthy and happy, on the other side! I hope I can get there one day too!

    In other news, I’m totally a fan of the Holiday Reeses, too 😉

  9. Julia says

    I definitely love the holiday cups, the more PB the better! And little kids praying are seriously the cutest. A couple months ago my Mom found this old note my sister wrote to God when she was little. It said, “Dear God, I love animals so much. I hope some day people stop killing them.” We were laughing so hard.

  10. Amanda N says

    Not busy weekend ahead – we have a 5K race on Sunday and need to go grocery shopping/to church and that’s it! So nice because last weekend between the snow and us not really being home it was busy! The pumpkin Reeses are my favorite! Crackers and cheese will forever be my go to snack – I can never get enough. I’ve been sniffly more lately and I actually asked the Doc about it today – said it’s totally common during pregnancy. You’re not alone in the congestion!

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