God is Good

The last few weeks have been … stressful … to put it lightly.

Hunter was born on March 29, and it has since been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, highs and lows, joys and tears.


However, there has been one thing that has stayed constant the entire time – God’s goodness. When I take a step back and look at everything that has happened within the past month, I stand amazed. Even though there has been lots of scary times, many “what ifs”, and plenty of anxiety, God has continued to show Himself through it all.

Let me just give you a few examples:

-Hunter was admitted to the NICU 24 hours after he was born. The doctor initially expected him to be in there for at least 2-3 weeks. Hunter fought hard, God proved Himself, and he came home within a week and a half with no long term complications to be expected.


-Figuring out health insurance for Hunter was stressful in the midst of Hunter coming early, Cody changing jobs, and me quitting my job. God pulled through and we got Hunter covered.

-Even though health insurance is covering a good chunk of Hunter’s NICU stay, we are still responsible for more than we ever had planned for (no one ever plans for their baby to reach his max out of pocket within a week he/she is born!). Randomly, we received several unexpected checks from various people and places. God always provides.

-On top of having to pay our max out of pocket, we got a $1200 ambulance bill from the company that transported Hunter from hospital to hospital saying that our insurance didn’t cover the claim. I was so upset by this and it was stressing me out hardcore. They never asked us what ambulance company we wanted to use, and that was the last thing I was thinking about when my baby was sick. Yesterday we got a letter from our insurance saying it was a mistake, and that they were covering it. Yes, God is good.

-Cody’s last day of work was supposed to be March 30, and he was starting his new job April 8. He decided to take a week off in between jobs in case Hunter decided to come early, or if nothing else, to enjoy a week off. Hunter decided to come on March 29, and Cody was able to have the entire following week off when Hunter was in the NICU. Because of Cody’s new job training, I have no idea if he would’ve been able to be with me at the NICU as much as he was if Hunter were to have come a week later. I don’t know how I could’ve done that alone. God’s timing is perfect.


-Every single doctor and nurse we had was absolutely amazing. Of course we occasionally had a couple that weren’t our absolute favorites, but as a whole, they took care of Hunter and us so well. I get teary eyed just thinking about it!

-Our church family and friends have been incredible. They have made meal after meal for us and have continually been praying for us. Since we don’t have family in town, this is truly such a blessing.

I don’t believe all of these things to just be “coincidence”. No, not at all. Yes, there are hardships and struggles in life, but God always brings us through them.

God is good, my friends.

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  1. Katie says

    This post brought me to tears… I completely believe your reasoning about “God is Good.” As a new mom too, the insurance thing was very stressful for us as well. But after loads of paperwork and phone calls it all worked out. I’m so glad to see that you and your family are doing well :) It’s an added plus that our little guys share the same birthdays because it’s nice reading your blog since I can relate to a lot of the baby/mom/fitness stuff!

  2. says

    Couldnt have said it better. Even on the crappy days or bad times he uses everything for good and to make sure we are relying on him.
    Trust me stress = hospital bills…we are still paying ours off but are almost done thank God.

  3. says

    Wonderful post Ashley, you have the most amazing perspective. No matter how many struggles we go through in life it’s so important to step back and look at all of the blessings we’ve been given and how things all fall into His plan. Love you!

  4. says

    You are constantly amazing me with your perspective and out look, Ashley! You are right, it is so importnat to think about all we have been blessed with even in hard times and to know that he is watching out for you.

  5. Alyssa says

    Such a great post this morning! It is defiantly a good reminder to always be thankful and how blessed we really are! I am so glad though that i live in Canada and never have to worry about health insurance or hospital bills….it sounds very stressful and expensive. I am so glad it is all working out for you and your little family!

  6. says

    He is SO good! Isn’t it amazing to see how He works things out. All of this gives me chills because it just shows that He cares and we just have to trust. I’m so thankful that things are better and hope all the stress continues to wind down. I’m always reading along (but have a hard time commenting from my phone). Don’t ever hesitate to reach out if you need anything, even a listening ear or some prayer.

  7. says

    This post was such a great way to start out the morning!! Things just work out and God is definitely good. By the way, I am so impressed with you well you are juggling blog posts and a newborn!! :)

  8. says

    You are an amazing person. I love how you are able to bring all this goodness out after such a difficult time for you and your family. You are an example to all of us how to find good in the unexpected. I truly try to live my life this same way, but sometimes it’s hard. Thank you for being an inspiration. :)

    God is good, we just have to believe it!!

  9. says

    this post is beautiful Ashley! I’m not a religious person, but I can really appreciate the message in this post and the strength or your faith.

    I’m glad that your insurance company sorted out the ambulance thing…that would be the last thing you needed!

  10. says

    AMEN SISTER!!!! I so appreciate you sharing His workings in your life through all of this and not just saying “we were lucky or blessed”. God is so faithful and so true!!! He ALWAYS has our back 😉

  11. Laura says

    I don’t think anyone could have summed it up better than that. It must feel so comforting to know that everyone is praying for you and for God to help your new family. I pray God brings you far more ups and highs than the lows from now on. L

  12. says

    Ashley– Thank you for your reminder this morning that God is good! There are so many lies we believe that take away from this truth… what a beautiful example of just how good God has been to your family!

  13. says

    It really love your additute and a positive way of thinking!
    Good is good, but health insurances are not! Parents of a little baby should enjoy their first days with their child, and not worry about paying the bills. I don’t want to think about what would happen to the babies whose parents can not afford it.
    The main reason why me and my boyfriend have decided no to stay in the US and to start our family in Germany (we are Serbians and both scientists) were the health insurance that has no buisness approach and that our kids can have free education.

  14. Rebekah says

    Absolutely. Thank God for all the ways he shows up. Love your thoughts and how God was there for you. xo

  15. Lindsay says

    Hi Ashley!! I met you once a very long time ago at uncle Chuck’s and aunt Lorabel’s house. I have been reading your blogs since before baby Hunter was born. I’m amazed for yours and Cody strength! It’s amazing to me that in the myths of trouble you’re able to see the joy and the good in all things. Most people don’t see the good until after the trouble has passed and they realize it. It’s very strong of you to recognize this now!! Keep up the good work!! You have an amazing, beautiful little boy and both you and Cody seem like amazing parents! :-) I can only hope to meet this little man one day! Until then keep blogging-I enjoy reading your posts!
    Love Lindsay

  16. Krystan says

    God is good, all the time! I have no doubt that your faith in God helped all three of you through this tough month and its great to be able to look back and really see His hand in everything. I have heard some tough birth stories lately, but all you can do is pray that God knows what’s best and he will get us through anything!

  17. says

    Amen! And Praise God for His provisions. It is so great to see Him be there for you every step of the way. I know He will continue to be with you guys and provide for Hunter, too!

  18. Amy says

    Don’t you just love the insurance stress?? Especially during your most stressful time? Glad to hear everything is working out!! Best of luck and keep up the great attitude….your baby is very lucky to have you!

  19. says

    I firmly believe that sometimes coincidence is not just coincidence, and I’m so happy that everything came together. Someone was clearly looking out for you :)

  20. ErikaMC says

    God is great.
    Everything happens for a reason.
    God will not give you anything you can’t handle.
    Trust in him and he will provide.

  21. says

    That was one of the nicest things I’ve read lately. God is good and the fact that you realized that in the midst of all you went through is amazing.

  22. Kate says

    I am not particularly religious but I loved reading this post. I do think you are right, and it is a great daily reminder!

  23. says

    Indeed, God is good! Do you ever read Guideposts? I kept thinking of that little spiritual magazine while I was reading your post, and kept thinking that Hunter’s story reflecting God’s goodness would be a great article for it.

  24. Krista N. says

    Hey Ashley! I’m a ‘lurker’ and have been following you for a few months without commenting…but this post really spoke to me. So many bloggers seem to shy away from their spirituality, religious background, etc for the sake of not offending readers, but you do anything but that! As Christians it’s so important to share God’s love and word with everyone, to show them that Christians’ lives aren’t picture perfect.. that God created us to be imperfectly perfect! You do this in a way that isn’t intimidating or pushy! I really respect you and I’m so happy that you have little Hunter home! I did one of my speech-pathology clinical rotations at a NICU and helped with little ones who had inefficient sucks, so I was rooting for y’all :) Cherish every moment with your little miracle!

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