Oh How I’ve Missed You!

Coffee… Oh how I’ve missed you!


Coffee has been in and out of my life for the past ten months or so. The times that it’s been out have been so sad. I love my coffee! Not only do I love the taste and the little extra energy jolt I get from it, but I also enjoy the moments that surround coffee.

The coffee dates with friends.

The quiet time with God while sipping on my coffee.

The blog reading with my coffee cup in hand.

The sound of coffee brewing in my kitchen.

I swore off coffee for the first trimester of my pregnancy, and had the occasional cup throughout my second and third trimesters. I had read about the controversial affects of caffeine on pregnancy, and decided the every-once-in-awhile cup of coffee wouldn’t hurt me. Then Hunter was born a couple months ago, and the thought of him not sleeping due to an upset tummy or the affects of the caffeine made me cringe. I needed all the sleep I could get, so I wasn’t willing to risk it.

Then finally, I went for it. I sent out a tweet asking if nursing mamas drank coffee and if they noticed an affect on their babies. The general consensus was a resounding NO. Hallelujah!


So, for the past week or so, coffee has been back in my life, and I am loving it! The extra energy jolt in the morning to get me going is definitely appreciated, and I am back to enjoying my devotions and blog reading with coffee in hand.


I <3 coffee.


  • Do you drink coffee? If so, what’s your favorite way to drink it?
  • Mamas – Did/do you drink coffee during pregnancy and/or while nursing?
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  1. says

    I’m not a coffee person – which is awesome in the sense that I don’t have to worry about the negative affects of caffeine, but at the same point, I don’t get the caffeine jolt. Which, I could really use sometimes!

  2. says

    I’ve been drinking a soy latte 5 days out of the week in my 2nd and now 3rd trimester. However, I swore off of it in the first trimester as well.

    I got the green light from my doctor saying that a cup a day is fine so I have been thoroughly enjoying it! :)

  3. says

    Aw glad you are getting to enjoy a cup of coffee! I’m a coffee lover, but lately I’ve been trying to stick to decaf and drinking also more herbal coffee (teeccino brand…which it says you can drink while pregnant). Because it’s been so warm I’ve wanted iced coffee drinks lately! :)

  4. Traci says

    I am all about the iced coffee! I’m not married and haven’t had kids yet, so I wonder what I will do one day since I love the taste of coffee and the ritual of it (and OK, the morning jolt sometimes!). I work for some healthcare magazines and many docs have proposed there is a safe amount of caffeine per day during pregnancy- most birth defects etc occur with a few cups of coffee or more per day (actually, I think it’s quite rare or no cases have been documented of problems with 1 cup per day). Even still, I’m not sure how I’d feel! I think decaf would be my friend.

  5. says

    I went to decaf 90% of the time about 6 months before I got pregnant so still usually drink it. However, I do find with some of my headaches now (been getting them lots) that caffeine helps so I will turn to it a tad more sometimes.

  6. says

    I did not drink it at all my first trimester because I was scared- and had horrible headaches everyday. I started drinking one cup a day and felt soo much better. While nursing I had 2 cups in the morning, and now that I’m done I drink however much I want and it’s glorious!! My fav time of the day is when Levi goes down for his morning nap and I sit and drink coffee and catch up on blog reading!

  7. says

    I -really- love coffee. I try to keep it to a cup a day, but you better believe that that one cup is absolute bliss. I’ll drink it pretty much any way (true love, right there), but my favorite is definitely a dry cappuccino. Nothing better than a strong espresso taste with lots of foam :)

  8. says

    I love coffee, mostly the plain one (no milk, sugar and specally not caramel, cinammon and such). It will probably be hard for me to give it up once we decide to have a baby, but it is what it is :)

  9. Karen says

    I didn’t drink coffee at ALL during my pregnancy but your post has inspired me to have a cup this morning bc I’m craving it so badly! (I have a very sweet 2.5 week old who is nursing)

  10. says

    I’m not a regular coffee drinker, but I love the idea of it. I think I romanticize it a little bit. A nice warm cup always sounds really appealing, until I’m running to the restroom every 5 minutes because coffee always, uh, gets things moving. (TMI, much? Haha!)

  11. says

    I am a coffee drinker! Yes, I cut down due to being pregnant, but have not completely cut it out. I love my coffee and devotion time as well : )

  12. says

    Ah, I am right there with you! I did half caff throughout my pregnancy, but the minute I could stop at Dunkin Donuts and not be worried about my milk supply or the caffeine’s effect on the baby and get a no-guilt “large”…it was amazing haha. Love, love, LOVE coffee, haha!

  13. says

    I couldn’t stand coffee during the first trimester but during the second and third, I got over that and drank a cup a day. Now I’m nursing and drinking decaf in case the caffeine upsets my daughter’s reflux. But I love my coffee too so even decaf is better than nothing!

  14. lauren says

    My favorite kind of coffee is iced, cold brewed in my french press. It’s too much work to do every day though 😉 My grind and brew pot is so convenient.
    I’m 32 weeks pregnant and I’ve been drinking a mug or so of half caf or decaf coffee pretty much throughout. It doesn’t really do anything for my energy levels – I swear working as an assistant manager at a dunkin donuts in college made me immune – but I like the taste and the ritual of it.

  15. says

    I started drinking coffee just before I got pregnant with #3. But once I was pregnant, I didn’t really want it and only drank it occasionally throughout the pregnancy. And after he was born it didn’t seem to affect him one way or the other.

    I started drinking coffee just to be a “social drinker” but now I’m hooked–and turning into a coffee snob to boot.

  16. says

    I’m really glad you are drinking coffee again :) I drank it when I was pregnant in my 2nd/3rd trimesters (couldn’t stomach it in the 1stt!) and I’m drinking half caff right now because fully caffeinated makes me jittery (even though it totally didn’t when I was pregnant, so weird). It’s never bothered my babies – and doesn’t seem to bother E either!

  17. says

    I definitely never gave it up throughout pregnancy or nursing and didn’t think twice…oops!! Nia’s all good in the hood 😉 her sleeping ISN’T great, but that isn’t caffeine related. We really need to sort things out soon though before I have a gallon of iced coffee sitting in my fridge each morning!!

  18. Sig @ Melbourne Maharani says

    I drank a latte every day throughout my pregnancy and still have one now and am nursing. Actually, I didn’t drink it in my first trimester and that was only because I couldn’t stand it then! Rehan is 7seeks now and I haven’t noticed any adverse effects. That being said, in the fist few weeks when he was really unsettled, I did try and avoid dairy and caffeine but didn’t find it had any difference. So back to my daily latte! :)

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