My Love for Kodiak Cakes {Giveaway}


Good morning!

So I’m sure you guys have heard me talk about my love for Kodiak Cakes around here a time or ten two.


Kodiak Cakes is based here in Utah and is known for their healthy pancake mixes. I first heard about them from Kath about a year ago and decided to pick up a box at the store to see what the hype was all about. End result? LOVED them.

Not only are they easy and delicious, but they have excellent nutrition stats for pancakes. They don’t taste “healthy” either which is even more awesome. Here’s a little glimpse of their nutrition facts:


And a simple ingredient list as well:


I love that you can just add water to the mix, dump it in a skillet, and you have pancakes! Or if you’re feelin’ waffles, you can totally use it as a waffle mix too.


My all time favorite way to jazz them up a bit is to smash half of a ripe banana into the mix with water, add a few shakes of cinnamon, cook up the pancakes, and top them with peanut butter and maple syrup. Mmmm, best combo ever!


The awesome people at Kodiak Cakes wanted me to share the love a little and give you a chance to win coupons for Kodiak Cake Pancake Mix along with a fun apron. Sweet, right?

To enter, leave a comment and tell me your favorite pancake additions and/or toppings!

For a second entry, tweet about this giveaway and include @AshLWiseman and @KodiakCakes in your tweet. Be sure to leave me a comment telling me you tweeted!

***Only open to U.S. residents!***

Winner will be announced on Thursday morning. Best of luck to you!

P.S. Kodiak Cake Pancake Mixes can be found at most Targets and some other grocery stores. Click HERE to see where they sell it near you.

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  1. says

    I’ve heard so much about these, but never tried them before. They sound and look sooooo good! My favorite toppings are honey or maple syrup, bananas, strawberries, slivered almonds and/or chia seeds. Guess I like a lot of toppings! 😉

  2. Amy P says

    My family and I love pancakes! I have never heard of these before but will have to see if any place close by sells them! My favorite toppings are butter and syrup!

  3. Sarah says

    Almost too many toppings and additions to list that I use for my pancakes! My favorites – chia seeds, almond butter, cinnamon, Trader Joe’s fig butter and Nutella (of course!!!!!)

  4. Julissa says

    I became obsessed with these this past winter! Adding a spoonful of pumpkin with some cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice is my favorite :)

  5. kolya says

    Thought I’d try my luck again! I just got a waffle maker and I wanted to surprise my housemates one Sun. morning (:

    Hope you’re feeling less stressed!

  6. Anna says

    Yuuum! I have always wanted to try these but can’t seem to find them at my local Target! I love adding blueberries or pumpkin puree to the batter, and topping them with peanut butter and some syrup!

  7. says

    I first read about Kodiak Cakes on KathEats too and have always been intrigued…I love adding banana and peanut butter to mine as well. But blueberry pancakes are a close second place for me :)

  8. Devon McKain says

    My favorite waffle additions are fresh fruit! Strawberries and peaches make the perfect topping on a big waffle! I haven’t tried the kodiak cakes yet but I really want to!

  9. Brittany says

    I like to put a little non-fat plain greek yogurt, top that with chopped banana, and then sprinkle flaxseeds on top. Very tasty!

  10. says

    I know I cannot win cause I am in Canada but just want to say I love this mix from when we’ve tried it while staying in Arizona and they should bring it up north!

  11. Diana S says

    great giveaway! I have seen these around the blog world for a while but I have never tried them! I love pancakes any way I can get ’em but my favorite is with fresh blueberries and cinnamon :)

  12. Kayla says

    Wow I would love to try Kodiak Cakes! I’m a KERF reader too and I’ve been dying to get ahold of a box! My favorite pancake toppings are fresh fruit, sun butter, chia seeds, and a sprinkle of homemade granola!

  13. says

    I have always been a lover of maple syrup on my pancakes but I’ve become more in love with putting peanut butter on them… BOY do I love PB! If I’m feeling like it, I will put chocolate chips in my mix :)
    I didn’t know these were sold at Target!! If I would’ve knew that, I would’ve bought them a long time ago. I always hear great things about them! :)

  14. Jessica says

    I LOVE Kodiak Cakes! Found them at my local Target store and have never gone back. Blueberries are my favorite addition to these cakes.

  15. Brooke says

    I love me some pancakes! I have to say my tried and true favorite is blueberry pancakes. So sweet and tart!

  16. Christine says

    Growing up, my mom always made pancakes from a Krusteaz mix. I would always end up feeling hungry a couple hours later, so now I’ve started making pancakes from scratch with healthier additions, like whole wheat flour and ground flax seed. Those ingredients help me feel full longer. I also tried a recipe that calls for buttermilk and I loved it! I had no idea there was a whole world of pancakes outside of the Krusteaz mix, so I would love to try Kodiak cakes!

  17. Jessica B says

    I live in MA and was obsessed with these for a while, but all of the sudden I can’t find the mix anywhere! My favorite pancake toppings are peanut butter and jelly, but I love mixing blueberries and bananas into the mix too.

  18. Amanda N says

    I love adding bananas or apples to my pancakes although my toppings are usually just real maple syrup and butter.

  19. Lindsay D says

    I love just syrup and little butter. Sometimes I add fresh strawberries for a little extra flavor.

  20. Carrie says

    Greek yogurt mixed with a little stevia, almond milk, and chis seeds makes a great topping for pancakes!

  21. Alaina says

    Stevia sweetened cottage cheese and fresh cut berries! Oh, and maybe a tad of maple syrup if I’m really gutsy!

  22. stacey says

    butter!! i am super boring, but nothing is better than just plain butter on my pancake or waffle.
    I do sometimes enjoy chocolate chips in my pancake but nothing on top!

  23. says

    I just discovered Kodiak Cakes a few weeks ago and made them for Father’s Day breakfast. My entire family gobbled them up and LOVED them!!!
    I love to add in smashed banana and blueberries for a nice little pancake surprise!!!

  24. Erika says

    I haven’t tried these yet as I usually make my own but with summer I want quicker options and these sound great. I love to add banana and pb and sometimes even chocolate chips!

  25. Lindsay H says

    I hear such good things about Kodiak Cakes and I’d love to give them a try!!! I like my pancakes old fashioned with just syrup or if its a special occasion chocolate chips!

  26. Nicole says

    I love just maple syrup….I create a moat of syrup around my pancake to dip it in….is that weird?? 😉

  27. Holly says

    Kodiak cakes look yummy! I love adding granny smith apples to my pancakes–sweet and tart with some cinnamon taboot! Then of course I like to top them with real maple syrup and butter! Mmmm! My dad would make us apple cinnamon pancakes all the time as kids and I would love to watch him chop up all the apples! Ahh food brings back such memories! : )

  28. Kaitlyn says

    I have been wanting to try kodiak cakes for awhile now, but I’ve just never gotten around to it. Perfect timing for this giveaway! I love, love, LOVE chocolate chip + banana pancakes topped with a little syrup and pb. I recently discovered cinnamon chips, too, and those are amazing paired with banana. Mmm!

  29. Colleen says

    My favorite additions/toppings when I was younger were chocolate chips, strawberries, or blueberries with maple syrup and homemade whipped cream! Now I keep the sugar a little less with pb, berries, and applesauce with a little syrup. Yum!

  30. says

    I love my pancakes with just blueberries – nothing else!

    I actually just saw Kodiak mix for the first time the other day! I never saw it in Missouri, but Craig and I found it at Target here in Wisconsin. We are in the Appleton area, by the way!

  31. says

    I am pretty simple with my pancakes… Good old fashion maple syrup. And sprinkle cinnamon on top. Or Nutella and strawberries if I am in a chocolate mood.

  32. Ann P-L says

    I love Kodiak Cakes! My favorite toppings are nut butter, chia seeds, berries, and a touch of maple syrup.

  33. Lauren S says

    Growing up my dad would too his pancakes with peanut butter and I would cringe at the thought…fast forward 15 years and I can’t eat pancakes without PB or almond butter on too! I also like to sear a banana and add that too:)

  34. Kolby C says

    I’ve always loved putting peanut butter on my pancakes with maple syrup! Nowadays, I sometimes top them with a banana as well.

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