Kona Kase Review

Disclaimer: I was sent a Kona Kase in exchange for a review through Fitfluential. All opinions are honest and my own!

Y’all know how much I love mail…

Especially when it comes to FOOD!

Kona Kase sent me this awesome little snack box that I couldn’t wait to dig into!


In the box was:

  • Mamma Chia Squeeze Pack
  • Dr. Will Bar (shown HERE)
  • 18 Rabbits Granola Bar
  • Clif Shot
  • OneBar (fruit bar)
  • Osmo Nutrition Active Hydration
  • KIND Bar
  • HALFPOPS Popcorn

The snacks are all healthy and specifically designed for an active person. However, I do have to say that if you’re not much of an athlete, then the Kona Kase may not be your thing. For example, these energy shots…


If you’re not into long distance running or other endurance type sports, you probably wouldn’t get much use out of these. Even I am fairly active, but I don’t do much long distance running at the moment, so I could take or leave these.

The selection of bars they sent was my favorite part. I love having healthy and all-natural bars on hand to pack in my purse or to gobble down when I’m in a pinch. It was nice to try some new-to-me bars that I’ve never heard of before.


I liked that they included a list of all of the snacks and explained what they were. Probably half of the products were new to me, so it was nice to be able to see a list and explanation of what each of them were before I dug in.


Just like some of the other great snack boxes out there, Kona Kase is a monthly subscription service. You sign up, and they send you a box each month with eight new snack items to try out. It’s only fifteen bucks per month and you can cancel at any time you wish. If you’re an active person and are in search for some new snack ideas, I have a feeling the Kona Kase would be right up your alley!

Have you ever heard of or tried the Kona Kase? What are some of your favorite snacks for an active lifestyle?

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  1. says

    I’ve heard of Kona, but I’m always weary of boxes because I hate not knowing what are in things haha.
    I guess I’m not much for surprises;)
    Your box looks good though!

  2. says

    Oooohh it seems that these subscription cases are becoming more popular. I really like the items they sent you! But like you, I’m not much of a energy gel type of gal ;) And I love that you’re always honest with your reviews! I’m sure all your readers appreciate that a lot.

  3. says

    I LOVE bars for snacks so I like the look of this box. 18 Rabbits is such a cute little name for a bar. My favorite bars are definitely Larabars, and I also love Rise Bars. Can’t beat the simple ingredients!

  4. says

    I definitely would be into getting something like this!! I love the aspect of getting to try new, healthy products that you may otherwise never even heard of and just walked by even if you did see them in the store!!

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