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YES! It really IS Friday! I don’t know about you, but my days have been thrown off all week. Regardless, I’m so stoked it’s Friday! Woot!

I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts recently in regards to blogging – more specifically, my blogging. I know, it can be a little awkward (?) to blog about blogging, but bear with me.


Yes, it’s my blog, and I blog for me, but I do blog for YOU too. I love my readers, and I want you to look forward to coming back to My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries each day. I’ve been thinking a lot lately where I want my priorities to lie and how I spend my time. I find myself constantly struggling with the balance of improving and growing my blog versus unplugging and stepping away from the computer. It’s a tough one, I tell ya!

As you know, my main job is to be mom to my baby Hunter. As he gets older, there is less sleeping and more playing, learning, and growing. I want to be involved in all of that – not staring at my computer screen 24/7. Now that Labor Day has come and gone, my MOPS group is kicking off, play dates are happening more often, story time is starting up again at the library, and our schedule is getting increasingly busier.


I feel like I’d be doing you all a disservice if I continued to try to blog twice a day. Not only would my posts be mediocre, but knowing myself, I’d be stressed and overwhelmed trying to get two posts up each day. I absolutely love blogging, and want to do my very best at it. I’d much rather devote more time to one quality post per day than try to throw up two less-than-stellar posts per day just for the sake of posting.  This way I can also ensure I’m spending plenty of time with my little family.

Thanks for understanding! Your support means so much to me!

Hope your Friday is a great one!

Do you prefer blogs that post once per day or twice per day? (Just curious – your opinions won’t change my decision. Winking smile)

What do you look for in a quality blog? (i.e. photography, relatability, humor, good grammar, interests, etc.)

What types of posts are your favorite – daily life, workouts, recipes, parenting,  “Thursday Thoughts”, WIAW?

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  1. says

    i only have time to read once per day so i’d really love it if you went back to once a day so i don’t miss ANYTHING!!! haha and you know all of us will be here regardless of what you choose – do what’s best for you, hunter, and your cute little family :) :) xo

  2. says

    Once a day or twice a day isn’t as big of a deal as the content! It’s rare for people to have meaningful stuff to blog about twice a day (or else their lives are just way more interesting than mine ha!) Mommyhood is your number one right now, understandably, and of course we support you!

  3. Katie says

    I can agree with as the little one gets older, you have less “computer” time! Honestly I don’t mind how many posts you do during…I just look forward to coming to your site. As far as quality…I love Pictures & Humor. I could careless about grammar since blogging should be fun plus I must admit that’s half the reason I don’t have my own blog. Horrible when it comes to writing 😉 I love all your posts…especially Hunter/Parenting ones since my little guy shares the same birthday with yours! Have a great weekend!…

  4. says

    Ha, I was actually thinking the other day – I wonder how Ash manages to post twice a day! Twice a day or once a week, I’ll always read! P.S. we NEED to catch up! I’ll be on gchat a lot more now that I have INTERNET!!!

    • Ashley says

      Ha, that’s the thing…I really don’t have time to do it. Other things have been pushed to the side (i.e. devotions, housework, etc.) that shouldn’t be, so I definitely needed to take a step back. It wasn’t an issue before Hunter came along and even when he was a newborn since he slept so much, but life is much busier now. Can’t WAIT to catch up! :) xoxo

  5. says

    I post once a day and sometimes that can be a little overwhelming! I actually prefer blogs that post less often, otherwise I get so behind so quickly. I read blogs that post once a day and others that post once every 2 weeks. It’s much more about the blog than the frequency for me :) Do what works for you!

  6. says

    I prefer once a day or less blogs as because I read so many blogs too many posts are actually a lot harder to keep up with for me :)

    I post once a day and even that can be taxing on my time sometimes combined with a full time job.

  7. Amanda N says

    As long as you keep blogging I don’t mind if its less! Love the Thursday Thoughts/Parenting/Daily Life/Recipes/Workouts – basically everything. :)

  8. says

    I definitely prefer 1 post a day for bloggers because anymore, I feel like I’m constantly having to keep up throughout the day vs. just one time (or then I just don’t read as many of that bloggers posts – pick the ones with titles that spark my interest).

    I totally want to check out story times at the library soon!

  9. Traci says

    I do enjoy bloggers who post twice a day, but that’s just because I’m at work at my computer during that time frame so it’s a nice break to look forward to :) However, I’ve noticed a ton of my favorite bloggers have transitioned to only posting once per day or even just a few times a week, and I enjoy reading just the same. I think that if the quality of the blog is good, readers are not going to go anywhere if you post more or less often.

  10. says

    Girl you know I am all about doing what you feel is right with your blog! Everyone is different, and as a reader, it is impossible for me to read two posts a day for every blogger. I feel like I miss lot of your second posts of the day simply because I run out of time to read them all! Blogging schedules should be sane and fun, and you can always change your mind if you miss two-a-day posting! :)

  11. says

    It is really up to the Blogger on how much they have to share :) However most days I do not have time to read more than one post from each blog I read.
    I am not picky and just like a good variety of posts!

  12. says

    I only post 1x a day – impossible to do more than that with a full time job. I like posts that are genuine – you feel like you know the blogger behind them. I love your posts, whether it’s 1 or 2x’s a day. I often will let posts build up in my reader and then read them all at once when I have free time (which is almost never these days!). Do what you need to do for YOU! You’re a new mama who’s super busy. You don’t owe your readers anything.

  13. says

    I am just starting to blog again after taking almost 2 years off and there’s no way I could post 2x/day! I definitely look for relatability but good writing mostly, I don’t get caught up in looks or photography skills (that being said your pictures are great, haha).

  14. says

    1x a day is usually what we do and can handle, sometimes we can do two posts but not that often as life gets in the way 😉
    we aren’t too picky but it is easier to keep up with one posts :)

  15. Melissa says

    I just love hearing what you’re up to! I usually catch up on posts a few times a week, so post whenever it’s good for you and Hunter :) Sure, the blog is important and you obviously love your readers, but your “real life” is #1. Of course your priorities shift when you’re a mama–totally understandable and very relatable. XOXO

  16. says

    Great thoughts! When The Love Nugget was first born I was posting two times a day as well but as he got older and life got busier I cut back to one time a day. You’re right, it’s much more important to be a “present” mom and to be more involved in activities than to be blogging. As much as I love to read your twice daily posts, to be honest, sometimes I only have time to read the morning one so one is good for me :-)

  17. says

    I like it when bloggers blog about blogging 😉 It’s nice to see some discussion about those topics that plague us bloggers… especially when it comes to trying to manage blogging and life, which I honestly can’t even imagine trying to do while taking care of a little one! Bit props to mommy bloggers.

    Honestly, I prefer blogs that post once a day. I like to do all my blog reading in the morning, so it’s easy to fall behind if a blogger posts in the afternoon as well. That and I do notice that quality sometimes suffers when bloggers blog too often.

  18. says

    I love some blogs that post 3 times a day and others that post once a week! It really does come down to the quality in my opinion. I love relatable posts, humor, and honesty. And my favorite types of posts include daily life, food (WIAW)/fitness, and “thoughts.” So basically all of your posts are ones I enjoy!

  19. says

    This is terrific – number of posts don’t really seem to effect my reading :) i read several – i like when htey post at least 3 times a week (just my preference :) )..I love REAL life posts that show you struggle with same things we do, and that you OVERCOME and have victories like we do too!

  20. says

    You will be a better blogger for making your blog work with your life. I prefer once-a-day posting for both my blog and the blogs I read since that’s all I have time for. But posting frequency, pictures, and content don’t mean as much to me as whether I can connect with the writer or not. There are some beautiful blogs out there where I’m just “meh” about because I just don’t connect with them. I just see blogs to be my internet friends :)

  21. says

    I totally understand the feelings on blogging; all that goes with it, how much, what you put out there, commenting, photos, e-mails. There’s actually a lot that goes into it and can be very time consuming. Lately, I’ve realized I can’t spend as much time as I’d like to blogging and reading blogs because I just don’t have the time. And I have other priorities in life that are more important right now. It actually kind of makes me laugh at how long it took me to realize this! I definitely love different blogs. I mostly read them when they have interesting content (regardless of how often they post), pretty photos, but the best part is the person behind the blog. I love getting to know about the person and what they are truly like. I believe compassion, love, respect, and a positive light is the most important part for me when I read blogs.

  22. says

    Is it Friday already? lol…my days have been thrown off…..

    Well, after stumbling through comment name links on several blogs, I finally found myself here. I’ve only read one blog post by you so far, but, based on that, I’d have to say that you are doing great!

    Your son is adorable, by the way. I can tell we have similar tastes….as, “Hunter” is my son’s name too! In our searching for the perfect name for our son, we really wanted it to stand for and mean something deeper. We narrowed it down to 2 or 3 choices, but we ended up picking Hunter because, to us, it seemed to convey passion and a deep-founded desire to relentlessly pursue those passions.

    Well, I am glad to have found you! I look forward to reading more! Keep up the good work!

  23. says

    I honestly don’t read a ton of posts/blogs that post 2x/day, so to me it’d be nice because then i could KNOW EVERYTHING about you! hehe.

    And I am ALL for being with the fam more than being with the blog. It’s just money. It’s just the internet. But family is forever. Kudos to you for doing what’s best for you guys!!! muah! xo

  24. says

    Good for you! You and Hunter definitely should take a break…and everyone should be happy you still want to blog once a day. It certainly is hard to just get up and going with a baby…Very hard to plan around, and half the time, before you know it, it is noon and you have gotten hardly anything done!

    He is getting so big and so cute!

  25. says

    Good for you!! I don’t even think I’ll blog when I start having kids. I can barely keep track of Cory and myself :)
    I love reading your blog, and I agree, quality posts are always the best bet. I don’t read blogs on Wednesdays because I despise WIAW. I love parenting and lifestyle posts the best!
    Have a great weekend, Ashley!!

  26. says

    I prefer once a day. I usually end up missing a post if a blogger posts twice a day because I don’t see it, or don’t have time to read both, so I’ll just read one or the other. I totally understand your decision — I don’t always have the energy to post once a day, so I can only imagine how much more difficult it gets with a baby!

  27. says

    I couldn’t even imagine the amount of things on your plate right now. No one expects you to post twice a day. It is important to blog when you want too. Yes, we love reading what you have to say, but we understand that family and friends are important too!

  28. says

    A mix, whatever comes naturally! :) I only blog once a day these days…occasionally two but very rarely. I like once for the ones I read because I don’t get the chance to read more than one post from each of my favs!

  29. Debbie @ Deb Runs says

    Oh my goodness, if I tried to post twice a I wouldn’t do anything except blog! I think your readers would much rather just see one post a day (or even every other day) than have you so stressed out that you completely quit blogging. We’d miss you too much!

  30. says

    Ah, I love it when bloggers post once a day/a few times a week simply because it seems like there’s more thought that goes into it and it keeps me guessing. :) Also, genuineness is obviously something I look for, along with delicious food/recipes and BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHY! I think beautiful photos+creativity gets me every time. 😀

  31. says

    Good for you making smart decisions for yourself and your family!

    I’ve never really thought about it, but I think maybe I prefer once a day or less. I feel like it’s easier to keep up with and they may write about more interesting things without having to constantly be writing something, anything to fill their quota for the day.

    I like humor, honesty and variety in a blog. I love pictures too. I also like blogs that aren’t too streamlined on one specific topic ALL the time. After a while it can get kind of boring.

  32. Holly says

    Once a day is just fine! I read a lot of different blogs and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by how behind I get on reading them! lol Your blog is one of my favorites though! I love daily life, WIAW, thoughts, favorite things, little Hunter! Guess I love it all! : )

  33. says

    I think you’re doing the right thing! I often find myself with that same internal battle and I’ve always leaned on the side of unplugging. Life’s too short! Also, not that I mind when bloggers blog multiple times a day, but honestly I have so many unread blogs on my list, I find that the ones who blog 2 or 3 times a day, I never have time to read them anyways! Do whatever works best for you!

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