The Man Games, Football Season, & LaMaLu Boutique Giveaway

Whew! We have lots to talk about today my friends. Let me tell you, it’s been quite the fun weekend over here!

The Man Games

Let’s start with The Man Games. You most likely haven’t heard of this event before, and that’s because it was the first official Man Games event ever! To get all the manly details, you probably want to head over to the website to watch the cool video and read about it.

Cory, the awesome race director, emailed me a couple months ago asking if I wanted to participate in The Man Games. I opted out since I needed to take care of Hunter (and let’s be real, I was a little scared), but Cory gave us three free registrations for Cody and a couple of his friends to participate. Cody, Kevin (his co-worker), and Jared, (Annette’s husband) headed out to compete in the first annual Man Games on Saturday morning.


Us wives plus Hunter were their pro spectators. I’ll tell ya what, spectating is tough work! Winking smile


The boys started at the lake where they did a couple water events. First up, was the swing. They jumped off a platform holding onto a rope that was hanging from a huge crane. It looked super fun!



The next water competition was a mix of swimming laps, kayaking, and paddle boarding to the buoy and back for the fastest time.



Next we headed over to the pig wrestling and mounted spear toss. I’ll be honest, I didn’t like the pig wrestling event much. It made me sad to see the pigs squealing when they were tackled, but I guess I’m just super sensitive like that.


For the mounted spear toss, you got on a horse and tried to throw the spear at a target.


Lastly, we went over to the Cross Fit and sports obstacle course challenge. It was a mix of running, climbing under barbwire, burpees, flipping wooden poles, tire running, and a few others. Cody said this was the most difficult part of the event, and I believe it!


The guys really enjoyed themselves and had a great time. They got a cool t-shirt, water bottle, little backpack, and a few coupons along with their registrations too. And just to give my honest two cents, the event was a little disorganized at times, but it’s understandable since it was the first time it ever took place. Overall, it was a good time, and I’d totally recommend it to anyone who’s looking for an event that’s maybe a little out of the ordinary and a lot of fun.

On our way out of town, we stopped to grab a couple shakes from Granny’s because they are only the best around! Oreo shake for me please!


The rest of the afternoon consisted of lazing around and enjoying the rain. We headed out to get dinner at Costa Vida because we had a gift card, but we ended up getting our meals free since their computers were down. Free food?! Sweet! I got the grilled chicken salad with their cilantro dressing. Their food is very similar to Café Rio (one of my all time favorites) – YUM!


Football Season

As some of you may know, it was the first weekend of NFL football. Cody is a huge Chicago Bears fan, so the boys dressed up in their Bears best for church.


Even though I come from a hardcore Packers family, I still can’t resist how cute Hunter looked in his Bears attire!!


LaMaLu Boutique Giveaway

I also have to showcase my lovely church outfit for you, courtesy of LaMaLu Boutique. I am wearing the Ellison Blouse in jade. It’s very flowy and lightweight – I love it. You could easily wear this top in the warmer months by itself or the cooler months with a thicker tank underneath.


I also get to give one of YOU a fifteen dollar gift card to LaMaLu Boutique to choose something of your choice! Enter by using the Rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Would YOU participate in The Man Games? Initially I didn’t want to, but after watching it in person, I totally would! (Except I would opt out of the pig wrestle.)

What’s your favorite kind of milkshake? Oreo or cookie dough.

If you’re an NFL fan, what’s your favorite team? Go PACK Go!

What’d you do this weekend?!

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  1. Krista says

    Oh my goodness….that picture of Hunter and Cody is way too cute!! I would frame that one for sure ; ) Hunter’s smile is just adorable!

  2. says

    The man games sound like fun! It sounds like it would be a great event for families to go to and just hang out. I love the Lamalue top you have on. I have been wearing a lot of big flowy shirts like that to work this summer because they are nice and cool.

  3. says

    I can’t get over Hunter with Cody. That picture needs framed! I would do the Man Games, I think! Though, I am with you and wouldn’t want the Pig one. I’d probably be grossed out going for them, and it would hurt them, so no thank. Cookie dough milkshake, please!! :) Go Steelers!!

  4. says

    I probably would! This weekend my husband did a Spartan Race – obstacle/mud race that we both signed up for back in Feb. But at 8 months pregnant the 13 km obstacle thing was not happening for me. But my husband had a blast! He may be addicted now 😉
    Just plain vanilla :)
    Saturday was the Spartan race and yesterday was my baby shower, she got spoiled!!

  5. says

    I’m not a swimmer at all so I wouldn’t want to do those events, but the rest look like they’d be a fun challenge! The mounted pole-throwing thing would be pretty fun…I’d feel like the girl in Brave, except with a spear instead of bow and arrow 😉
    And I come from a diehard Steelers family, so there will be a lot of black and yellow around my parents’ house for the next few months!

  6. says

    That picture of Cody and Hunter in the Bears attire – I just can’t handle Hunter’s toothless grin!!! <3 Oooomigosh. Totally just made my Monday morning 😀 I have to admit that I'm not huge on football, but I kind of attribute that to being Canadian – we're more hockey people up here.

    Hope you're having a great Monday, Ashley!

  7. Amanda N says

    Really cute blouse!

    I would never be interested in a thing like Man Games or an obstacle race, just not my thing. Milkshakes – I am partial to just plain old vanilla, but cookies n cream and cookie dough and anything with peanut butter are just as good. Patriots fan here in good old NH although I generally get disinterested by the second half and take a nap. haha Weekend consisted of getting some really good deals at a huge consignment sale, have some girlfriends over, and spending some time with family.

  8. says

    OREO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That looks like fun…but I think I woudl like to spectate more than do it :).
    I am not a football fan…but I would have to say Bears because we lived in Chicago for so long and my hubby loves them :).

  9. Holly says

    I know my husband would love to participate in the Man Games. I don’t like the idea of wrestling a pig though–that’s sad! My favorite milkshake is vanilla sea salt caramel! Mmm!! I love that shirt, it’s super cute!!

  10. Nicole says

    OH. My. GAWWW!! How ADORABLE is that picture of Cody & Hunter?? I’m melting…..totally frameable!

    Milkshakes = Mint Oreo!


    I ran my 5th marathon this weekend – did okay (not a PR or anything), but considering my training has been non-existent, I’m happy with my result! It was in Ventura, CA – the weather was a perfectly cool 60-something and overcast throughout the entire time. :)

    Have a great week!

  11. says

    Oh how cute in their matching Bears jerseys!

    I might participate in the Man Games, but I agree about the pig wrestle. That would make me sad.

    Oreo or vanilla would be my fave shake for sure!

    Patriots are my team all the way! We barely eked out the win over the Bills yesterday and that frightens me about this season.

  12. Debbie @ Deb Runs says

    Hunter looks very happy to be a Bears fan! I’m sure that he has a Packers shirt, too! We are Redskins and Ravens fans. We’re more into college football though, and went to the Virginia Tech game on Saturday (our alma mater).

  13. says

    Ditto with all the comments above about how cute Hunter is!!! I love Skor milkshakes but have only found it once. Next up would be Oreo.

    I’m coming down from the busyness of this last weekend. Now that my sister is a Mrs life will calm down a bit!

  14. Jentry Nielsen says

    That looks so fun! It would be so fun to participate!

    You’re little man is soo adorable! He is getting so big! And you are looking amazing!

  15. says

    The picture of Hunter and his dad is just too much. Too much cute.

    The Man Games? For real? That cracks me up. I would totally do it, but the horse will probably kill me.

    Cookie dough. All the way. Does anyone even bake cookies anymore?

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