October Fruits & Veggies Challenge

Hi guys!

How’s everyone’s week starting out?! Great I hope!

I have a fun little challenge to share with you guys today, and I sure hope you’ll join in!


The holidays are coming up which is typically a time of extra sweets and indulgences. I’m all about desserts when consumed in moderation, but it’s still important to make those fruits and veggies a priority in your diet. They are packed with fiber and tons of good-for-you vitamins and minerals. I’m going to challenge all of you to eat at least FIVE servings of fruits and/or veggies each day throughout the month of October.

October 1st is our starting date and is exactly one week away (talk about crazy!), so you have a few days to stock up your produce drawers and prepare yourself for the challenge.

Here’s some tips to help you prepare:

  • Stock your fridge with fresh produce.
  • Go outside the box and buy some new fruits/veggies that you’ve never tried – you never know, you may find a new favorite!
  • Wash, chop, and prep fruit and veggies to easily grab.
  • Get creative – add fruits and veggies to dishes, breads, oatmeal, etc.
  • Eat at least one serving of produce with each meal – that’s already 3 servings for the day!

To participate in the challenge, click HERE and “accept the challenge”.

After you have accepted the challenge, you’ll need to write on the challenge page each day and tell us what fruits and veggies you ate for the day or post a photo of the fruits and/or veggies you ate!

Those that have posted at least 8 times on the challenge page will be entered to win a prize pack from Kodiak Cakes that will include a pancake mix, cookie mix, and syrup. A winner will be randomly chosen when the challenge is over at the end of the month.

Feel free to share your fruits and veggies on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and use the hashtag #OctoberFruitsAndVeggies.

I’ll continue to remind you of the challenge within the next week and also throughout the month of October. I hope you’ll join me!

What are your favorite fall fruits and/or veggies?

Do you have a difficult time getting enough produce in your diet?

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  1. says

    Such a great idea for a challenge! Some days I’m pretty good with getting my produce in, others I fall a little short. Now that we’re into Fall weather, I’m loving apples and roasted squash…with plans to break out the pumpkin soon 😉
    Question: will the prize pack allow for shipping to Canada?

  2. says

    Great idea! I love carrots, beets and zuchini in the fall mainly since I clear out my garden around this time and end up with tons and have to freeze it.
    I think I do pretty good, I make sure if supper lacks veggies, lunch is a salad or vice versus. I also try to add a side veggie to our supper most nights. Fruit is not a problem since I have some with breakfast, then eat lots as snacks throughout the day.

  3. says

    This sounds like a great challenge for the month of October! Especially since as the colder months come in, most people crave the comfort food of carbs…like myself;)
    My favorite Fall fruits and veggies…oh boy I have a ton. ALL the squash, beets, carrots, brussels, apples, and more!

  4. says

    Signing up now! Oct 1 is Adeline’s first birthday (say WHAT??!?) How fun to fill October with fruits and veggies! P.S. I like that the prize pack is not a fruit or a veggie ;-P

  5. says

    Oh fun challenge! I usually eat a lot of fruits and veggies but my problem tends to be eating the same ones over and over again. I mean if I hadn’t recently branched out I would never have found out how good fresh figs are.

  6. Katie says

    Super fun Challenge! Can’t wait. Will you be counting squash as a veggie? I don’t really have a hard time getting produce in my diet..more like variety because I love certain things!

  7. says

    Fall produce makes me think of two words: butternut squash. Mmm, boy!

    Definitely a fun and worth challenge! When I find I’m lacking in the veggies, I start throwing some frozen broccoli or something with my meals. It’s super fast and easy, with the bonus that Squish loves frozen veggies! Weirdest kid ever.

  8. says

    I have a terrible time getting produce into my body. I am not a veggie lover at all. I’ve been working on improving this by adding spinach to smoothies. Also, sweet potatoes, I love! I dont know if they count tho.

  9. says

    This is a good challenge for me! It’s something that I need to be more conscious of. Theoretically, you could add some zucchini or pumpkin to Kodiak cakes and count that as one!

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