Hunter’s First Halloween

Did everyone have a good Halloween?!

We’re not huge Halloween-ers, but of course we had to have some fun with our little boy this year. Hunter painted his first ever pumpkin. Let me tell you, it was quite the masterpiece. We also took him to a few houses to trick-or-treat (aka get mom and dad some extra candy), and then passed out candy at our house to check out all the cute costumes. I won’t lie, Halloween is a lot more fun when you have a little one!







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I may be a little biased, but I’m pretty sure he’s the cutest baby dinosaur I’ve ever seen. Winking smile

Have a great weekend!

What did you do for Halloween? Did you dress up?

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? (Reese’s, obviously)

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  1. says

    definitely the cutest baby dinosaur ever! and yes i’ve got to agree with you on reece’s! at school yesterday we all shared our favorite type of halloween candy and i told them all reece’s…. with hopes they would bring me some after they trick or treat! haha

  2. says

    Cute dinosaur!! We (I mean my husband) dressed up our dog Sadie. It was pretty good, but also a little sad lol. Next Halloween we’ll have our own little boy to dress up:) Have a good weekend!

  3. Katie says

    I agree! Halloween is much more fun with kids! We took Drake to visit some of our friends & had dinner with my parents. I loved it! Favorite…anything PB!

  4. says

    Hunter definitely makes for one adorable baby dinosaur — you’re not biased at all! And I would imagine that Halloween would be a lot more fun with kids because their enthusiasm and excitement is so infectious. I used to love Halloween when I was younger, but now? Not so much… I tried to get into the spirit by tossing in one of my favourite movies (Nightmare Before Christmas) and enjoying some candy, but even that didn’t really do much for me. Christmas, on the other hand… ohhh man I can’t wait.

  5. says

    I agree! Cutest baby dinosaur I have ever seen! :) We had bad storms last night so we didn’t get many trick or treaters… Bummer! On a happier note though, I have a million Reese’s cups leftover lol! Gotta appreciate our love for peanut butter and chocolate! 😉

  6. says

    Such an adorable baby dinosaur! 😉 I didn’t end up getting/handing out any Halloween candy, but my parents got me a big package of PB cups for my birthday last week so I’m not disappointed :-p my favourite Halloween candy too!

  7. says

    Such a cute little dino!
    We handed out candy here, I did not dress up but my husband did and handed out most of the candy, he was a doctor, we thought it was fitting with me being 39w pregnant :)
    Mini Oh Henry bars – which is why I never buy them! lol

  8. says

    Hunted looks adorable!!! I dressed up in an old minnie mouse costume but the best was putting my dog through the misery of looking like a pumpkin. She hated her life. Favortie candy- peanut m&ms or sour patch!

  9. says

    Awww! He is so cute! I bet Halloween is tons of fun with a little one. I bowed out of the holiday pretty early this year. As a teacher (with a class of 32), I had already been wearing my costume for nine hours by the time the end of the school day rolled around. Haha. It was still lots of fun though. Happy boo-lated Halloween :)

  10. says

    I can’t wait for halloween NEXT year when I’m not scarily preparing for a huge presentation the morning of!! Plus, next year Nia will be older and hopefully it can be enjoyed more :)

    He really is the cutest dinosaur!!!

    • Ashley says

      Even though it was super fun, I look forward to next year too when Hunter will have a little bit more of a clue as to what’s going on! :)

  11. says

    He looks as cute as ever! Aw! I am at that age now where I can’t go trick or treating but still kind of want to… I plan to use my future children for candy purposes, especially when they’re toddlers. I bet Halloween is a lot more fun with little ones.

  12. Stacey M. says

    Absolutely love your outfit in the picture of you and Hunter … might I ask where you got your stylish outfit from?
    P.S. You have an absolutely adorable baby! I just love all of the pics you post …

  13. says

    I would have to say that he is the cutest little green dinosaur!! :) Looks like he had fun with the paint too!
    I dressed up as Lady Gaga for the Halloween party that I went too last weekend! Lots of fun!

  14. says

    He looked SO cute!!! How fun he painted a pumpkin too, lots of mess! So cute!

    Rocco will have more fun next year for halloween, too little still this year! I had to decorate his pumpkin this year, but was still fun!

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