WIAW #103: I <3 Golden Spoon

Where in the world is this week going?!

We are leaving for Arizona tomorrow, and I feel like I still have a bazillion things to do. Ahhhh.

*deep breath*

OK, freak out moment is over. For now.

Let’s talk about food because that always makes me feel better. Sound good?

Peas and Crayons

It’s What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) where I get to showcase everything I shoveled into my mouth yesterday. This is not to compare or judge my (or anyone else’s) food choices, but to give each other ideas and recipes for meals and snacks. It also gives you a little “peek” into an area of my day that I don’t talk about on a daily basis. So there ya go.


This (topped with raspberries). ‘Nuf said.


morning snack

I had an Apple Chunk Protein Muffin topped with peanut butter. If you’re looking for a good breakfast/snack idea, MAKE THESE! They’re so yummy and super easy. Sorry for the blurry photo, but there it is.



One of my good friends and her daughter came over for a little lunch date, so I made us minestrone soup and Cheesy Italian Quick Bread (<—one of my favorites! It’s a great one to pair with soup or chili). I made a massive pot of the soup to heat up for leftovers throughout the week, and it turned out great! I kind of followed this recipe for the soup, but put my own twist on it too.



I was really craving chocolate come mid afternoon, so naturally I had some! I had a handful of chocolate chips along with a spoonful of peanut butter to satisfy me until dinner.



Dinner was Taco Pasta Skillet. Forgot to snap a photo, but it looked pretty much exactly like the photo in the link. This was the first time I’ve made this particular recipe, and if I’m being honest, it was just OK. I would make it again, but I wouldn’t chalk it up to one of my favorite meals.


Dessert was easily the highlight of my day! After Hunter went to bed, I went out with a couple girlfriends to grab some frozen yogurt at one of my all time favorite frozen yogurt places – Golden Spoon! They’re all over California, so I went a ton in college, but just recently discovered they now have one here in Utah – YAY! I got half cupcake and half peanut butter frozen yogurt topped with Reese’s chunks, Butterfinger crumbles, and cookie dough chunks. It was every bit of amazing.


We chatted and laughed the night away, and it was wonderful. So thankful for these girls. <3

We have laundry (lots of it), cleaning the house (I hate coming home from a trip to a dirty house – anyone else?!), packing (ugh), and a haircut for me (yay!) on the agenda for today. Hopefully we’ll fit in a nice walk somewhere in there too – the weather has been so beautiful this week!

Hope you guys have a great day!

What’s your all time favorite frozen yogurt place?

Tell me what your perfect cup of frozen yogurt looks like!

What’s on your agenda for today?

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  1. says

    Getting ready for a trip sure is a lot of work, and I’m sure having a baby makes it even more difficult. Good luck! :-)

    I love frozen yogurt! There’s a new frozen yogurt place that just opened up dangerously close to work. I have to stop myself from going sometimes – so addicting! 😉

  2. says

    Cupcake frozen yogurt, yes please! Good luck getting everything ready for your trip. I feel like my house is always cleanest right before going out of town. I think I take after my mom in that way, but I will agree that it is SO nice to come home to a clean house.

  3. Katie says

    Perfect cup of frozen yogurt….Gingerbread, Snicker -doodle or Pumpkin fro yo topped with whip cream, cookie dough & nuts—> sounds like that will put me in a sugar coma! Ha.. Todays Agenda— Statistics class, Tutor, study for test tomorrow & grocery store!!! P.s. I hate coming home to a dirty house too!!!

  4. says

    I feel like the week is flying by too! It’s nuts.
    Oh, I definitely need to check out those apple chunk protein muffins! They look so tasty.
    I actually don’t like frozen yogurt! I know, it’s an odd thing.
    Good luck with the packing today! It totally is the worst part about going away;)

      • says

        I know! It’s something about the flavour and texture it just feels a little “off” to me haha. I know that doesn’t even make sense at all!
        And I do really like ice-cream just not frozen yogurt! Weird.

  5. says

    Oh goodness, it’s been a while since I had froyo…I should probably change that soon! My favourite place is a local one called Chil – they use organic, real frozen yogurt and they have the biggest topping bar I’ve ever seen! The perfect cup of froyo for me? Hmm…I love salted caramel and white chocolate peppermint froyo, and I’d need chopped Reese’s, mini M&Ms, marshmallows, frosted animal crackers, and sprinkles with some chocolate hazelnut sauce on top 😉

  6. says

    There must have been something in the air, because I got hit with the craziest craving for chocolate yesterday afternoon as well. As for froyo, I haven’t been able to find a place that caters to my nut allergies so I can’t speak to favourites, but if I had my way, then a cup of red velvet and cupcake froyo topped with some kind of chocolate cookie sounds all sorts of wonderful.

    Good luck with your errands today!

  7. says

    Last year at some point we got an Orange Leaf about 10 minutes from our house. BIG problem. I love that place far more than I ever thought. They really need to make smaller containers because, seriously, they’re too big to start with. I mean, you HAVE to fill them, right? LOL 😉

  8. says

    Good luck on getting ready for the trip! There is always so much to do, you’re right, but you’ll get it all done, I am sure!!

    Mmmmmmm that dessert sounds awesome! I don’t think I’ve ever been to Golden spoon. Take me there?!? :)

  9. says

    Mine would be dairy free….peanut butter and caramel topped with bee pollen, dark chocolate chunks, salted peanuts! Heaven in a bowl! Great to see you getting out with your girls during the week!!!

  10. says

    I had Monday off of school this week, so it is definitely flying by for me! I love it! Only 2.5 days ’til the weekend (but who’s counting)?

    Gahh, that froyo looks and sounds amazing. It’s been months since I’ve had froyo (I think) and my life is really starting to feel empty without it ;).

    Good luck getting ready for your AZ trip! So close!

  11. says

    Feeling overwhelmed before a trip – I SO hear you on that. I’m about to move temporarily and I feel like my head is spinning all day. There’s so much to do yet time is racing. Don’t like it at all. I hope things slowed down for you a little by now. I’m sure you’ll have an awesome trip that more than makes up for the stressful days before leaving!
    Wait … cupcake-flavoured frozen yogurt?! Not fair. All we can get is usually plain, at times maybe two or three fruit flavours. Anyway, you made a gooood choice on both the flavours and the toppings.

  12. says

    Those apple muffins have been bookmarked and are ready to be made this weekend. They look so good! In AZ we have a place call Yogurtini which I love! I get a $5 coupon way too often (for spending $50), and they have $4 fill up some days and nights. Yum!

  13. says

    I hope you get all your errands done in time before you leave! I hate that feeling of having lots to do but I find writing lists helps which I know from one of your posts earlier in the week you like too 😉

    Your day of eats looked delicious, that taco pasta skillet sounded especially good.

    Favourite Froyo place is probably one called Snow Bird, think it is an Australian only company. But really my fav part of froyo is all the toppings!

  14. says

    I love froyo, my favorite place around here is Menchies. But I’ve only met 1 fro-yo place I didn’t like. I always put cookie dough, graham cracker crumbs and sprinkles on my fro-yo and then rotate through a number of other toppings! So good:)

  15. says

    A handful of chocolate chips + a spoonful of PB is a favorite quick yummy snack of mine…we’re kindred souls!!
    And dessert is usually the highlight of my day too! LOL I am obsessed with do-it-yourself frozen yogurt places. I like either vanilla or a swirl (I like to keep it simple!) with sno caps, crushed Reese’s pb cups, sprinkles (so underrated ;)) and white chocolate chips!!! YES, I’m a pig! And now I’m craving it :)
    Have a good, safe trip!!

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