Our Thanksgiving Weekend

Whew – it’s hard to believe Thanksgiving has already come and gone! It was such a wonderful weekend in so many ways. I hope you all had a nice (long) holiday weekend!

Our Thanksgiving Day morning began with a fun albeit CHILLY 4 mile Turkey Trot. Our little town hosts a Turkey Trot each year, and many surrounding families come out to support it. It was a whoppin’ 28* F. when we started, so we made sure to bundle up. Because it was so cold, I got to rock my new cold weather running gear I recently received from Under Armour! Normally I hate running in cold weather, but I secretly wished that it’d be chilly so I could sport my new accessories.


Disclaimer: I received a spiffy new bag, running gloves, a cold weather headband, and a cute fleece beanie from Under Armour through my partnership with Fitfluential. All opinions are my own!


I opted for the running gloves and the headband to keep my hands and ears extra warm. I loved the headband. It was cute and kept my ears nice and toasty. I absolutely hate cold ears, so this was huge to me. The gloves worked pretty well, but unfortunately didn’t keep my hands quite as warm as I would’ve liked. My fingers were pretty frozen by about halfway through the race. Just keepin’ it real with y’all.


No, I didn’t just run ten miles – I think I was trying to show off my gloves to you. Smile

I was impressed with how well Hunter did too! We bundled him up in his winter coat and covered him with a cozy blanket in the jogging stroller, and he squealed and laughed the whole way. His second race is in the books! Proud mama right here.


Oh, and we ran into Drew and his wife from Fit2Fat2Fit – remember him? Should’ve snagged a photo, but totally spaced it. They live a couple streets away from us, so it was fun to chat with them for a bit.

After the race, we headed home so Hunter could nap and we could get cleaned up. Then we headed over to one of my girlfriend’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving #1. I met Jessica in our MOPS group just a few short months ago, and it feels like we’ve been friends for years. We immediately “clicked”, and Cody and I were so grateful she invited us over to celebrate Thanksgiving with them.


Jessica’s sister, her mom, and Jess herself!

We spent some time finishing up last minute preparations before it was time to sit down and eat.


Everything was so delicious, and the conversation was even better. It was such a fun afternoon!

After spending a few hours with Jessica and her family, we headed over to Thanksgiving #2 with our other good friends from church, Jake and Sondra and their family. They have been our “adopted Utah parents” since we’ve lived here – they’ve been such a blessing to us!


We ate some more, visited, browsed through Black Friday ads, and watched some more football.


To celebrate Thanksgiving for the first time with this little turkey made it so special!


It was such a wonderful day spent with so many people we love and care about. We missed our family in Arizona, but we are thankful to have friends in our life that were so willing to open their homes to us.

The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxing and nothing too eventful. I attempted some Black Friday shopping Friday afternoon, but it didn’t last long after I saw the lines. I didn’t want anything that bad! We also put up Christmas decorations and the tree! It made it a little more challenging with a baby reaching and grabbing for everything, but it was still a fun time. I love Christmas time!

What did you do for the Thanksgiving holiday?

Did you take advantage of any of the Black Friday deals?

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

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  1. says

    It’s so kind of both families to invite you to celebrate with them. I love that people do those kinds of things. I think it was freezing all over the US on Thanksgiving, it was around 25 here for our Turkey Trot in PA. So cold! I couldn’t feel my toes at first but luckily I could later.

  2. says

    I think we need Turkey Trots here, never really had them! So fun :)
    I did some online Black Friday sales, we are slowly getting more and more sales in Canada on Black Friday too.
    Yup, we decorated last weekend :)

  3. says

    I ran the turkey trot Thanksgiving a.m. too and it was about the same temperature, but windy. Brrrr! Once we started running, we warmed up fairly quickly. We went to my parents’ house for the holiday. It was so much fun and I can’t believe it’s already over!

  4. says

    I love Under Armour workout clothes! Their tops are long, which I love! We did a little black Friday shopping, but nothing spectacular!

  5. Amanda N says

    Glad you guys have found some great friends to share the holiday with when yours is far away! For the past few years we’ve been going to my husbands grandparents and I think this years was the smallest one yet with only 12 people. It was great though! We put up decorations Friday night after our little one was in bed and Saturday we went to the tree farm to cut down the tree and then decorated it that night. Our little one is certainly mesmerized by the lights although we’re lucky that she isn’t mobile this year so the ornaments will be staying on the tree :)

  6. says

    Black Friday seemed like too much of a hassle for me…and I don’t even live in the States. I made the mistake of driving to the mall…then turning right back around once I saw how busy it was.
    SO happy to hear your Thanksgiving was a great one!
    And even more special that it was the first with baby Hunter!

  7. Katie says

    Didn’t take advantage of the black friday deals! However I spent thanksgiving with family & enjoyed time relaxing!

  8. says

    Yayyyy! I’m so happy for you guys that you were blessed with great company even though you’re far form your family! And I looooove Under Armour! They seriously have some of the best gear and they last a lifetime! I’ve been using the same tanks for about 3 years and they’re still good as new. 😀

  9. says

    Sounds like such a great Thanksgiving! We didn’t celebrate up here in Canada, but I -did- bust out the Christmas decorations this weekend, so I’m definitely feeling the holiday spirit :) As for Black Friday, the huge crowds tend to tire me out so I usually just ending up hiding out at home.

  10. says

    Adopted families are the best! We went to my aunt’s house for dinner and then our best friend’s house for dessert and visiting with her family.

    We didn’t go out on Friday, but spent much of Saturday shopping on Amazon. We got probably 75% of our shopping done then and are now up to about 90% after grabbing some gift cards yesterday. We decorated our tree yesterday too!

  11. says

    I hate running in the cold so that cold weather gear would definitely come in handy for me! Looks like a great Thanksgiving for you! So glad you were happily welcomed into two families homes for Thanksgiving! Two times the fun!

  12. Erika says

    I have those same gloves and they are not that warm. They are perfect for like 40-50 degree weather but anything colder than that my hands freeze.

    I put up decorations yesterday. I didn’t really want to yet but my dad offered to come over and haul everything out of the attic for me so I figured I’d better take him up on it. I’m glad it’s done now though.

  13. says

    Good job running the Turkey Trot in the cold! It was 19 degrees in my area Thanksgiving morning and I chose the treadmill over the Turkey Trot I was suppose to do. 19 degrees in the south is illegal!! I did decorate for Xmas yesterday…in the 70 degree weather! How does it change so fast!?

  14. says

    Hunter just looks like the happiest kid! He looks so happy in his running stroller! I think a turkey trot is such a great way to start out thanksgiving! Looks like you have made some wonderful friends in Utah.

  15. says

    No Black Friday shopping this year. We went up to Lake Tahoe that morning and got away from all the crowds.
    Hunter is getting so big, now! So glad to see a happy, healthy baby :)

  16. Nicole says

    Hunter’s hair….. So cute!!! :)

    Good Thanksgiving out west. Crisp and clear in the morning for a 10k Turkey Trot, then watched a ton of football, and ate, ate, ate!! I didn’t brave the stores on Black Friday, but am CyberMonday shopping while at work (sshhhh!! you know nothing about this!!)

    I put up a few small decorations around my condo this weekend and baked a couple batches of cookies. Next weekend, I’ll head over to my Dad’s and put up the tree and decorate. THEN Christmas can begin! Some girlfriends and I are getting together next weekend to drink wine and make those Gingerbread house kits you see in craft stores. We did this last year – and some of our homes looked like they were sitting on the San Andreas. Did I mention we drink wine while we do this??? 😉

    Glad your Thanksgiving was a happy one and filled with so many smiling faces!

  17. says

    You look adorable in your new gear!! You have such a good baby – my kids would never sit in the stroller for 4 miles…in 20degree weather!! It was in the 50s here for our Turkey Trot and I was freezing! lol
    Looks like you had a wonderful holiday! So nice to have friends that are like family :)

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