Bits & Pieces of Ashley: My Love for Scarves

Yesterday was a good day. The sun was shining, Cody had the day off, and we had a great day together just our little family. We hit up Kneaders for lunch, which is always a fabulous idea. Tomato bisque in a sourdough bread bowl with a fudge brownie for dessert = amazing lunch. All three of those things are on my top favorite food list.


Aren’t these two boys just the cutest? I love them.


via Instagram – foodnfitdiaries

Today is our first post in my newest Bits & Pieces of Ashley series, and we’re going to talk about my love for SCARVES! Wahoo! I thought scarves would be a good topic for our first post in this series since it’s scarf season after all.


So scarves … I’m pretty much obsessed! So obsessed that I probably have at least a dozen of them. They’re cute AND practical which is totally my style. I love how they instantly add so much to an outfit. Not to mention they help keep you warm in the cooler months, but that’s basically just a bonus. The cuteness factor is my favorite part about them. Smile

My all time favorite kind of scarf is the infinity scarf (I guess it’s also called a “tube scarf”). It has no beginning or end, so it’s super easy to throw on with no hassles of wrapping or tying.

Infinity scarf shown above!

Don’t get me wrong though, I love good ol’ fashioned regular scarves too! The cool thing about regular scarves is that you can make them into what looks like an infinity scarf. There’s all sorts of cool tutorials on Pinterest, but basically you just loosely wrap the scarf around you and hide the ends behind your scarf – voila!

And of course there’s several other super fun ways to tie scarves other than the “infinity style” too! Just be creative – there’s no “right or wrong” way.

Most are pretty basic, but it helps to switch it up a bit!

via Pinterest

Next, my favorite places to buy scarves…

I love classy and fashionable clothes as much as the next girl, but being on a one income budget means that I can’t afford to go buy hundred dollar scarves. Fortunately, there’s all sorts of places out there that sell cute and affordable scarves these days. Some of my top favorite stores include: Target, H&M, Old Navy, and Gap. Let’s be real, these four stores are some of the only places I shop at for clothes these days. If you have any other store ideas that sell affordable scarves, feel free to share in the comments section below!

Another great thing about scarves is that they come in all different types of fabrics. Some are heavy sweater material that are great for keeping you nice and toasty when it’s cold, and others are more of a lightweight material that are perfect for milder temps. I think one of my favorite parts about living in Utah is having a great excuse to wear a chunky, warm scarf when the weather is freezing.

Sweater infinity scarf shown above! Warmest scarf I own!

You can check out my fashion board on Pinterest to get all sorts of great ideas for adding a scarf to your outfit!

Alrighty, I think that’s enough scarf talk for one day! Next week on Bits & Pieces of Ashley we’ll be talking a little bit about Cody’s and my relationship since having Hunter and how we manage to make time for just the two of us.

I’ll see ya Sunday for my food and fitness plans for the week. Have a great weekend! Smile

Do you like scarves? What’s your favorite kind?

How often do you wear scarves?

Where’s your favorite stores to shop for clothes?

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  1. says

    NEED MORE SCARVES!! i only have one infinity scarf and i know i’ve written plenty of times that i have no fashion sense so i didn’t know how you could make a “regular” scarf look infinity… yes, i’m fashion challenged lol. my grandma makes really pretty scarves so i have several of hers which i will now need to wear infinity style!!

  2. says

    Well, your a girl after my own heart…I’m absolutely obsessed with scarves! My favorite are the infinity ones too! My scarf collection is somewhat out of control at the moment, but I just can’t help myself. I have all sorts of colors and I where one just about everyday!

  3. says

    I wear different types all year round! Great if theres a bit of a chill in summer and for cosying up in winter! They can make an outfit look much more complete! Really do love that green one!

  4. says

    Scarves may just be my favourite fashion accessory ever. Okay, that title might belong to purses, but I do love my scarves 😉 I love wearing light ones in the summer to spruce up a a plain tee, and heavier ones in the winter to… well… stay warm. I love all the stores you mentioned, but I also find a lot of my scarves in small local owned boutique shops.

    Happy Friday, girl!

  5. says

    I have been obsesssed with scarves lately. I always wear them. I am a fan of the infinity scarf because I have no idea how to tie them! I like that infinity all you have to do is wrap it around your neck a few times. I’ve found cute ones at Kohl’s and NY and Company.

  6. says

    You are adorable! I am loving all of your scarf tips and tricks! :) my favorite place to get cute scarves is Charming Charlie’s! There are so many soft and affordable Infiniti scarves available there!

    Ps- I know you liked my Aztec sweater I wore last week so you will have to check out my blog today. The company is offering 20% off the sweater! Oh happy day! :) I immediately thought of you when they offered lol!

  7. says

    I’ve been on the hunt for a nice, basic infinity scarf for WEEKS! I’ve decided that I just can’t do regular scarves–just not my thing (plus I suck at tying them!). :) I’m super picky about fabrics too–if it’s too itchy, that thing’s coming off in minutes, no matter how cute it is.

    P.S. Hunter’s ADORABLE. That hair!!!

  8. Katie says

    Oh I love scarfs and lately I have been wearing them a lot! You look gorgeous in them! I need to get some more infinity ones though. I will randomly pick them up whenever I see one I like…However a lot of ones are gifts from last year :)

  9. says

    I have a few scarves, but most of them are lighter material that are primarily for fashion purposes vs. warmth. Since I live in the south, I don’t really need a lot of warm scarves.

    I rarely wear them these days, however, because Addie always wants to pull them off of me! I’ve found that I really can’t wear any accessories around that little stinker!!

  10. Jodie says

    Sign up for daily email deals on They always have super cute scarves and very affordable prices! I have purchased quite a few for under $10 with shipping! They also have lots of other cute items…leggings, jewelry, etc. Beware though because it can be addicting!:)

  11. Stacey M. says

    Sadly, I don’t wear scarves that often … OK, really only if I need to keep warm. I would love to wear them more often, as an accessory, but with my larger … ahem … chest, I just feel like I’m bringing even more attention to the area … if you know what I mean. I do really like the cable-knit infinity scarves … I may just have to try one sometime and see what it looks like with an outfit I love.

  12. Stacey M. says

    Sorry for the additional comment, but I just wanted to ask where you’ve found longer sweaters/tops to go with your leggings … I’m about as tall as you (5’8″) and have trouble finding LONG sweaters to pair with leggings.

    • Ashley says

      I actually ended up finding some longer camisoles at H&M that I wear under sweaters and tops – they work great! I plan to do a post re: leggings in this series in the next few weeks, so I’ll talk more about it then!

  13. says

    I love infinity scarves too! If it’s not an infinity, I really like chunky knit scarves. I work at Gymboree and this sweet older woman came in asking if we had any “eternity scarves” for children. It took a lot for me not to giggle but I kindly told her no (we all make mistakes haha!). I started calling them eternity scarves ever since.

  14. Jill w. says

    World Market has such cute scarves and pashminas. I’m obsessed! They had a BOGO deal on scarves during Black Friday and I stocked up!! Definitely check them out!! :)

    • Ashley says

      I feel like I’ve been seeing them all over! I know for sure H&M has some. Cute boutiques seem to always have them too.

  15. ErikaMC says

    I like scarves and I always like how they look on other people but I just don’t feel like they look good on me – like I don’t know how to wear them or something. I’m probably wrong and being silly and just need to practice more. For never wearing them I actually have 4!

  16. says

    I wear a scarf everyday, haha but usually more for warmth reasons! I’m DYING to try out some infinity scarves, crossing my fingers that I got one for Christmas! I got my mom one as her gift – she always has such a problem tying her scarves and asks me for help so I thought this would be the perfect gift.

  17. Taylor says

    Ok so is Hunter the cutest kid or what? Adorable! I love scarves as well! Instantly can change an outfit! Forever 21 might be a good plac to look. Online or in store:) happy Friday!

  18. Amanda N says

    I hated scarves for the longest time but started wearing them in college for the warmth and then started wearing them for fashion as well. I need to learn new ways to tie them though because sometimes the scarves are so long and it doesn’t look good on my short little body!

  19. says

    One of the saddest things about living in California is that it is hardly ever cold enough to wear a scarf. When we are back in Boston for Christmas I will be wearing one EVERYDAY! :) I love the infinity scarf too because it is so easy – but tying a normal scarf in the loop-and-through style is perfect for when you’re wearing a v-necked peacoat!

  20. says

    Yes, I absolutely love scarves! They aren’t needed for warmth much in the deep south, but they are prefect for accessorizing! I actually make alot of my scarves! It takes me about 6-8 hours total (I never work on it for more than 20-30 min at a time) and costs about $2-4/scarf. The possibilities are endless once you start making them!

  21. says

    I’m so not cool enough to wear scarves haha. I’m like the worst dressed girl ever. I need a life lesson of how to look classy. Totally going to bookmark that how to for scarves above though…just incase 😉

  22. jana says

    I love scarfs and me my own Infinity scarfs I can do any color or color combo which is great if anyone is Interested let me know

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