A Christmas Party, The Mall, & Christmas Lights

It was just about the perfect weekend over here.

Hunter and I went with Sondra (aka my “adopted Utah mom” Smile) on Friday afternoon to an event at the nearby expo center – The Dickens Christmas Festival. Everyone was dressed up, and there were tons of tents with good food, adorable clothes and accessories, home décor, you name it. Utah has so many fun holiday festivities this time of year – I love it!


Friday evening we had a Christmas party with our church’s small group – lots of good food, laughs, conversation, and a white elephant gift exchange. We had a blast! Cody and I feel so blessed to have this group of people in our lives.

I got up Saturday morning to go to my usual Power Pump Class, but unfortunately it was packed by the time I got there. I was running a few minutes late and because it’s a pretty popular class, I figured that may happen. I ended up doing an elliptical workout and called it good. I could’ve done my own weights workout of course, but zoning out on the elliptical sounded pretty nice so I went for it.

The rest of the day was just so perfect. Cody, Hunter, and I spent the day together and had so much fun.


After Hunter’s morning nap, we headed out to the mall to walk around, check out the sales, and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Yes, I’m one of the weird ones that actually enjoys that. Smile I don’t love the traffic and lines, but it’s so fun to see people out and about shopping for others. I rarely go to the mall anymore, so it was a fun treat. We scored some shoes for Cody that were on mega sale too, so that was a bonus! Of course we stopped for an obligatory cookie break too. Mrs. Field’s Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie = perfection.


We went home for Hunter’s afternoon nap, and then when he woke up we went to Texas Roadhouse for an early dinner. We’ve had a gift card there for ages, so we decided to finally put it to use. I went with the BBQ shredded pork, a baked sweet potato, and a side salad. Yummm. I <3 barbecue.


We ended the evening with some Christmas lights! One of my very favorite things to do around the holidays is to drive around and look at Christmas lights. We saw a few pretty incredible displays too!


Sunday was a super low key day that consisted of staying in our PJ’s until about 11 AM, quickly hitting up Old Navy since they were having a massive sale, and hanging out at home for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, Hunter woke up to snot all over his face and a little cough (lovely, right?), so we decided to forego church and call it a lazy day at home. We were sad to miss church, but it was pretty nice to just lounge and hang out together all day. I rarely cook dinner on Sundays because we usually have a big lunch and/or end up eating leftovers, but I was in the cooking mood last night so I busted out some Lazy Lasagna. It was so good – one of our new faves!


It sure was a fun, family filled weekend! Now just hoping that Hunter will knock this cold quick!

Have a great Monday!

Have you been to many Christmas parties yet this year?

How often do you go to the mall?

Do you like barbecue?

What are some of your favorite things to do around the holidays?

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  1. amelia says

    I love BBQ, especially here in the south! I hardly ever go to the mall, but only because I don’t shop at many of the stores. We have gone to one Christmas party / oyster roast and it was a blast despite the pouring rain! Thank God for tents!!
    Sorry about your pump class. That stinks, but at least it didn’t ruin your day and you got in a good workout. :) Happy week before Christmas!

  2. says

    You look so pretty in the B/W picture of you and Hunter. I’m sorry Hunter is sick. If you have any eucalyptus oil, meld some on the stove or put it in the humidifier or just give him some whiffs of it. There is also a line of herbs called Wish Garden that has pediatric herbal tinctures that help a lot. We use them. I hope he kicks it soon too.

  3. says

    Sounds like a great weekend! Aside from yesterday when we laid in our pjs all day watching football & Christmas movies, ours was busy. Friday I took my last undergrad final, signed up for another class, and had my husband’s annual military ball downtown. Saturday morning we were up at 5 to go to my graduation. I wasn’t going to walk (I’m 27 so kinda felt dumb), but my husband insisted, haha. The rest of the day was spent going for brunch, finishing Christmas shopping, and cocktails to celebrate!

  4. says

    I hope Hunter feels better! And you are crazy, liking the crowds ;) Lol
    I have been to three all for my work, our staff one, a potluck lunch and open house. Wednesday is my husbands, and our first date night since Avery was born :)
    Sometimes I go months without going to the mall other times I go a couple times a month. Just depends! However the more I go the more I spend ;)

  5. says

    I love the holiday hustle and bustle too! I had two holiday parties this weekend and it was so fun – I love the celebrations! Also – that lasagna looks delicious and I thought that picture of you and Hunter on istagram was just the cutest thing ever! He looks adorable and you look so happy!

  6. says

    One of my favorite things to do is drive around and look at lights as well! We hav plans to do that on Wednesday. We have Texas Roadhouses in Texas everywhere, but I didn’t realize they were all over! I really thought it was just a Texas thing, isn’t their honey butter the best? mmm

  7. says

    That lazy lasagna looks amazing! I’m going to have to try that one of these days. I love BBQ too, do you ever make pulled pork in your slow cooker? I do it on a semi-frequent basis and its super easy and so good. Pork shoulder + 1 cup root beer (full sugar kind) + slow cooker on low for 8 hours = amazing dinner.

  8. says

    Sounds like such an amazing weekend! And that picture of you and Hunter wrapped up in that scarf? My heart is melted <3

    I love driving around to look at the light displays that people put out around this time of the year. There's this one street in my city called Candy Cane Lane, and pretty much every.single.house puts up an amazing display. I'm pretty sure that's actually one of the requirements of buying a home in that area — that you have to decorate it for Christmas. The traffic is usually insane, but it's such an awesome way to get into the Christmas spirit.

  9. Amanda N says

    Went to a Christmas party yesterday and my little one got to sit on Santa’s lap or rather, sleep on his lap. Made for cute photos! Other than getting together on Christmas Eve/Day with our families that’ was the only holiday party we have this year. For some reason I never tried BBQ pulled pork until college and I’m so happy I did because I love it! I rarely go to the mall, I prefer to shop elsewhere.

  10. Katie says

    Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! Drake is pretty snotty too lately, I’m assuming it’s because he’s popping some teeth in. & He HATES getting his wiped. The joys of motherhood right? I haven’t been to many christmas parties this year, our family/friends don’t live too close to us :( but we have been eating delicious holiday meals just the 3 of us! I don’t go to the mall too often since it’s not the greatest but I LOVE shopping! Favorite holiday things… the Music, gingerbread & family time!! :)

  11. says

    I need to check out the recipe for the Lazy Lasagna, it looks good!!

    Driving around looking at Christmas lights is my all time favorite Christmas tradition. There is something about it that feels so magical and makes me feel like a kid again.

  12. says

    Texas Roadhouse is awesome!! I LOVE their rolls. They are seriously the best ever. And yes, even though I eat mostly vegan, I am definitely a fan of bbq. I make bbq tofu and tempeh frequently. I’m pretty sure I love bbq sauce so much that I could just drink it out of the bottle too ;).

  13. says

    I WISH we had a good mall near us, so to answer your question, hardly ever!! There is a decent one by my school, but I rarely ever went because I had studying to do instead. Love lazy weekends!

  14. says

    I’m not a big mall person, I have trouble just walking around without having a specific purpose in mind (or trying to find something but not sure where) I only really go if I know where and what I’m looking for – otherwise I steer clear

  15. says

    Wow–what a fun filled weekend! Hope Hunter feels better quick–use that BReathe!

    I don’t love the mall, I much prefer hitting various stores one by one when I need something or shopping online (my fave!!)

  16. says

    I love Mrs. Field’s cookies! I’m not much of a mall shopper, but when I go, I can hit the stores that I need to and shop like a pro!

    We’ve already attended two Christmas parties, thrown one, and have another one this weekend. We love looking at all of the Christmas lights on our way home from Christmas Eve mass! A few even have the station you can tune in to so you can listen to the music that goes with the light display. Those are hard core decorators! :-)

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