Bits & Pieces of Ashley: Leggings

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a Bits & Pieces of Ashley post. With the craziness of the holidays, it kept getting pushed to the side, but I’m finally here with another post to add to the series!


Initially, I was planning on writing about how Cody and I have managed to keep our marriage  strong while having a baby as part of our family now. But, I decided to put that on hold since I’ve had so many questions and requests to post about all things LEGGINGS! So, if fashion isn’t your thing, I apologize for the fashion heavy posts in this series so far. Next week, we’ll mix things up!

I’ve talked about my love for leggings this season. Let’s be real, I’ve always loved the idea of leggings, but I never really figured out how to wear them until this year. They are just so comfortable, cute, and versatile – what’s not to love about them?!

I have a couple of black pairs, a couple of gray pairs (different styles), a brown pair, and a patterned pair. The patterned pair is fun, but to be completely honest, I’m still trying to get used to them. They’re kind of “loud” for me, so they are taking some getting used to on my part. But they are super fun to mix things up and add some funky flair to your outfits. So, those of you that are a little wishy-washy on the patterned leggings thing, I totally get it. But that’s not to say you can’t enjoy some solid black or gray leggings!


WHERE to find leggings…

They really seem to be all over the place these days since they’re pretty “in” this season. I’ve seen them at Old Navy, Gap, H&M, Forever 21, Kohl’s, Target, Nordstrom, and random clothing boutiques.

My all time favorite leggings are these Calvin Klein dark gray leggings. They are thick, soft, and have raised seams on them that make them a little more unique than your average pair of leggings.


I also love H&M’s leggings – they’re just your basic black leggings, but they’re cheap (10 bucks!), soft, and fit me well.

I found my patterned leggings (shown above) at Forever 21, but I’ve also seen them at H&M, Target and clothing boutiques.

WHAT to wear with leggings…

My number one rule with leggings is to make sure I have my booty covered. This is just my personal preference and something that makes me feel a heck of a lot more confident in leggings. My problem with this rule is my long torso and Dutch rear-end. Needless to say, it’s been a little more challenging for me to find tops that work with leggings. But, I’ve finally found a few secrets.

1) Maternity sweaters/tops. I know, kinda weird, right? But hear me out. The above cream sweater I’m wearing with the patterned leggings is a Liz Lange Maternity sweater I got from Target back when I was pregnant, and it works amazing with leggings! Not ALL maternity tops and sweaters will work for this. For example, most of the maternity tops with the roushing on the sides won’t work – they would just look silly. But the ones that are made for your 1st/2nd trimester are perfect because they’re made to be longer without all the weird extra material, which are perfect to cover your rear while not looking like a maternity sweater.

2) Basic camisoles/tanks from H&M. I specify H&M because they’re the only place I’ve found with camisoles that are specifically made to be super long. I wear them under regular length sweaters and tops, and they work perfectly to cover everything.

3) Long cardigan sweaters. I’ve seen these all over the place this season, and they are super cute with leggings. Most of them are long enough too.

Here I am wearing a long cardigan sweater with leggings!

4) Short dresses or tunics. I don’t know about you, but I have a few dresses that I finally  realized were just a tad too short for me. They work perfectly with leggings! Tunics are another option that go great with leggings. Sometimes they’re a little more challenging to find, but they’re out there!

HOW to wear leggings…

I love to dress up leggings with some boots, a nice cardigan sweater, and a pretty scarf. It’s so comfortable, easy, and cute to boot!

I also love to dress down leggings with a long tank underneath a hoodie sweatshirt or a casual sweater when I’m home with Hunter and don’t have any major plans for the day. I feel a little more put together and attractive than wearing baggy sweatpants or pajama pants.


Another one of my favorite “cute & casual” ways to wear leggings is a regular long sleeve tee with a long tank underneath paired with a scarf and flats or TOMS.


So there ya have it – WHERE I buy leggings, WHAT I wear with leggings, & HOW I wear leggings! I hope it helps you out, and maybe you’ll fall in love with leggings like I have. Winking smile

Hope your Friday is a great one!

P.S. Hunter is currently in 4th place in the photo contest. We need more votes, as it ends in just a few days. Even if you already voted, you can vote again – one vote per day. Annoying, but we’d love your support! So please GO VOTE!

Do you ever wear leggings? If so, what’s your favorite way to wear them?

What’s one of your “must have” clothing items?

Where do you typically buy your clothes?

What are you up to this weekend?!

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  1. says

    Amen! I basically live in yoga pants (which is likely the clothing I could never ever live without) or leggins. What I love is that leggins makes business casual so effortless and comfortable! :) I also love the freedom I feel within the legging. Being a lover of yoga, I really value the ability to just do a quick 5-10 min flow sequence mid-day if I am feeling ‘tight’. Having to change out of my clothes into more flow friendly attire is kind of a mood kill! I love leggins. I think my favorite place to get leggins (or most clothes in general) is Old Navy! :)
    Awesome post Ash!

  2. says

    I wear leggings to work every day in the winter. I wear them under dresses, short tunics, or long sweaters. I’m an elementary school teacher so it’s okay if I look a *little* casual sometimes. But most of the time I wear them with very nice dresses and boots. :)

  3. says

    i LOVE leggings!!! leggings are how i’ve bought no maternity pants yet haha i really really really like patterned leggings, but have yet to find some i love on me! every time i try them on, they are so not flattering! and i realize only a little will show (after a long sweater and tall boots) but i dunno, i haven’t found any i love yet! i want to!!

  4. says

    The first 4-5 weeks after having A I lived in leggings, sadly they were all black, but since my jeans were a tad tight and were uncomfortable with my incision leggings were my go to so I could feel better than wearing sweats all day 😉
    LOVE the long tank and sweater idea. Never thought of it, but it looks really cute, like you I like my bum covered but longer sweaters can be hard to find.
    My must have is black tanks, I wear them under so much! That and cardigans right now, so easy to nurse baby in them.
    I buy lots at Old Navy and RW&Co, some at H&M and Target.

  5. says

    I love leggings, too!! I do however think the booty and front must be covered at all times for the look to work. As much as I love them, they are NOT to be worn the same as regular pants….some people have not figured this out yet! My fave is to wear them with long cardigans and oversized sweaters.

  6. says

    I love wearing leggings and ever since I was pregnant, I sometimes do still wear maternity shirts because of their length! I’m glad to know someone else does that too!

  7. says

    Leggings are the love of my life, but I’m definitely with you on -needing- to have my booty covered when I’m wearing them… and nice boots and a cute scarf make a world of difference when you’re wanting to dress them up. I’ve actually recently really fallen in love with jeggings too… they’re pretty much just as comfy as leggings, but you don’t have to worry about keeping the booty covered quite as much.

    Happy Friday, Ashley! Going to vote for Hunter right… now 😉

  8. says

    I love wearing leggings! I usually wear thick, black ones (I’ve never tried the patterned ones!) with a long, tunic-type shirt. They’re some of my favorite outfits because they’re comfy, stylish, and can be dressed up or down. I love the outfit you wore for New Year’s!

  9. Stacey M. says

    Loved this post … thanks for writing and sharing it with us!

    I’m somewhat new to the “leggings bandwagon”. I have two pairs of leggings, both of which are basic black. I have a couple of sweaters I can wear them with, but it’s difficult to find anything long enough to wear them with. I will have to look around for some longer cardigans because I love that look. I’m not sure about patterned leggings just yet – I would have to find a pair I absolutely love before wearing them and even then, I would probably only wear them around the house.

  10. says

    Charlotte Ruse and Rue 21 have an amazing selection of leggings for between $9-$15 a pair!! I’m so obsessed with leggings… currently hunting down one with tribal print! :) It’s basically like wearing pajama pants all day but you actually look cute! Ha!

  11. Katie says

    Oh I LOVE leggings! So comfy & like you said you feel a bit more “put together” than the sweat pant thing, even though I have been at home living in those lately. Must have clothing item…Leggings in the winter & capris leggings in the summer. I typically buy my clothes at TJ MAXX, Buckle & Gap (only when it’s super sale time 😉 Plans for the weekend…Probably just relax and catch up on projects I’ve wanted to do for the past few weeks…It’s supposed to be “dangerously” cold here (like shutting down schools) so I have a feeling we will be stuck inside since the second Drake gets some cold air around him he isn’t a happy camper 😉 Takes after his mama haha

  12. says

    Leggings are great especially when I am feeling a bit lazy and jeans just aren’t cutt’n it! I agree, your top should cover your booty. I see too many people wearing leggings with a crop top. No thanks! Maybe that is just my personal opinion! Target has great leggings. I need to check out H&M!

  13. says

    Leggings are such a great staple. I love how versitle they are to style and all of the fun colors and patterns. My favorite way to wear them is with my denim shirt, a statement necklace and tall boots. Pulled together, yet cozy!

  14. says

    This is such a great post! I have so many pairs of black leggings (as I found out when I cleaned the drawers out for my end of year clean, oops!), and I often wear them for work with a dress or tunic, even in summer! As I’m a teacher, I have to look fairly smart, but I need to be comfortable too. Now, I’m going to try the long sweater over leggings for weekends! I also have an oversized shirt that looks great over leggings too.

  15. says

    Hi Ashley! I just recently found your blog. Love your leggings post! I love to wear leggings as well and as you said I feel it is a must for my booty to be covered! :) Hope you are having a great weekend! Me and my hubby are spending the day repainting our girls bathroom. :)

  16. says

    A maternity shirt is such a good idea!!! Here’s a new look I have fallen in love with….a very ruffly slip pulled up higher than your waist topped with a “regular” length shirt. The slip adds a lot of flair and covers the booty!

  17. says

    I’ve recently become obsessed with leggings as well! I’ve bought my fair share of leggings and found that I prefer the really thick ones. For some extra options, I like the ones from Zara that almost feel like pants, and the Zella Live-In leggings from Nordstrom that double as workout leggings!

  18. says

    I need to cover the booty when I wear leggings, too!!! I actually wore some lulu ones today with this long a-line style shirt I have (and actually got away with wearing it when I was pregnant!). I totally want more long tops, so I can wear more leggings. First world problems at its finest lol

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