01/09/13: Thursday Thoughts


1. I probably should’ve bit my tongue earlier this week when I was bragging about how perfect our weather was. Three storms are in the forecast for the rest of this week. One already came through, and two more are expected to hit. Fun times.

2. So, we’re back to talking about blenders again… I didn’t end up getting one for Christmas, so now I need to buy one myself, especially before warmer weather hits. I’m not sure I can endure another summer with my Magic Bullet. I know you guys are all going to tell me “how great of an investment the Blendtec/Vitamix/Ninja” is, but sorry, I just can’t dish that much money on that (or anything) at the moment. Does anyone have an experience with a decent blender that is like $30-$50?!

3. Ugh, being an adult sucks sometimes. Fit hits the shan all at once, ya know what I’m sayin’?! Why do car problems on both of our vehicles have to pop up at the SAME time?? Right after Christmas of course… Just stressful.

4. Staring and smiling at this cute face makes folding laundry a billion times better.


5. Very interesting article re: fertility! It’s worth a read!

6. I made this chicken for dinner last night. It was a WINNER! It’s husband approved, and I have a good feeling it’d be kid approved too.

7. A few people have informed me that I’ve been having some inappropriate ads showing here on the blog recently. First up, I want to apologize for that! I had no idea such thing was being displayed. Secondly, I think I resolved the issue, but if you’re still seeing any ads that are inappropriate, please let me know!

8. Life lesson #1,836 that I’m continually learning…

comparison is the thief of joy

9. Busy, busy day ahead. Lots of driving. Lots of snow. I’m scared.

So, any recommendations on affordable blenders?

What’s a really good recipe you’ve tried out lately?

What is one of the biggest life lessons you’ve learned?

Do you hate driving in the snow?

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  1. says

    I’ve gotten a blender from Walmart before.. Hamilton Beach.. it’s cheap and always worked for me for smoothies! I can’t afford the expensive kind so it does the trick. Hope you are safe out there on the roads today!

  2. says

    we are on our FOURTH snow day over here – just madness!!!!! i’d definitely check out bed bath and beyond for blenders… 20% off coupons, baby! haha plus they’re SO good about returns if you’re unhappy for any reason!!

  3. says

    I made funfetti blondes on Tuesday (basically doughy funfetti cake!) If you type it into pinterest there are thousands of options. It’s best served with a little frosting on top and milk :-) We don’t really get snow in Houston… and if we do NO ONE drives anywhere.

  4. Reid says

    I use my cusinart blender from bed bath and beyond every morning to make green smoothies. They are about $70. It obviously is not as quick as a vitamix but it blends my frozen fruits, spinach, yogurt and milk smoothies up in about 3 minutes. I have to stir it once the frozen fruit has broken down but I love it!

  5. says

    I have the Ninja Master Prep and it was about $50, maybe $60 so not bad at all! I can’t swing one of the more expensive blenders either. I highly recommend it though as it makes perfect smoothies and also does a great job at chopping other foods, too. Both Target and Walmart sell it.

    • Ashley says

      So I just looked up the Ninja Master Prep… How big is the container part? I saw a review of someone comparing it to the Magic Bullet too – would you agree?

      • says

        Mine has two different size containers. The largest is big enough to hold about 4 full size smoothies so pretty big! The blades are similar to that of a bullet but SO much better!! That’s what I had before and my Ninja is so much better! I purée tomatoes in it, make salad dressing, frozen drinks, and I really live how it crushes ice. Oh, and it makes homemade nut butter in no time flat!! Just my opinion but I am a big fan!

  6. says

    you are not the only one with weird ads, I have seen it on a few other blogs lately and had no idea why it was doing it. I still have an old school low key blender, one day I will get a fancy one

  7. Alyssa says

    It is too bad you arent in Canada- Canadian tire has a nice Ninja blender on sale for $50 this week…regular $100. I did check amazon though, and there is a Ninja master for $40 on there site. I have never tried it but the reviews look pretty good. I hope you find the one you are looking for….i know trying to find a decent one with a reasonable price tag is hard! Have a great day!

  8. says

    It’s not $30-50 BUT the Blendtec blender I got for Christmas is a refurbished one so it was half the price of the regular one! Definitely still an investment, but MUCH easier on the wallet.

    And I agree with Lindsay…now I want to know what the inappropriate ads were 😉

  9. says

    Hang in there girl! I think the first of the year is always tough on everyone. I saw a segment on post-holiday blues today and I think it is very true! And yes, things always seem to need fixed right after you shell out money on Christmas gifts. We just had to fixour ice maker for $350. Yes, $350 for ice.. Not fun ha!

  10. Hayley says

    I have an Oyster Blender that I got from Target and it was about $30- it works perfectly! It’s nothing fancy, but it blends smoothies, milkshakes, etc. Hope this helps!

  11. Mia says

    Cuisinart makes an immersion blender ( smart stick) with a bonus food processor attachment. Honestly when I don’t feel like dirtying the vitamix, I use it to blend up my smoothies and it works PERFECTLY. I just add all of my ingredients to my glass, immerse my blender and hit the button and blend. It can also be used for soups, etc. the bonus whisk and food processor attachment is super handy too. My husband bought mine at Costco for $29 for Christmas.

    FYI, it makes my smoothies the consistency and smoothness of a Wendy’s frosty, if that helps at all. :)

  12. Tori L says

    I love that quote from teddy roosevelt! I actually just went to a wedding where they had us fill out postcards for marriage encouragement, date ideas, & whatnot; and I put that quote on there for them to never compare their marriage to others : ) Oh, and I have the hamilton beach blender which has always worked well for me for the price it is!

  13. Paige Callahan says

    I got a magic bullet for my birthday/black Friday and love love love it! It is on the smaller side but blends great. The bigger version is the nutribllet which my “second family” at school have and is also great! It is a little more expensive $89-$99 depending on where you buy it but again blends great! And isn’t too big

  14. Amanda N says

    I’m not help with blenders, we have a kitchen aid one and a cuisinart one (that is also a food processor) but they rarely get used and were both gifts. Also have an immersion blender I use for sauces and soups, I’ve used it for smoothies too and it does the job (I think its a cuisinart as well). I despise driving in the snow, especially at night, and especially with my little one just because I get so nervous something will happen! I’ve had my fair chair of incidents in the snow but luckily all have been injury free.

  15. says

    I just tried a super easy and delicious slow cooker recipe over the weekend. I just reviewed it on the blog yesterday. So yummy!

    OMG…I hate driving in the snow! It’s the worst and I really don’t have a good vehicle for it. It scares me to death, which in the grand scheme of things, only makes it worse.

  16. says

    I don’t mind driving in the snow as long as I don’t have to deal with traffic — so basically either really, really early, or really, really late. You would think that, living in Canada, people would be used to the snow… but apparently not if you go by how BADLY they start driving when it falls. Ack. Just thinking about it makes me all sorts of ragey. MOVING ON.

    I really need to get better at trying new recipes, especially for meals. I got Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook for Christmas, and the only things I’ve been whipping up lately have been granola bars and pancakes 😆

  17. says

    I totally hate it when you ask for something for Christmas and don’t get it (I also don’t like it when you only ask for the one thing from everybody, told them you don’t want anything else, and you still don’t get it… I’m not complaining am I?? 😉 )

    That fertility page I completely agree with. I have known so many friends, colleagues that have gone through fertility issues and/or IVF those kinds of things and I agree it has to do with our lifestyle and our diet. There just shouldn’t be that many 18-25 years olds having fertility issues.

    • Ashley says

      Haha. It’s OK, I got plenty of other really, really nice things that I also wanted, so I’m not complaining! :)

  18. Stacey says

    This is the Ninja I have:
    It’s has 3 containers and we use them all the time. Making salsa in the large one, chopping dates, almonds, veggies, frozen fruit for smoothies, etc in the smaller two. They also have the lids incase you make too much and want to store for the next day. The blades easily come out and everything’s dishwasher safe.

    • Ashley says

      I heard positive things about this specific Ninja model from another reader too! Thanks for sharing your experience – I will look into this one!

  19. Meredith says

    I just got the Magic Bullet after having an Oster and I’m loving it. My only complaint (well, really more of a personal preference) is that I’d rather have the bigger containers than the small ones since I’ve really only used the large travel mug and “blender sized” container. I bought mine at Costco for $45, which I thought was a great deal since the Oster was somewhere between $30 and $40. Also, must mention… the containers of the Bullet are plastic – SO much easier and quicker to clean! I hated cleaning out the heavy, bulky (and breakable!) glass blenders so much that I wouldn’t want to make my smoothies or use it on regular basis. I don’t think the Bullet is the strongest since doesn’t handle frozen blueberries very well, but I just put them (in the container) in the microwave for 10 seconds or so just so they’re not hard as marbles and then it whirls them up just fine.

    • Ashley says

      I didn’t mind the Magic Bullet while I was in college all by myself, but now that I’m wanting to make smoothies for our whole family, it doesn’t do what I need it to do. The containers aren’t big enough (even the biggest ones), and the more stuff I put in there, the worse it blends everything. Plus, the parts of the plastic containers keep breaking, and I’m just kind of fed up with it. I’m really glad you’re enjoying it though.

      • Meredith says

        My blender needs are pretty basic, mostly limited to making smoothies for just me or 2 at the most if my husband wants one too, but I completely understand how it wouldn’t fit your needs. I also wish the containers were bigger! Mine’s still new and while I haven’t had anything break yet, I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t last me at least a year. Thanks for the heads up. When I would make black bean brownies in the Oster, I used to have to frequently stir or the beans would just sit in the blender whole while the machine was on, but wouldn’t actually blend. Haven’t tried it in the Bullet yet. I’m forever on a quest to find a blender/processor that’s light, easy to clean, and can handle more than just soups. Good luck!

  20. says

    I got a Kitchenaid blender as a wedding gift and it works for me. My MIL just got a Blendtec so I’m interested in trying it… but I definitely couldn’t purchase one. The words BUDGET keep playing loudly in my ears for some reason. Oh, yeah, that’s just my husband… 😉

  21. says

    Ughhh car problems are the worst!!!!!! I feel for you big time on that.

    And I hate pretty much everything about snow, especially driving in it. :) Except for a little Christmas snow–that’s ok. But once January hits, I’m over it!

  22. says

    Yahhh these storms are fun. Not 😉 Good luck driving! Praying that all goes well. And same with your cars. I swear when it rains it storms….but on the bright side, there is always a rainbow & sunshine afterwards (Cheesy but true)

    also, for the blender, I’d totally look into a refurbed blendtec or find one on ksl. It is just worth it to shell out a bit more than 50 to get a really good one that will last & you don’t’ have to keep replacing. just my thoughts 😉 xo

  23. Susanna S. says

    I have a Hamilton Beach (the Wave Power Plus) I got a 3-4 years ago & it was only around $40! I’ve used it at least once a week, and about every day in the spring/summer and have had no problems :)

  24. Katie says

    I HATE driving in the snow, I’m like a grandma haha I always make Josh drive when we are together if the roads are even questionable & that whole vehicle issue.. I hear you! Someone hit Josh’s side of his car yesterday & just left without saying anything & now the jeep won’t go into reverse! Today is a busy day around here, I have eaten a half bar of chocolate already haha Biggest life lesson- “something you are taking for granted, someone is praying for”

  25. Kristin M says

    I had a Ninja for a few years. It worked great! It was from QVC….I would for sure check out QVC’s websites for blenders. They usually have some really great deals/sales and the shipping costs aren’t usually too bad. Good Luck!

  26. Nicole says

    I have a Kitchen Aid blender that I got at Costco….it has 6 speeds and it cost only about $40.
    My BF and I have loved making “Taco Salads” for dinner. Basically, brown some ground turkey, add taco seasoning as it’s finishing browning and put it on a bed of whatever lettuces you have around….feel free to add salsa, guacamole, sour cream, spicy ranch dressing, etc.
    No snow in Southern California….we’ve been disgustingly/unseasonably HOT. Wish we would get some rain!
    Your comparison quote….so true….and so hard not to do! We’re very often taught to gauge our performance against others rather than being content in what we have or what we can do.
    P.S. Mr. Smiles is a crack-up! Love that face. :)

  27. says

    I received a Ninja for Christmas but it was a smaller version. I saw it at Walmart the other day and it was only $40.00. It works kind of like the bullet where you have a button to pulse the blades but it has the super sharp blades the regular Ninja has. I like it a lot!
    Also loved the article! Definitely eye opening!

  28. says

    My husband and I got a blender at Walmart for like $25 and it worked awesome. I think you could get a cheap, but good one! Omg we are dealing with car troubles too…I just keep praying my husband’s car will live a few more months (or years if I’m wishing here!)

  29. says

    I had a cheap Walmart blender in college that worked pretty well. I think it was an Oster? At times we had to stop it and stick a fork down to the bottom because chunks of food would get stuck in the bottom, but it did the trick for a couple years! Wish I had a better suggestion! We feel you with the car troubles. My husband pulled out of the driveway the other day (in my car) and found that the gears wouldn’t stick and he almost got stuck in the road. Praise the Lord it happened right outside our house and not halfway to work! So we are stuck with one car until we can budget in some car repairs – such is life :(

  30. Nicole says

    I have a Cuisinart blender and really like it. I don’t know the exact model, but like others have said, it cost around $60-$70. I’ve made so many smoothies with it and love them. They are always well blended in just a few seconds. Bed, Bath, and Beyond always has 20% off too, so it’ll probably be even cheaper.

    PS- my husband had a magic bullet before we got married and then we got the Cuisinart as a wedding gift. He was like “holy, cow this is so much better!” :)

  31. says

    mmmmm, that chicken looks so good! I love Ritz crackers and the idea of using them to coat chicken is genius! Also, thank you so much for the article on fertility. I just read it and a few of her other posts about the pill, and now I’m determined to do some more research and find out if its really the best thing for me, my body, and my future babies!

  32. says

    “Comparison is the thief of joy” is one of my favorite quotes! One of the life lessons I have learned to embrace is “bloom where planted”. I believe God places us in certain relationships/situations/families/lives for a reason and we should yearn to grow and live out our purpose where ever we find ourselves.
    Hunter is so adorable, I can’t handle that smile! :)

  33. KIM says

    I purchashed the Blendtec and its fabulous. Prior I was using the Cuisinart Immersion Blender and it worked well, but at the time I didn’t use spinach or kale in mine. I have an almost new Kitchen Aid Mixer (white) I’d be glad to send you. It work wonderfully on everything including smoothies. We just opted for the Blendtec. If interested in the mixer, drop me an email.

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