I Just Feel Like Talking to You

I was going to do one of my “Bits & Pieces of Ashley” posts, but I really just feel like talking your ear off right now so we’re going to do that instead. Sorry if that disappoints you, but I just feel like I have a lot of random things I want to tell you.

Can we first just talk about how crazy this baby’s hair is getting?! Ahhh, he makes me smile. Not sure what I did before him.


So, TGIF, yes?! The last couple days have been just a little crazier than I would’ve liked. I was talking to Cody on the phone when he was driving home from work on Wednesday evening, and he suddenly said, “Uh, Ash, the car is shutting down on me, I need to go.”

Cue: Ashley starts freaking out.

Thankfully, he got home safe, but my stress didn’t end there. Then I started worrying about what was wrong with the car, how much it was going to cost, how we were going to get it to the mechanic, and how Cody and I were going to get to work and make our appointments with one vehicle for the next couple days.

Long story short… We got the car to the mechanic, it was covered under warranty, and we figured out how to get to where we needed to be. God is good. Seriously. It was a slightly stressful day, but we survived, and that’s what counts.

Can I just tell you how much I despise car issues?!?!

Oh! And I survived driving all over the place in the snow yesterday. I was pretty proud of myself for that one too. The Phoenician in me is not a confident snow driver. I like to look at the snow, but drive in it? No thanks!


One of the biggest highlights of my day… (<—Yes, intentional pun here.)

New highlights! She added in some more low lights and brightened up my blonde highlights. I’m lovin’ it!


Anyways, what else do I have to tell you?

I want to thank you for all of your blender recommendations! Y’all are the best. It’s comforting to know that not EVERY one has a super duper fancy blender out there. Winking smile I think it’s down to the Ninja Master Prep (this is the cheaper Ninja model) and your basic Oster/Hamilton Beach/Cuisinart blender. I think I’m about the world’s worst decision maker when it comes to something like this, so wish me luck.

I’m hoping today is going to be a little more chill. We have a play date with my MOPS group on the agenda, but that’s about it! Wahoooo!

Have a great FRIDAY!

What is one thing that will always guarantee you to smile?

Are you a “worry wart”?

When was the last time you had car troubles?

Tell me what you’re doing today!

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  1. says

    I am a worry wart!!! Though I feel like I’m getting better each year, I read a chapter in Luke from the Bible last night all about worry and it really hit home for me (blanking on exact spot but it’s somewhere in Luke 13 I do believe!).

  2. says

    jonny’s car just had car troubles and he is taking it on saturday… i HATE car troubles too and the worst part is that he is due for a new car, so it’s annoying to have to sink money into this one when we are hopefully going to sell it quickly!! argh!! TGIF!! and yes i too LOVE hunter’s hair!!

  3. says

    My daughter is guaranteed to make me smile. She made me a bracelet while I was at work last night, taped it to a card that she made too. So cute. I can’t help but look at it and smile all day:-D

    I am a bit of a stressor. I’m pretty Type A, so I like for things to be just how I want them. If something unplanned occurs, it stresses me.

    Today I am working, going to Trader Joes, then I’m going to make cupcakes for a dinner we’re going to tomorrow night. White chocolate Raspberry and French Toast and Bacon.

  4. says

    I can be the worlds worst worry wart at times but it’s something I am working on. I realize that worrying doesn’t solve anything but as a type a personality it can be hard to let go!

    Good luck on finding your perfect blender!

  5. says

    I am the least confident snow driver and I grew up in a snowy climate – blech! I’m so happy your car was able to be fixed and wasn’t crazy expensive <3 Oh and a worry wort I am… My husband is worse though! We're going to have a tough time worrying when we have kids 😉

  6. says

    I’m such a worry wort. I worry about things that probably will never happen, lol. I am going to enjoy a date night out tonight! I haven’t had car troubles recently (*knock on wood*) but my car is newer. I had them all the time with my old car!

  7. says

    I am a worry wort, but I am trying every day to get better at it! If we just trust Goad and His plan every time the worry begins we would be in much better shape. The hard part is just remembering that in the midst of a crisis! It will come with time and practice though! :)

  8. says

    Highlights look amazing!!!! I love fresh hair! I used to not mind driving in the snow before, but now, I’m become slightly hesitant – and I’m Canadian lol!! It might be because of a baby ;).

    Glad everything worked out well. I can get into a worrying spell too and the only person it affects is me!! Still need to work on that! Happy TGIF!

  9. says

    I with you on the snow. I love it as long as I don’t have to drive in it. Your hair looks beautiful. Wow you make me want to cut all my hair off, but in reality I don’t have the guts. :)

    I am terrible when it come to making decisions like you too. I couldn’t make a decision about what type of waffle iron to buy, so my mom just bought me one and gave it to me. Haha!!

  10. says

    You’re looking gorgeous, girl! Love the hair :)

    Car troubles… the worst. I’m super fortunate that we own a business in the car industry, so car troubles don’t really impact me as much as they do other people, but they’re still super annoying. And the worst part about it is that I totally push my luck by driving my car WAY under the red empty gas line 😆 I’ve been lucky so far, but I have a feeling one day it’s going to bite me in the *ss. I just hope that day is not a cold one.

  11. says

    beautiful!!! love the highlights!! makes me want to get my hair done again…
    and oh my dog, Jax, always puts a huge smile on my face :)

    Happy Friday luv. Glad all the car issues got worked out!

  12. Lauren says

    I can relate, because I had car issues 2x this week due to snow and cold in Chicago. God totally provided and got me out of my scary situations and provided for this week’s logistics. He is faithful! Glad your situation worked out too :)

  13. says

    I got an Oster blender at my bridal shower. It was about $75 (I registered for it), and I’m so disappointed with how it works. It requires a lot of liquid to get things moving. It makes me mad because I know someone spent that money on it! Just giving my two cents on that brand :). I have a Ninja now too, and I use it all of the time.

    I’m glad that you were able to work out the car situation! That can be frustrating!

  14. says

    Hunter’s hair is definitely the cutest thing ever! And your hair looks awesome, by the way!

    I’m at work today and luckily, I made it here before the snow started because it’s currently coming down like crazy now! I’m a terrible driver in the snow too! I get so scared and I don’t have a good vehicle for driving in the snow either. Hopefully, things will be better on my way home tonight!

  15. says

    Your hair looks so nice!
    And I’m always slightly terrified about car trouble, mainly because we don’t really have the extra funds to put towards repair! The last issue we had was when we blew a tire – fortunately, we were able to make it to our destination and then call a tow truck from there.

  16. Lili says

    My vote is for the Ninja.

    I had many basic blenders in undergrad, and they all failed on me the same way. Somehow the seal failed where the base (with the blades) screws into the jug. Soup sprayed out the bottom, and went EVERYWHERE. Cleaning the bottoms of all the kitchen cabinets was not fun. I’m done with basic blenders.

    I now have that Ninja (which is Consumer Reports’ best pick after the Vitamix), and with the seal at the top, I never have that problem. The blades go all the way up the jug, so you get even blending. A house guest actually made cashew milk with it, then went out and bought one for himself (which his mom stole when she visited!). I haven’t touched my magic bullet in over a year.

  17. says

    Your hair looks so good! Love the cut too. I HATE car issues. My husband’s car didn’t start last week b/c of the cold and every morning I just pray that it will! Also, I am a complete worry wart. I really need to work on that.

  18. Beth says

    I am a total worry wart! Type A personality big time. I wish I was more easy going, but I don’t think that is ever gonna happen. Care troubles are terrible. Just spent over a thousand dollars on my car. :( Not only are they extremely expensive, but the inconvenience of not having transportation if needed is scary to me. I love your hair! Did you go to Fantastic Sam’s to get it done? I’m not doing anything special today. Watch television, maybe go to the grocery store and visit the animal shelter to play with the animals and perhaps adopt a kitty. One thing that always makes me smile? Nothing in particular.

  19. Katie says

    Always guarantee a smile, when Drake wakes up babbling in his crib in the AM & is waiting for me with a big smile. YES I’m a worry wart and Josh always tells me to stop worrying haha…I think it comes with the whole “mom/type A personality” thing. Car Troubles…This week, told you on the last post! Blah! Today we are cleaning up the house and packing for Minnesota! We are meeting Josh’s family there & going to celebrate a late christmas!

  20. Mia says

    My husband always makes me smile. That and chocolate. 😉 better together.
    I tend to worry a lot, especially at times right now. I’d share more, but too personal for the comments section. :)
    I hate car troubles. I especially hate when appliances break….they go in 3’s.
    Today I’m working with clients, prepping for a friends birthday tonight and then going out to dinner. Nothing too crazy!

  21. says

    CUte haircut & color!!! Looks great on you :)

    Ughh car troubles are the WORST. The bishop of my church is a diesel mechanic though, so we’ve lucked out hugely in the past year or so in him helping us when something happened. Hope things stay okay with your cars!!

    I love the snow too. It’s so pretty! But I sure do love snuggling at home with my little one while watching it fall, knowing I don’t have to drive in it 😉

  22. says

    So glad that Cody’s car was easily taken care of. I’m with you, I DESPISE car issues! I absolutely love your hair! Really brightens up your face too, and let’s be honest, who couldn’t use a little brightness in the winter?

    Hope your cute little family has a great weekend!

  23. says

    Oh car troubles! Last week during one of the really, really cold days here, my husband had not one but two flat tires. I guess the air pressure and really cold air can do that. It was a quick fix but still a pain in the butt. On the bright side – your hair looks super cute! I’m getting a cut tomorrow. So excited!

  24. Laurie Deeg says

    Glad you guys got your car figured out…that is miserable! On the blender…I had the same cheap little blender for 30 years and finally decided to get a new one. Chuckie bought me a Ninja. I like it but it’s HUGE on my counter and the thing I miss most about my cheap old blender is with the Ninja you can’t just take the lid off and add more stuff. You have to stop it and take the lid off. When I make smoothies I like to add stuff as I go. It is nice though, just big.

  25. Amanda N says

    I’m a wicked worry wort. I worry about (and over analyze) everything! Luckily no car troubles as of late. Glad to hear yours worked out okay.Today was a work day, then a run, cooked dinner, put the little one to bed, ate dinner, and showered. Now I’m sitting down to watch some X-files episodes. We’re almost done and only have a few shows left of the entire series.

  26. says

    Awww, car troubles really are the worst! I had my rear windshield shatter (spontaneously) a few months ago and it was a nightmare dealing with it – and paying for it! My husband is enough of a worry wart for two people so I spend most of my time trying to make him less stressed rather than worrying myself. :)

  27. says

    Car troubles are extremely nerve-wracking and stressful. In the past year, we’ve had both of our (old) cars poop out on us. I thank God that no one was hurt during either situation, and I appreciate the timing it all worked out to have. I’m a major worry wart by nature, but the one phrase that I always say to myself to Trust in Him/refocus again is: “Worry is the sin of unbelief.” <–powerful, isn't it?!

  28. says

    I LOVE HIS HAIR! (Seriously, I say it everytime I leave a comment!)
    I am an extreme worry wart…I need to be better with not worrying so much. The things I worry about most are my family. I NEED to hear from them before I go to bed every night or I cannot sleep. Car troubles..hmmm…my first car was a complete piece of crap, it was a 2003 hyundai elantra and it had issues every other month or so..I paid more money to fix it over the course of the 5 years I had it than I actually paid for it…so when it came time to finally get a new car, I decided to lease a 2013 kia forte. i LOVE it. It was brand new when I got it and ill never have to worry about it not starting..the peace of mind is worth the monthly payment! also, i LOVE your hair!!!

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