WIAW: Baby Hunter Edition {Giveaway – CLOSED}

Y’all are pretty darn awesome, you know that?!

Thanks so much for all of your positive feedback and support on yesterday’s post re: FAT TALK. It’s a huge issue that needs to be addressed, and it’s refreshing to know that so many of you are desiring a change.

Those of you that are new around here (a HUGE welcome to you, by the way!), I like to participate in a weekly link up called “What I Ate Wednesday” aka WIAW. (<—Click on the link to get all the details!) It’s a way to share snacks and meals in order to provide others with recipes, ideas, and to get a little glimpse into the blogger’s life. It’s a good time!

Peas and Crayons

Anyways, I decided to mix things up a bit today…

I’m going to show you Hunter’s eats from yesterday so you mamas out there can get some ideas of what to feed your little one. I’ve had some questions regarding solids and such recently, so hopefully I can answer some of your questions in this post as well.

My little guy, Hunter, will be ten months old a week from today (holy cow?!). We’re still doing a mix of purees and finger foods. I was hoping to do the whole “Baby Led Weaning” thing from the get-go, but due to Hunter’s high palate, he has a super sensitive gag reflex resulting in lots of gagging and not very much eating. So, I’ve learned to roll with the punches and have been doing mostly purees. I also get a little paranoid that he’s not getting enough when I give him finger foods, and it’s something I have to stay on top of since he’s always been so tiny. Lately I’ve been offering him finger foods a couple times a day to practice, and then I feed him purees at every meal. I’m hoping within the next month or two, we can turn entirely to finger foods. I’m still nursing him four times per day, and I feed him three meals per day about an hour after I nurse him.

Here’s what his meals looked like yesterday:


Breakfast was baby oatmeal mixed with Babies ‘R Us Organic Prunes. I almost always incorporate prunes, pears, or peaches into his breakfast to help him poo. He’s had some issues with constipation, and “the three P’s” help keep him regular. Thankfully, he LOVES prunes, pears, and peaches, so it’s never an issue getting him to eat them.


Lunch was on-the-go at Costco. There are a few days each week that I feed him lunch on-the-go, and I’ve found the baby food pouches SUPER convenient for these instances. I told myself I’d never buy them, but after I realized how convenient they are and how much he loved them, the plan of never buying them quickly went out the window. They can be a little pricey, but I look for sales and get them for a pretty good price. The particular one he ate yesterday was Babies ‘R Us Mixed Greens & Pear, which included pureed broccoli, spinach, and pear. Also, I make sure to pay special attention to the ingredients and never buy the pouches that have “extra” stuff in them (i.e. fruit juice, preservatives, etc.).


Since I got my new blender (!!!), green smoothies have been a daily thing around here. This particular smoothie had banana, blueberries, spinach, full fat plain yogurt, ground chia seed, and almond milk. Hunter LOVES them, and they’re a great way to get lots of nutrients in him. I also love to add avocado and nut butters to mix things up and get some extra calories in him. I typically end up just spoon feeding it to him since he’s still working on mastering his sippy cup. P.S. Apparently sippy cups are a great teething toy. Winking smile


After I fed him the smoothie, I offered him some pieces of bean burger and roast beef. The roast beef was a huge hit, and he downed it no problem.

Just a few other notes:

Disclaimer: This is what WE do, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s what YOU need to do!

  • I do a mix of buying baby food and making it myself. I like to make it because it’s cheaper, but if I find a good sale, I have no hesitation buying it. Like I said, the pouches are super convenient too. I just pay special attention to the ingredients and make sure there’s no “extras” in the store bought stuff.
  • I try to buy organic where I can, but I’m not one to be too crazy about it. If it’s the same price or cheaper (which sometimes it is!), then I’ll absolutely buy organic, but I’m not about to spend a ton of extra money for it.
  • I rarely give him the “snacky” stuff (i.e. puffs, yogurt melts, etc.). I usually have it on hand, but it’s more to keep him busy if we’re out to eat or at a friend’s house. I don’t use it as a regular meal since there’s little nutritional value in that stuff.


In honor of showcasing Baby Hunter’s eats, I also wanted to offer a giveaway to one lucky reader! The winner will receive a copy of the book Super Baby Food.


This book is a GREAT resource for all the baby food questions you may have. I’ve used it a lot for recipes, ideas, and other baby food tips. I highly recommend it!

To enter the giveaway, comment on this post and tell me:

1) What is your baby’s favorite food?


2) Why do you want to win this book?

Only ONE comment/entry per person! Winner will be announced on Friday, January 24.

Good luck!

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  1. says

    hehe hunter is so darn cute – those cheeks and that smile!! i like your philosophy on feeding… while i hope to make all of baby itz’s food when the time is right, i know i’ll have to roll with the punches, as well, and be real in terms of time and convenience at times! also, i never heard of the “three p’s” lol i knew about prunes, but peaches and pears? interesting!

  2. Lauryn says

    Hunter is so cute! Thank for sharing what he eats! I want to win the book so I can use it for future solid food eating for my one month old son!

  3. Laura says

    I mean could he BE any CUTER!?! You are such a good mommy to sweet Hunter and are doing such a wonderful job with him:)

    My “baby’s” (19m) favorite food is mandarin oranges and sweets (wonder where he gets that from??:) ). He has never been a great eater (and has always been tiny- he’s the energizer bunny so he’s too busy to eat!), so I have always had to try my hardest to be creative about sneaking healthy foods into his diet. I have never seen this cookbook and would absolutely love to try it. I am due with my 2nd in August, so I could put it to A LOT of use!

    Thanks for sharing Hunter’s eats with us. Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  4. Alaina says

    I would love this book to learn the best foods to introduce to baby at the different stages of growth. I also just got the Baby Bullet and am in need of some nutritional recipes!

  5. says

    Awww, that last picture for dinner!! Messy babies for the win!! Hope the finger foods keep going well. If it helps, Nia brings on her own gags lol. She won’t stop shoveling food into her mouth even if the food already in there isn’t even gone. Yesterday for lunch, Tyler said she had like 8 little pieces of tofu in there. What a girl!!

  6. Megan says

    Have you tried the reusable pouches for his smoothies? That’s what I do in the morning – it’s super easy. I blend everything up and put it in a pouch – I use Yummi Pouches. Bonus is that it’s not messy at all so we can get out of the door quicker. Also, you could try wheat germ in his yogurt to help keep him “regular.” It’s super healthy too. I just started adding it to H’s smoothies in the morning – and let’s just say he’s not constipated 😉

  7. Tori L says

    I’d love to win it because my husband and I are hoping to conceive this year, so it would come in handy in the future!

  8. Crystal says

    My 6 month old can’t get enough sweet potatoes. Makes the cutest baby bird noises if you are not feeding him fast enough.

  9. Lisa says

    I’m six months pregnant and want to make my baby’s food when the time comes so this book would be great to have!

  10. Cait @ Beyond Bananas says

    My babies’ favorite food is… milk. Ha. They are just two week old – but I am sure this will come in handy in the future!

  11. says

    My little lady’s favorite food seems to be prunes! :). She has poo issues as well, so I started giving her prunes and she really likes them. Especially when I mix them with another fruit.

  12. says

    What nut butters do you use with him? Just curious since most pediatricians say to stay away from peanuts for a while. I didn’t even THINK about buying other nut butters for her! But now I’m realizing what a good idea it is!

    • Ashley says

      I’ve use peanut butter and almond butter. Waiting to use them is actually kind of an “old school” recommendation. I guess just like everything else out there – there’s both sides to it. I’ve done a bunch of research on it, and from what I’ve found, waiting can actually increase the likelihood of allergies developing since the body sees it as a “foreign food”. We also don’t have any allergies in our family, so that’s also why I chose to give it to him. So far, we haven’t had any issues!

  13. Kelli C says

    My little girl just turned 9 months yesterday and her favorite food is squash! She loves it! She is also a little weird and loves green beans and peas. I’ve heard that most babies don’t like those, but I’m glad she does!

  14. says

    I was planning on doing BLW too, but I had a lot of the same issues with it as you. I didn’t think Aiden was getting enough and the gagging really bothered me. We stuck to purees for a while and now at 10.5 months, we’ve been getting more adventurous for the past weeks. We also caved into the pouches for convenience! That book looks awesome – I feel like all moms have questions about nutrition at some point!

  15. Courtney Leonard says

    Ooh! I would love this book…right now baby’s favorite food is apples and bananas (a close second to boob milk) and I would love this book because I’m really quite clueless about starting solids.

  16. says

    Obviously I’m not entering the giveaway here, but I just wanted to say (for the millionth time) that you have the most beautiful (okay, handsome) little boy! Seriously, that Dinner Part 2 picture – I die. He is so cute.

  17. Jen F. says

    I would LOVE to win this book. I’m expecting my first in April and have already thought about making our own baby food :-)

  18. Megan Joy says

    So far, my baby’s favorite food is breastmilk. :) He’s only 4 months and we’re just about to start our journey into solids. so this book would be perfect!

  19. Kacie says

    My baby is just over 4 months old so we are just starting solid foods. She has had cereal and wasn’t much of a fan. I gave her a bite of banana yesterday and her eyes lit up.

  20. Sue says

    I’d love to win this book! We have a 2 month old and were just talking this weekend about how she’ll be starting solids in a few months and how we have no idea what, when, or how to begin.

  21. Lauren Salak says

    i’d love to win this book because my best friend is having her first baby in July! Would love to give it to her :)

  22. Haley says

    I would love to win the book because my baby boy is 4.5 months and about to start eating ‘real’ food soon!!! I think this book would be a great help with learning!

  23. Lauren S says

    My 8.5 month old just started finger food this week after refusing purees. He loves black beans, steamed broccoli and scrambled eggs!

  24. Laura A. says

    My 8-month old daughter’s favourite food is homemade broccoli cheese soup – one night when we were eating it we decided to let her try some and she went nuts over it. Probably not the most “organic” thing she could be eating but maybe that’s why I need to try out that baby food cookbook!!

  25. Lisa says

    I loved this post. It is great to read up on what you should be feeding your child. I would love to get the book because I am pregnant with my first baby who is due in May.

  26. Veronika says

    Isn’t it funny how when you’re pregnant you have all these high hopes of what you will do when your baby is born ( like what you will and will not feed them) and once they’re born half of those ideas go out the window? LOL I did the same thing- I was going to make all my own food and NEVER let my now ten month old have any “junk”… and here we are buying baby food and snacking on cheerios. :/ Lately though I have been giving her frozen fruit in one of those mesh pouches which she loves. She has molars coming in and I think it helps with teething pain. I need that awesome book for some healthier food ideas. :)

  27. ErikaMC says

    I love the Super Baby Food book! It is very useful and I recommend it to all the moms I know.

    Do you read Brittany’s blog A Healthy Slice of Life? She does a Munchkin Meal linkup once a month that I have also found helpful in finding new ideas for baby/toddler meals.

  28. Laura says

    So far, my baby’s favorite food is anything I eat. He’s due May 22. I love all the tips I get from your blog. Hunter is so cute!!

  29. says

    Hunter is too cute!! That’s so great that he loves the smoothies you make him! I’m praying that when my baby comes in June that they’ll wind up being a good eater – since Daddy and I love food so much! Hahaha. I do hope to make my own baby food, that book would be suuuuuuuuuper helpful. 😀

  30. says

    1. My 16 month old son’s favorite food in the world is watermelon.
    2. I want that book because I struggle with what to feed him, and he is getting pickier. Things that he has liked in the past…all of the sudden he will throw them on the floor! Eeek!
    Your son is a cutie pie! Happy WIAW, by the way. I like that you did it from his perspective because I am always looking for new ideas to feed my little buddy.

  31. Kelli-Ann says

    I would like this book as my son is almost 5 months old and we will be starting veggies soon. This book sounds great!

  32. says

    Love this! Hunter’s eats are very similar to A & G’s solid eats :) When did you start Hunter with the pouches (what age)? I bought some recently and am wondering when they would actually be able to use them. It would be nice to have these when we are on the go like you did with Hunter. A & G love avocado and squash! :)

  33. Lesley says

    Our 5 and a half month old loves veggies! He has had a reaction to fruit so We are staying away from any fruit for another month or so!

  34. sarah says

    Well first of all, I live in SLC too! But I’d love to win this giveaway because one of my best friends is having a baby! Her baby shower if Feb 1 and this would make the best gift!! Thanks!!

  35. says

    Hunter is adorable. McKenzie’s favorite food right now is bananas and McKayla’s is squash. I would love this book to help with feeding the girls. Even though they are my 3rd and 4th I always forget when I am supposed to start adding meals. :)

  36. Molly K says

    I would LOVE to win this book! I cannot wait to be able to start making nummy creations for my little man when he is old enough! :) I have a feeling without something like this, I’ll get stuck in food ruts like I do for myself lol

  37. Annie A says

    I had my baby 2 days ago so his favorite food is my milk lol! I’d love this book for a few months down the road though!

  38. Nikki says

    I’m pregnant with our first and plan on making my own baby food. I’d love to have a head start on the best and healthiest things to make him!

  39. Cassandra says

    My daughter is just a few weeks younger than Hunter and she loves those food pouches too! Her favorite foods are pears and Cheerios.

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