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I love a clean house. I’m not a fan of clutter, I don’t like dirt, and I like everything to have a place. But at the same time, I don’t want us to feel like we can’t live in our home. A little mess here and there doesn’t bother me, but I do like to go to bed at night knowing that my house will be clean when I wake up in the morning. I also don’t want to be so consumed with a clean house that I don’t enjoy my family and my child(ren). It’s a balance that I’m continually working on.

I feel like I’m less stressed and able to be a better mother and wife when we keep our home clean. I also like our home to always be in a fairly clean condition if friends or family decide to stop by on short notice. Last but certainly not least, I want our child(ren) to see what it means to keep a tidy home. For these reasons, I do my best to make it a priority to keep our house clean.

Fortunately, Cody and I have a similar level of cleanliness. Very rarely do we get annoyed with one another because of our messes. He’s a little more carefree about clutter, but other than that, we pretty much see eye to eye in this area. It makes keeping our home clean SO much easier!

I don’t want to be cleaning every single minute of every single day, so I’ve created a little cleaning schedule for myself throughout the week.

cleaning schedule

I know this wouldn’t work for everyone, but it’s perfect for us. I spend about 20-30 minutes cleaning each day (a little longer on laundry days), and then that’s it! I also love that we don’t have to spend the entire weekend cleaning.

Obviously this doesn’t include the “deep cleaning” stuff. To be honest, that’s one thing I’m NOT the best at… I try to scrub the floors and baseboards, dust in high/random areas, etc. about once a month, but once again, not always the best at it. I typically end up just doing it when I notice it’s getting dirty. In my dream world, I’d have someone do the “deep clean” stuff for us once each month, but I can guarantee you that won’t be happening any time soon. Winking smile

Once again, I’m not saying you need to do it this way nor do I think it’s for everyone! I’m just explaining how I do things to give some of you new ideas.

Have a great Friday!

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being NOT clean and 10 being VERY clean), how clean are you?

Do you have a “cleaning day” or do you spread chores throughout the week?

How often do you do “deep cleaning” chores?

What are your Friday evening plans?

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  1. says

    I like having a clean house, as well, but I’d say I’m probably a 6-7. There are times when clutter really gets to me, but then I just tackle the room and clean it. I need a schedule like you have and might have to use it! I am with you, though, and don’t like cleaning on the weekends spending a lot of time on it!

  2. says

    I still live with my parents so we share the cleaning but my Dad LOVES deep cleaning! He’ll spend hours at! Seriously it’s his favourite pasttime! I’m good when it comes to keeping the kitchen clean…my room on the other hand is filled to the brim with over flow pantry staples, dishes for the blog…a daylight lamp…bit of a nightmare!

  3. Katie says

    10!! Sometimes I call myself a clean freak haha & that can be hard with all the snow & dirt that winter brings plus a dog 😉 I usually do things throughout the week unless we have a big mess I take care of it then. I love it when I get in my deep cleaning mood haha! Plans tonight…Maybe a nice dinner & just relax with my loves!

  4. Alyssa says

    I like your cleaning chart…i may start to use that, thanks! I was just wondering, i know you have two dogs…how do you keep on top of the hair? I have a lab/husky mix and i am going crazy over the floors. My little boy will also be starting to crawl soon, so i am dreading the hair that will be on him. Thanks, i am always just curious to see how others do it!

    • Stacey says

      We have 2 dogs in the house and one thing that helps tremendously with controlling the hair is ‘controlling’ them. We do not let our dogs lay on our furniture or walk all around our house. They’re allowed to lay on their dog beds, hang out in the kitchen and occasionally follow us into our bedroom to wake us up. It may sound like a tall order, but it really makes all the difference in the world. I honestly think dogs are much better behaved when they have some boundaries/guidelines to follow!

  5. Karen says

    I do something similar as far as a schedule. I spend about 45 minutes to an hour a day cleaning during the week so we have nothing to clean on the weekends. Towards the end of my first pregnancy we hired a cleaning lady to deep clean once a month. We were supposed to let her go after I recovered from giving birth but I “forgot” and now I’m pregnant with number 2 so we might as well keep her…and then I’ll have 2 kids to take care of so we might as well keep her forever and ever. :)

  6. says

    I love a clean house!! I used to be a 10 on the scale but now I have scaled back to a 7 or 8. I had to as I was driving myself and my family crazy, lol! Like you, I am very good with the daily/weekly chores but the “deep cleaning” I am less neurotic about. Something had to give and that’s what did!

  7. says

    Oh yes, I like a clean house too! I’m probably about a 9 – maybe a little OCD, but I like my house a certain way. Saturday mornings is typically the day that I do all the cleaning. We have a townhouse, so it’s not overly large and I can get everything done in a morning.

  8. says

    Last semester of school, you don’t want to know what our home cleanliness number was lol. This semester it’s a little better. I actually want to put together a chart like that because I think it would help me sticking to a plan (I like the ‘to do’ list aspect for sure!) and it does make cleaning 20-30mins a day so much more realistic if you spread it out like you do. Thanks for challenging me to make that list (that I actually thought about a few days ago!)

    How do you get away with vacuuming once a week, or do you also do it on weekends as well? With the one dog here, we have to vacuum every 2-3 days just because he sheds so much!!!

  9. says

    I usually just clean on weekends, but I’ve been finding that having a dog means that I have to do a random run with the swiffer at least once in the middle of the week – so much dog hair! It just makes me happy my apartment is all hardwood and tile. I’m probably about a 5 on the cleaning scale, although I have noticed that I tend to clean when I know someone’s coming over!

  10. says

    I would say a 7, maybe 8.
    We clean Sundays, spend about an hour each so two hours if it was one person. Gets all the cleaning done. I like to have the whole house clean at once so we do it all in the one day. I still have little chores to do throughout the week, like finishing laundry sometimes, wiping counters but for the most part its all done Sunday.
    Deep clean chores happen monthly, maybe more now that I am on maternity leave and home all the time!

  11. says

    I get so stressed when my house is messy! Stuff we do every day includes cleaning dishes, wiping counters, picking up mail/trash/etc. Every few days I’ll run the vacuum and swiffer the kitchen floors. Then on the weekends I’ll do stuff like dust, laundry, and other big stuff.
    I don’t like having to spend a long time cleaning, so I keep multipurpose cleaner and a roll of paper towels within easy access so any time the bathroom counters/sinks/tables/etc. start to look gross I can just wipe them down!

  12. says

    I would say I am about an 8 cleaning wise. We usually clean on the weekend because that is when we have more time, but I do the as needed things through the week including dishes, cleansing kitchen, etc. I would like to start doing loads of laundry through the week though, maybe one load a night to stay caught up and not have to run 6 loads on a Saturday ha! :)

  13. says

    I would give myself a 7. I am pretty regular with bathroom cleaning, dishwasher (I get annoyed if there are more than 3 pieces in the sink), laundry and ironing, dusting and not leaving things everywhere in the house (except for my boyfriends desk, that I don’t touch). I really hate vacuuming (so my boyfriend does that, but he is not so determined to do it once a week) and I do window cleaning only when I notice that there is not enough light in the house. :)

  14. says

    I love your weekly list–that is awesome!

    I tend to have a day where I just clean everything–but that is also b/c we have a smaller apt. But I usually do the vacuuming the next day. Laundry happens at least every other day here. So that will never be a fixed thing right now. haha 😉

    ONE day I will have a personal chef and cleaning person… kids. hahahaha :)

  15. says

    I am HORRIBLE at cleaning. I grew up with a cleaning lady so I never learned how to clean things and living alone (aka no one to see the mess) makes it even worse. I’m trying really hard to work on it, but I think I need a schedule like you have!

  16. says

    I’m very similar to you in regards to a clean house. I hate when things are messy and cluttered. I feel like I can’t fully function like that and it affects my mood! I’m trying to be better at letting things go more though too… like you said a balance. I think I’m going to adopt your cleaning schedule! That would definitely make things more manageable. In February, I wrote myself an organization challenge where I’m going to organize something everyday of the month!

  17. says

    The make up day is genius! I love a clean house too, and used to have a schedule like this when I was staying home. Now that I’m working again, it’s a little more challenging to keep up–but then, our house also doesn’t seem to get dirty quite as quickly with no one home, haha. :)

  18. Amanda N says

    Growing up our chores and punishments were always cleaning related. My mom is also probably a 15 on the clean scale and my dad a 10 so I grew up with cleaning being very important. I’m probably an 8 – more so do to clutter than dirtiness though.

    I used to do mild cleaning week nights and deep on Saturdays once a month. But this is one thing that’s been difficult since having my LO. I’m home 2-3 days during the week. I try to get a little cleaning done each day and on the weekends too. Its hard though because sometimes I have to do work from home and my LO only naps for 30 mins at a time. I think I need to make more of a schedule like you and it would probably help!

    Friday night….running and watching tv with my hubby after my LO goes to bed! Nothing too exciting :)

  19. says

    Cory is OCD about cleanliness. Not like “haha he’s so OCD.” But for real, he’s anxious OCD when things are messy or cluttered. Me? Not so much. So that can be a problem. I’m not gross; I don’t like FILTH or dirt or grimy things, but it takes a little more to stress me out. Also, I don’t (and know I won’t) ever meet Cory’s cleanliness expectations (house wise – I have very good personal hygiene ha!), so we hired a cleaning lady. It works for us!

  20. ErikaMC says

    It may sound weird but I actually like to clean. I love seeing the outcome and feeling of accomplishment :) I do most of my cleaning on Thursdays. Laundry is spread out for a few days and vacuuming on Sunday. Though I feel like I am constantly picking up after my husband :) I also always clean with our son (he’s 2-1/2) and have done so since he was a baby. I don’t want him to think that he can just wake up from a nap and have a clean house – I want him to see the work that goes into it and learn how to help. Right now he gets really excited about it but I’m sure that will change.

  21. Mia says

    Thanks for sharing Ash! We love a clean and tidy house too. Generally speaking, we do a HUGE deep clean about once per month, but have a similar ‘schedule’ for weekly to-do’s. For a while we had been doing everything on either Saturday or Sunday, but it got to the point where we both loathed cleaning for such an extended period of time that we decided to split it up. Much better!
    The one thing that MUST be perfectly clean and tidy before bed is the kitchen. I cannot wake up to dirty dishes in the sink, on the counter, or a full DIRTY dishwasher that was not run before bed. It also drives me nuts if my husband leaves dishes in the sink when the dishwasher has tons of space! Grrrr..

  22. says

    I wish I was better about cleaning regularly. I am by no means dirty, but ugh. I always feel like I am behind! The only constant is that the kitchen is cleaned and the dishes are washed every day.

    My husband has Wednesdays off, so he does a bulk of the cleaning. It’s just not the same as when I do it though :) It’s hard squeeze it in on Saturday when I have three three locos by myself — so that leaves me Sundays (aka Family Day) or after work. Umm… yeah. So I fit it in when I can. I’ve thought about hiring someone to come twice a month. Maybe when L starts K in the fall.

  23. says

    I’d say I’m a 9 on the clean scale and Kyle’s a 6 so I do get on his case sometimes 😉 I try to be balanced too but it’s hard when the apartment is TINY and clutter can easily overtake the space. Have a great weekend!

  24. says

    I love this schedule! I think we are very similar in how we like to keep our homes. I’m right there with you, I like tidiness and for everything to have a place, but I don’t want to feel like I live in a museum. I love that you don’t have any of these things happening on the weekend. being that I work, I usually tend to save it all for the weekends. However, I could manage 20-30 mins. a day! Thanks!

  25. says

    Can I just say I love your blog? This is inspiring me to take charge in cleaning! lol. Thanks so much for the practical organized tips! Its really not that hard when you write a to-do schedule for yourself I am now learning! Thanks girly! 😉

  26. lauren says

    I like the idea of your list, but I am terrible at following a cleaning schedule! I guess I need to commit to it. My husband jokes I’m the (typical) guy in our relationship. Ugh. I am very clean, as in things are wiped down and nothing is dirty, but I can be slob. I am awesome at doing laundry, terrible at folding and putting it away fast. I’m at work 40 something hours a week and when I am home, it just isn’t my first priority.
    Typically, we can run around for 15 minutes and I wouldn’t care who was coming over, it’d be fine…so it’s not like I am a total mess! Even more of a reason why I should stay on top of things :)

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