7 Miles of Thoughts

How was everyone’s weekend?!

We had a MUCH better weekend compared to last weekend – thank goodness!

A few tid bits for you:

Girls’ night!

We had a “nail party”, and I got shellac done for the first time. I’m officially hooked.

We had plenty of yummy snacks and drinks, lots of laughs, and an all around great time.

Cody and I had an at home date night after Hunter went to bed on Saturday. Cody made us dinner and totally impressed me with a garlic shrimp pasta, asparagus, and chardonnay all by candlelight. Pretty fancy, eh? It was pretty much perfect.


On Saturday afternoon, I headed out for my long run (7 miles). I decided to take a pretty hilly route, which was kind of bittersweet. It was a very mentally challenging run, but I felt good throughout it so I knew I’d finish strong.

I thought it’d be kinda fun to share some of the thoughts I had swirling around my brain during this run:

Starting out on a hill right away was a BAD idea. Yikes.

Pshh, whatever, I got this. I’m feelin’ pretty dang good right now.

Crap, it’s chilly. Maybe it was a bad idea to do this run outside.

Hell yeah, I’m flyin’.

I really hope one of these cars don’t hit me.

Speaking of the cars, I wonder what they are thinking of me right now? Are any of them staring at me like I do when I see a runner on the side of the road? Does that sound creepy? Yeah, probably.

Well, just in case any of them ARE staring at me, I better look like I am strong. Yeah, I got this.

LOVE this song. (Brave by Sara Bareilles) I just want to start dancing. I bet the cars driving by would just love that. Ha!

OK, there’s that monster hill up ahead. I’m going to kill it. C’mon Ashley, you gotta look badass in case anyone is watching you.

Pshh, whatever, I need to do this for myself! Who cares what they think?!

Hmmm, what song should I choose to help push me up that hill? It’s all you again, Sara.

This hill has nothin’ on me. I totally got it.

Holy hell, this is hard.

I can’t stop. I won’t stop. Because then I won’t be able to get going again. Keep going, Ashley.

You got this, you got this, you got this!

Does this hill ever end?!?! It just keeps going!

I definitely need another good song. I hope I’m feelin’ the next one because I don’t have the energy to look at my iPod right now.

C’mon Ashley, you can do tough things.

OK seriously, hills are a bitch. SO HARD.

Running is so mental, Ashley. Just do it.

Almost there. Just run to that post and then it’s all downhill.

Ah yes, downhill! It never felt so good.

One mile left – that’s nothin’. I’m almost done!

My foot! It’s not bugging me! And my hip! It’s not painful! YES! The foam rolling and stretching are paying off!

Yay! I’m almost done! Where did the time go?!

Runner’s high is the best feeling ever. I can do aaaaaaaaanything!

I’m home! I’m DONE!


Yep, pretty much just fell straight to the ground when I walked in the door. I was mentally and physically drained. Typically I’m able to zone out and think about a bunch of other random things during easier runs, but this one, I was pretty much JUST thinking about my run. I was pushing myself and encouraging myself the entire time. It wasn’t easy. But wow, I felt amazing when I was finished – so proud, so strong, so awesome.

Have you ever had shellac on your nails?

How often do you have date nights with your spouse or significant other?

Do you enjoy long distance running?

What did you do this weekend?!

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