02/06/14: Thursday Thoughts {Hunter Edition}

Hunter is taking over the blog today. Don’t worry, I helped him proofread. Winking smile

1. Mom is always giving me these little green things she calls “peas”. Why does she insist I need to eat these? I’d take puffs over them any day.

2. Speaking of puffs, Mom spoiled me last night and gave me way more puffs than she usually allows me to have because I was being extra crabby. Maybe I should be crabby more often? (Mom, don’t read this one!)

3. Did you guys know I have the funniest puppy on the planet? He makes me laugh all the time.

4. Mom takes me to this place almost every morning that she calls “the gym”. I have lots of friends there, so it’s fun. Everyone tells me that I’m so “cute” – whatever that means? When mom picks me up after I play for awhile, she’s super sweaty and stinky, and then she tries to kiss me all over. Talk about embarrassing!

5. Wanna know one of my favorite times of day? When Daddy comes home. He’s always so funny, plays with me, and reads me a book before bed. I don’t get to see him much during the day, so spending time with him when he gets home is the best.


6. Mom told me I’m not supposed to tell anyone this, so it’s our little secret, ‘k? She dances all crazy for me when one of her favorite songs comes on. I just laugh at her to make her feel better, but I actually think she’s pretty weird. Shhh!

7. Mom and Dad have these decorative ball thingy’s in the living room that I so badly want to chew on, but they always move me away from them and give me one of my boring toys. Seriously?! I want THOSE balls, not my toys!

8. Can’t Mom understand that I like to go IN the toy bin? She tries to put all my toys in there, but I could care less about the toys, I just want to crawl inside!


9. Both my parents tell me I’m their favorite little boy in the whole world. Jeez louise, isn’t that kind of a lot of pressure to put on a little boy like me?

10. Well, Mom tells me I need to start wrapping things up. I’m quite the chatterbox, so I could probably talk at you all day, but I guess I better listen to her. OK, bye, bye.


Hunter wants to ask you…

Do YOU like peas?

What’s one of your favorite times of day?

Do you talk a lot?

Do you like to take naps? How often do you take them?

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