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Let’s chat the beloved Crock Pot (aka slower cooker) today, mmmkay?


This thing, right alongside my coffee pot, is by far my most favorite kitchen appliance. I’m not quite sure how I’d manage without it. Nope, not being dramatic – I mean it!

I call the Crock Pot the “magic worker”. You simply throw a bunch of stuff in there, and (most of the time) it comes out full of flavor and tastes delicious. We won’t talk about that one time that I came home to charred nuggets. In all seriousness though, very rarely do I have a bad experience with it. I use it at least 1-2 times per week, and the meals that come from it are some of my favorites.

About 6-8 hours before I want dinner on the table, I get everything all prepped, throw it in the Crock Pot, make sure there’s plenty of liquid in it (see above re: charred chicken nuggets as to why you need to make sure you have enough liquid in it), and let it cook.


Some of my top favorite Crock Pot recipes:

Check out some other great Crock Pot recipes HERE.

I also love to do buffalo or barbecue chicken sandwiches. I cover the chicken breasts with water in the Crock Pot, and let it cook for about 7-8 hours. I drain the water, shred the chicken, and add the buffalo or barbecue sauce. Serve it on a bun, add some cheese, and eat! Super simple.

The Crock Pot is a brilliant thing. I’ve become even more of a fan since being a mom. I don’t have the time or desire to spend in the kitchen like I used to, so the Crock Pot helps me out in a huge way. We’re pretty much BFFs at this point.

What is your top favorite kitchen appliance?

Are you a Crock Pot fan?

How often do you use the Crock Pot?

What are some of your favorite Crock Pot recipes?

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  1. says

    My favorite kitchen appliance is my coffee maker and milk frother…keeps me from handing $4 a day to the nearest barista.
    I love the “idea” of the crockpot but to be honest it would mean I would have to be a better meal planner to prepare it before heading into work. BUT I need to do so. It would help me so much in the evenings. Thank you for including these recipes. BTW…totally made a chart of daily housekeeping things like you shared last week and it has been helping so much to break down these tasks into daily tasks!!!!

  2. says

    Love my crockpot, too!!! Have you tried the crockpot liners that make clean up super easy? Once I found those, I started using my crockpot even more because you just take the liner out, throw it away and give the crockpot a quick rinse. Easiest dinner clean up ever!!!

  3. says

    OMG…I love the crock pot! It’s by far my most favorite kitchen appliance. I love throwing everything in there in the a.m. and coming to home to a delicious hot dinner! Seriously the greatest invention ever!

  4. says

    I need to get myself a new crock pot. I said that all fall and winter and still have yet to do it. I’m a little more inspired now seeing some of your recipes. :)

  5. says

    It’s funny to me that I didn’t start to really use my crockpot until after I became a stay at home mom. Now I use it at least two times a month. We just have a small one but I’m thinking I need to upgrade to a larger one so I can cook whole chickens etc. Then I would use it even more!

  6. says

    You know what’s sad? I -still- don’t have a crock pot. I’ve been meaning to pick one up for… oh… two years now? And I never get around to it. I definitely believe that it’s one of the greatest kitchen gadgets ever invented, but I feel like it would almost be too much for me since I live alone and don’t like dealing with a lot of leftovers. When I have a family, though? First thing I’m buying.

  7. says

    I haven’t used my crock pot AT ALL this winter…what am I doooooiiiiiiing!!! I totally should bust it out because I used to love coming home from class and having meals made in that thing!! I’d say my most used thing is probably the kettle or toaster (and oven). I’d love juicer to enter into this category very soon – like when warmer weather hits!

  8. says

    Ugh, I love the crock pot, but when one of my roommates moved out last year she took hers with her, and now I don’t have one. I really miss it. It’s so nice to prep stuff the night before and have a delicious meal when I get home from school.

  9. Caitlyn says

    My favorite kitchen appliance would have to be my bread machine. It’s the same concept as the crock pot – you throw in the ingredients and 4 hours later out pops a delicious loaf of bread! :)

  10. says

    I use my Crock Pot every two weeks probably. My favorite recipe is Iowa Girl Eats’ Coconut Thai Chicken – so simple and delicious! I also made Six Sisters’ Garlic and Brown Sugar Chicken and liked it, but I’d probably halve the sugar next time.

  11. Amanda N says

    The crockpot is a great invention. I find a lot of crockpot recipes to be very similar and a lot are unhealthy. So I love finding new ones! I think I saw that stuffed pepper soup before and wanted to try it. I love cooking pork in the crockpot because I fail and making it tender in the oven/on the stove top but the crockpot makes that easy. I try to use it 1-2 times a week.

    Two of my favorite crockpot recipes: (I guess I like chicken chili)

  12. says

    I LOVE my crockpot. Mine has a temperature probe that I can stick right into the meat and set it to reach a certain temperature-once it reaches the temp, it automatically switches to “warm” mode. it makes it really hard to screw up! and best part-it was not a very expensive crockpot.

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