Fabletics = Fabulous Athletics

Thanks so much for all of your  congratulatory wishes regarding our big move! It’s all very exciting. And stressful. Yikes, we have lots to do!

Let’s talk about something else to get my mind off of my million mile long to-do list…

There’s this new(ish) line of athletic clothes that I’ve been LOVING lately called Fabletics. When I first told Cody the name, he responded by saying, “Like, fabulous athletics?” Yeah, something like that. Winking smile

Fabletics was actually started by Kate Hudson, whom I love and adore. Regarding Fabletics, she says:

“It’s an athletic apparel brand, but I really see it as more of a lifestyle brand with pieces based around what women want to wear all day.”

They really do have pretty much every kind of apparel. From running to yoga to lounging-at-home-but-still-looking-cute clothes, they have you covered.

A few months back, I was sent some Fabletics running shorts and a yoga-ish comfy hoodie top to try out. I actually ran my half marathon in the shorts! Yep, that’s how much I loved them.


But, I specifically want to zero in on the newest outfit that I received that is part of Fabletics new spring line.


No, my hair isn’t normally a lion’s mane. It was windy. Once again, I despise wind.

I’m loving the color and comfort of this outfit so much!

The fun patterned fold-over waistband on the shorts is probably my favorite part about the entire outfit. The shorts are made of a thick material that isn’t see through, which is a huge must for me when it comes to workout bottoms.


The top is a bright cobalt blue which is quickly becoming one of my new favorite colors. It’s lightweight and airy, so it’s perfect for workouts or lounging.


And then there’s the bright yellow sports bra which makes me all sorts of happy. For one, it’s bright yellow – talk about cute! It’s supportive (but let’s be real, that doesn’t take much for me, so just keep that in mind!), and comfortable as well. You can’t see it in this photo, but the back of the sports bra has a unique design that I really love too.


Hunter insisted on being in a photo too, so there’s that.

Fabletics gets a huge high five in my book! Cute, practical, and functional are my kinda style. Also, you can get your first two-piece outfit for 25 bucks! For quality clothing, you can’t beat that.

Disclaimer: I received clothing from Fabletics for free of charge. I was not required to write this post; I just love the company. All opinions are 100% my own.

Have you ever heard of Fabletics?

Are you a Kate Hudson fan?

What are your Friday night plans?

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  1. says

    You look AMAZING. You are seriously are so beautiful :) I love those workout clothes. I’m in need of new ones so am going to check out this site today! They are SO cute! And I’m in my workout clothes most of the day with my twins so I need cute things. Thanks for this post (and all of your great posts!).

  2. Claire says

    Going to have to agree with everyone else–you look beautiful! With the wind in your hair, it legitimately looks like a professional photo session ha!

  3. says

    So first of all, you are GORGEOUS, lady! And the clothes look super comfy and cute. Since I don’t usually have to go anywhere during the day I pretty much live in lounge/workout wear, so I’ll have to keep an eye out for that line.

  4. Amanda N says

    I think I’ve heard about Fabletics recently but haven’t looked into the clothing. Loving those shorts though! Have you run in them or just plan on using them for other workouts? I’ve been looking for a pair of spandex/compression shorts for track workouts but haven’t found any I’m happy with yet.

    Friday night plans consist of hanging out with some of friends watching basketball – I won’t be paying attention though. I don’t really care for basketball!

  5. Ashley says

    These photos of you are GORGEOUS! You are radiant, and that cobalt blue looks amazing on you! Fit, and absolutely stunning!

  6. says

    You look so fit after having a baby not that long ago! I hope I look that good after having a baby one day lol. I love the yellow sports bra, I don’t have any yellow items but now I feel like I need one.

    Kate Hudson is my fave. Love her!

  7. Katie says

    You look fabulous!!! :) I really love those bright colors too. I have never heard that line until now, but I’ll have to check them out since they seem in my price range! Friday night was a relaxing night & I think I went to bed at 9pm haha

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