JAVAPRO Was Made For Me

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of JAVAPRO. All opinions are my own. Thank you for your support.

Can it be true?! Protein powder + coffee that tastes like a delicious mocha all in one? Yes!

I bring to you my new favorite package of goodness: JAVAPRO!


JAVAPRO is basically a lovechild from coffee and protein powder. In other words, JAVAPRO was pretty much made for me.

This stuff is made with REAL coffee, so it tastes quality! It has 80 mg of caffeine per serving (comparable to one cup of coffee), so it comes with a great little boost of energy along with a whole lot of yumminess.

It also comes in six delicious flavors: latte, caramel, hazelnut, french vanilla, espresso, and mocha. I got to try the mocha flavor, and it’s pretty darn amazing. I mean, who doesn’t love coffee + chocolate?! (Don’t worry, I’ll still love you if you don’t.)


And let’s chat about the nutritional stats real quick. Each serving (about 1.5 scoops) is 110 calories with 20 grams of protein, 2 grams or less of carbohydrates, and only 1 gram of sugar! It’s filled with all sorts of other good-for-you vitamins and minerals too. Whoop, whoop! Can’t beat that!

Probably my favorite way to enjoy this goodness is simply with milk. After my workouts (or whenever I feel like it), I like to mix 1.5 scoops of the JAVAPRO with about 1.5 cups of milk, shake it up, and sip it down. It tastes like an iced mocha – no joke! I would never guess that there’s 20+ grams of protein in there.

I’ve also used it in Gina’s Double Chocolate Protein Muffin, and it’s a winner in there too. I like to eat this with some peanut butter on top for breakfast (yes, some chocolate for breakfast is totally a-okay in my book) or a mid afternoon pick-me-up.


If you’re a coffee lover like me, you’ll probably want to get your hands on this stuff. Just sayin’. (See where to buy JAVAPRO HERE.)

You can find JAVAPRO on Facebook HERE.

Let’s play a little “this or that”:

  • Coffee or tea?
  • Hot coffee or iced coffee?
  • Mocha or french vanilla?
  • Caramel or hazelnut?
  • Protein powder or coffee? (JAVAPRO is your answer! Good one, eh?)
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  1. says

    This sounds like something I’d really like, especially with those nutrition stats. I’m definitely a hot coffee girl, usually black unless it’s a latte or cappuccino.

  2. says

    YUP! Love it, and it has been perfect for me with yoga training! Wake me up and fuel me up, haha!

    LOVE the new site so much!! <3 Jenny rocks!

  3. Nicole says

    Peppermint tea. :)
    Iced Coffee
    French Vanilla
    I’ve mixed instant coffee grounds in my vanilla protein powder before and I love how it tastes like an iced vanilla coffee….I’ll have to skip the step and get Javapro now!! I see it at my gym – just need to stop and grab a bag and give it a try!

    • Ashley says

      Oh, it’s good! I’m not lying either! I’d definitely give it a try! If you try their vanilla one, let me know how you like it.

  4. says

    Loveee the new look of your blog! I’m a coffee lover. I love hot soy lattes, iced soy lattes, frappuccinos, you name it. I haven’t had any coffee since December (trying to stay away throughout pregnancy), but I have had cravings for sure! I LOVE COFFEE !

  5. says

    Everyone seems to be loving Javapro! I love both coffee and tea, but if I had to pick one I would ALWAYS choose coffee. Typically iced since it’s so hot down here in Florida, but there’s nothing like a good, warm cup of coffee during the winter. Hazelnut is my favorite but mocha is a close second! :)

  6. Katie says

    Coffee all the way… Tea when I’ve had too much coffee. Hot Coffee in the winter, Iced in the summer. Mocha & Hazelnut… MmM. I’m actually going to check GNC tomorrow for this stuff! I always drink a protein shake & coffee after my workout so this would be perfect!

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