05/01/14: Thursday Thoughts

1. Coffee + peanut butter solves everything. Yesterday was a tough one on the teething front. Poor baby was fussing nonstop, wouldn’t nap, and was just not himself. I think it made me cry as much as him.


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2. Speaking of my baby, he turned 13 months old on Tuesday! The little guy is turning more into a toddler by the day. The tantrums have even started making an appearance… Fun times. Winking smile


3. Oh, and the little dude is 100 miles a minute. I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like when he starts walking (which I have a feeling will be very soon). I swear he’s going to go from crawling to running in no time. He sure does keep me on my toes!

4. I have high hopes to get certified as a Les Mills Body Pump instructor in mid June! I’ve been talking about becoming a group fitness instructor for ages, so it’s about time. I’m even more excited to get certified in one of my all time favorite classes. I’m just waiting to hear back from a couple gyms, and then I plan to register for the training. Fortunately, the gym industry is HUGE in the Phoenix area, so I have plenty of gym options. A huge thanks to Annette for her encouragement and support as I’ve been seeking out this adventure. She’s pretty much the best!

5. I’ve been on a mission to find a quality but affordable washer and dryer. Our dryer we had in Utah was gas powered, and we need an electric one for our new house. Aaand our washing machine is an older front loader, and I want a top loader. I found some smokin’ deals at Home Depot yesterday, so hopefully we’ll be able to purchase them this weekend! Glad we’re about to check that one off the list! Whew!

6. Blend is coming up quick – a little over a month away! I’m so excited to meet so many new faces! I’m a hugger, so watch out!

7. I love, love, love this. Someone posted it on Instagram a few weeks back, and it was just what I needed at the time. It was a good reminder that there will always be negative people and circumstances in life, but we shouldn’t let them bring us down. Be YOU and SPARKLE!


8. I haven’t had a ton of experience with lenders, but my goodness, the one we’re working with has been a headache and a half! We have to stay on top of her like a hawk to make sure things are getting done. Hoping, praying, wishing that we get to move in the week of May 12th! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

9. The Mamma Chia giveaway is over. Are YOU the winner? Thanks for all who entered!

10. Last night we went over to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s house for dinner. They have a baby a couple months younger than Hunter, and it was SO fun to watch the two cousins play together. They would steal each others toys, talk to each other, follow each other around…it was all so cute. I have a feeling it’s just going to get better and better too.

11. Looking forward to lunch with my mama today! It’s so fun that she’s just a short drive away now rather than a day’s worth of driving. It still doesn’t feel like it’s for REAL!


What always makes you feel better when you’re having a long/tiring/stressful day?

What do YOU look for in a group fitness instructor?

Washer and dryer recommendations? (I prefer a top loader.)

Are you a “hugger” or not so much?

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  1. says

    So many exciting things in your life right now! I wish I was going to Blend so much! It makes me sad just thinking about it, but I know you will have a blast! :)

    Have fun at lunch with your mom! That mother-daughter time is so precious!

  2. says

    I attended training to become a Group Centergy instructor (Mossa version, same as Body Balance) in January. Teaching is much harder and more time consuming than I ever realized, but its so worth it. When you love a class and you can share that love with others, THAT makes an amazing instructor. I’m still working on precueing/coaching, making sure everyone can hear me on the mic, and learning names to make everyone feel welcome. I passes the video assessment, no problem. It’s incredibly rewarding and so much fun to teach! Getting new releases is the best. :) Good luck!

  3. says

    we have a top loader too and i love it – that way you can leave the top open to air it out so it doesn’t stink or get mildew – and i’m sad i can’t go to blend this year – have so much fun! itz awesome!!

  4. says

    That’s so exciting that you’re going to go through to be a fitness instructor! I think you’ll be awesome at it. Fingers crossed everything goes through the house in the timeframe you want!
    I am absolutely a hugger! 😉

  5. says

    How exciting that you’re going to teach Body Pump!!! I’ve been thinking that I want to become an instructor too lately and have looked into it a little bit, but definitely haven’t done the kind of research that I need to do. I may email you this afternoon to see what you’ve been up to! :)

    Also, I am a huge hugger. I hug everyone so I’m pretty sure we would get along just fine! 😉

  6. says

    I was just dealing with getting a new washer and dryer. I had the same dilemma of having a gas dryer but needing an electric. One piece of advice I have when looking at electric dryers, make sure you know how many prongs your outlet is/how many prongs are on your dryer plug-in. After getting our dryer, we discovered it was a 3-prong and the outlet was a 4-prong (some change companies are making I guess) and my gracious, wonderful dad rewired our dryer for us. So, just a caution to take a look!
    I am so happy for you guys that you found a new home and are getting closer to moving in! It is so exciting :)

  7. says

    It’s so good that your mum is close by now!!! Knew there had to be something with all the group instructor questions :) That’s awesome!!! Do you hope to teach a class from a gym? Wish I could go to Blend! I’ll be there in spirit!

  8. lauren says

    After a long stressful day, I like to get in my pjs. Depending on the mood, might want a glass of wine/cocktail or a cup of tea, and just chill out a little. Extra points for takeout and hgtv, but I try to save takeout for special occasions.
    House stuff is so…annoying. Our lender was great, but we still had to kind of stay on top of them. At some point I realized, sure it was the most important thing going on in our lives…but how many clients were they going through it with? Then I didn’t feel so bad prodding them along :)
    My son loves his walker toy, but if I hear “welcome to our learning farm” one more time, I might go crazy! He likes to stand, but then wants to reach down over the handle and play with the toys on it, which makes me so nervous!
    I like group instructors that make you feel welcome and comfortable, that will talk to you, but not “call you out”. It’s tough feeling like you are on display in a class sometimes. Especially if you are new.

  9. Nicole says

    After a long day, nothing feels better than to take a warm shower and hop into cozies….sweats, t-shirt, wrapped in a blanket.

    With a fitness instructor, good form/technique is important, definitely. I also like instructors who are “human” and have personalities. I teach BodyPump at a 24 Hour Fitness in SoCal….sometimes it takes a little while for your “instructor” personality to come out. It took me nearly a year of being a fitness instructor to really feel confident in who I was in front of a class.

    HUGS!! Love’em! I usually don’t give them on the first meeting….after I’ve gotten to know a person, then yes!

  10. says

    YAY YAY YAY! I am sure you will hear good things back from gyms and this will move forward. SO exciting!!! Let’s chat soon about prepping for that cert!!! 😉

    Fingers crossed you get to move in that weekend!

    ANd yep….teething is not totally fun & games :/ we’re in a similar boat–so hugs all around! Yep, I am a hugger, as you know!

  11. says

    I can’t even believe that Blend is so close! I’m most definitely a hugger, so I’m ready for ya 😉 And when I’m stressed, it’s chocolate, warm milk, and melty almond butter all the way. Either that or whatever comes out of my kitchen when I go on a baking binge, which is therapy in itself 😀

    • Ashley says

      Haha I’ll keep that in mind when I meet you! I may be tackling with you a hug anyways though. 😉

  12. Ashley M says

    I miss teaching group fitness!!! :( You will LOVE it!
    Loving the pictures of Hunter…I hope he is feeling a bit better today! Teething is so fun, for mother, or son! Enjoy your lunch with your Mom, what a blessing it is to be so close now!!

  13. says

    Coffee always perks me up 😉 Or a bath and wine :)

    I do not do many group classes but definitely upbeat and that they also participate as much as possible, I had one teacher that ate in front of us while we worked our butts off!

    Yes and no, it depends who it is. I guess I hug more now but never used to really.

  14. says

    We have a top loader that is suppose to act like a front loader, so it’s really cool!! I’m a hugger too!! Speaking of PB, I need to get some more. We’re out right now!!

  15. Amanda N says

    Ice cream or cookies….or pizza are always good after a stressful day. Or cuddling with my husband while watching a movie.

    I like my fitness instruction to be motivational but also “real” and not too peppy.

    • Ashley says

      Ice cream, cookies, and pizza are all excellent ideas for a stressful day! I love the cuddling while watching a movie idea too. I like how you think!

  16. says

    So wish I could go to Blend!! Maybe next year. Poor little Hunter (and mama!) – hope those teeth give both of you a break asap.

    And omgggg the tantrums…we are so there!

  17. Lauren says

    Your comments about the house buying process are scaring me!! I meant to comment on your last post when you mentioned the lender basically needs paperwork from your whole life! We are just starting the process of looking at houses and I don’t think we realize what we are in for…
    Hope you can get things settled so you can move soon!!

    • Ashley says

      Sorry, don’t mean to scare you! I wouldn’t say it’s a walk in the park, but it all works out in the end, so don’t you worry. 😉

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