05/08/14: Thursday Thoughts {Confessions}

We’re going about our usual “Thursday Thoughts” a little differently today. I’m going to share some confessions of mine – maybe some things I wouldn’t normally share on a regular basis or things that I just need to get off my chest. I’m linking up to Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud post today too. If you want to read a random assortment of other thoughts, make sure you check out the link-up!


Confession #1

I still feel like we’re on an extended vacation. As time goes on, it’s feeling less like a vacation and more of a “I just want to go home now” feeling. Except there’s just a tiny problem – technically we don’t currently have a home. Crossing our fingers we will officially close next week!

Confession #2

Kind of linking back to my first confession, it’s weird thinking about someone living in our (old) home in Utah. Because when I think of my home, I think of my Utah home. Except, it’s not our home anymore and there’s people living there. Weird.

CaptureSaying goodbye to our Utah home – that front porch is right where Cody proposed! Ahhh I’m tearing up now. Lots of special memories in that house.

Confession #3

My hair length is driving me CRA to the ZY lately. I haven’t cut it since November because I’m trying to grow it out. It’s in a weird in-between stage right now that tempts me to just chop it again. But, I’m refusing. I want it LONG! Not to mention it’s still in an a-line shape because that’s how it was shaped when it was shorter. I keep going back and forth as to whether I should get it trimmed and level it out, or just keep letting it go for awhile longer. Good thing it’s been up in a messy bun most of the time these days so I’m not reminded of it too much. Winking smile


Confession #4

OK, so I totally get sponsored posts. I mean, you’ve seen ‘em around here from time to time. It means a lot to me that you guys are willing to read and support this little blog of mine. I really try to space them out and throw in plenty of posts from just me with no sponsorship. So anyways, my confession: it really drives me bonkers when I start to see blogs that I used to really enjoy constantly filled with sponsored posts – like, ALL the time, almost every day. I’m about to say buh-bye to a few of ‘em…

Confession #5

I was SUPER nervous most of yesterday morning. My interview was in the afternoon, so of course I spent most of the morning with major butterflies in my stomach. I’m pretty sure I rocked the confidence thing and did well though. More on the whole thing tomorrow!

Confession #6

I really miss my Utah friends. Yes, I’m happy to be back in Arizona with family, but that doesn’t take away from missing my Utah peeps. They became my family there, so leaving them has been challenging. Now that things have settled down a little bit, it’s been hitting me more lately. Even though I grew up here in Arizona, most of my high school friends have moved to a different state, so I feel like I’m starting all over in the friend department. *sigh*


My Utah MOPS gals – miss them dearly!

Confession #7

I’m already realizing that holidays are going to be interesting now that we’re here in AZ. With three families to bounce around to, it can get kinda crazy. With Easter a couple weeks ago and then Mother’s Day this coming weekend, I’ve been finding myself feeling overwhelmed because I want everyone to be happy yet going from house-to-house-to-house gets to be a little too much. Well, it can’t happen for much longer because I want to enjoy holidays and not feel anxious every time one comes along. At the same time, I want to be fair, you know? We’ll have to figure out some sort of system for the future.

Confession #8

I wish I had all the time in the world to comment on all of y’all’s blogs, but it just can’t happen. There’s SO many great blogs I’ve been seeing pop up lately, and I want you to know how great I think you and your blog are … but, I also have a life that is beyond the computer screen. So, just remember that even though I may not be commenting, I do still try to read! Keep up the great work!

Confession #9

I’ve never been one to love long nails. They get dirt under them and get in the way. But my nails have recently become pretty long, and I’m suddenly kind of loving them! My mom gifted me beautiful and strong nails, so maybe I should start using that to my advantage and keeping them a little on the longer side.

Your turn! What are some of YOUR confessions lately?

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  1. says

    I agree with you about the sponsored posts. I understand having them, but not one after the other and then another…

    I can’t wait to hear about your interview! I have an interview this afternoon and could not sleep last night…lots of butterflies!

  2. says

    Balancing holidays between families must be hard! Alex and I both have families that are far away, so it’s not a problem for little holidays but it also means that big ones require plane tickets!

  3. says

    my confession is that I have been clicking “mark as read” for pretty much 90% of the blogs I read:/ There are rare mornings like today that I actually get to read my favorites. Life is sometimes just too busy and more important things come first.

    I’m getting my hair did tomorrow. So excited, my hair is desperately needing a cut + color!

  4. says

    my confession is that i reaaaallly need to get my toenails painted and i’m going to find a way to make it happen today! your nail confession reminded me of it haha my mom, grandma, or mothe r in law will stay with william for less than an hour while i run up to the nail salon!

  5. Heidi says

    OMG, the sponsored posts have taken over some of my favorite blogs and I can’t stand it. I have stopped reading several for that reason.

    I think your hair is so pretty at any length!! But I went through that when growing out my bangs–they’d reach an annoying length and I would be SO tempted to cut them off again! But it was worth it to be patient! lol

    LOVE your blog and love that you are REAL!:)

  6. says

    I hope you get to close next week! I’m sure your family could use some downtime with just yourselves! As much as I love comments, I get what you are saying. I am feeling as spring and summer are approaching, I have less time to spend in front of the computer to comment, not that I am complaining…

  7. says

    Love these confession posts! I relate to so many. Lately, I’ve really been missing my PA home and Chicago friends. Interview? I must have missed that yesterday. Can’t wait to hear more and I’m sure you nailed it!

  8. says

    It is hard to bounce around 3 families for the holidays! We did it last year and I promised myself not to do it again, lol. We spent the 23rd at one house, christmas eve at another, and christmas day at another. Too much driving, and my then 9 month old son did not like it.

  9. says

    Oh, too many sponsored posts drive me crazy too! I don’t mean to be a hypocrite because I do them occasionally, too, but only when they truly align with my interests. Even then, I limit it to 2 a month. I’ve unfollowed so many blogs that are just sponsored content. Ok, whew, off my soapbox 😉

    I’m sure AZ will start feeling more like home little by little- hang in there! <3

  10. says

    I don’t mind a sponsored post here and there but yep, if there are more than one (two at the most) per week it turns me off. It’s sad to because a couple of my (former) favorite blogs got really bad about it.

    I understand the whole moving and making friends dilemma. I’ve had to do it twice and it IS hard. I’ve been in my new house and city three years now and I still have a hard time finding the great friends I had in my other town.

    Holidays: you have a family of your own now and that is most important. I think it’s fine to accommodate other family members IF you can but if rushing around takes the joy out of it, you will have to put your foot down. I’m sure everyone will understand….eventually!

  11. Katie says

    <3 Seeing you lots of big hugs! I feel you in the friend department with starting over.. All my "Bffs" live hours away & I don't have many close friends ( you know the ones who can see you without makeup & at your worse) around here 😉 I will confess I'm going a little nutty about our house right now. It's slowly coming together but I keep saying " I wish I could come home & everything would be in it's place & finished"! (We still have outlet covers to put on, fans to be hung, & trim to put up) The joys of owning a home! My hair is also at a very awkward stage.. I really want to trim it back up to short but I know I'll be mad because I want long locks for the wedding! As far as the holiday thing goes… Just host them at your new house, so then you don't have to leave, Hunter can be in his home (once you get moved in!) & whoever can come :)

  12. Amanda N says

    Confession, I’ve been really unhappy in my job for a while but have stayed with it for convenience – that and I don’t want to go back full time and finding a similar part time job is tough! But good new is I have an interview next week and I’m really hoping everything works out so I can be happy while at work. Second confession, my little one turned 10 months old this week and it makes me so happy and so sad at the same time. I may have shed a tear when she started saying “mamamamama” this week, even if she isn’t saying it TO me quite yet.

    • Amanda N says

      Also, hope everything works out on the house for you so that you have your own home in AZ! I’m sure you’ll be making friends in no time – you did great with the MOPS group! Hope you hear good things back from the interview too :)

  13. says

    Get a trim you’ll feel nice and fresh. Summer is the time for short hair, Winter is for growing it out – bossiness done for the day :) Though messy buns are the way forward!

  14. says

    I’m feeling the same way with a few blogs at the moment. To be perfectly honest-I rarely even read sponsored posts. If I see one, I usually decide to just check in the next day.

    Trying to split time on holidays is tough. We have the unique situation of having both of our families about two and a half hours away from each other. Translation: close enough to see everybody; far enough away to make us stark raving mad. We have got to get a better system!

  15. says

    I agree with you on the sponsored posts. Some blogs are getting a little ridiculous. I think there is definitely a fine line with that because not all the sponsorships really align with that blog. Anyways, end of rant. I’m ecstatic today because Aiden slept through the night last night and it’s only happened one other time!

  16. says

    Totally agree on the sponsored posts. I mean, I get we like to make money but some of my favorite blogs are becoming all sponsored. And even worse, I follow so many blogs that have the same sponsor which gives me the same sponsored post multiple times….And I never liked long nails. I get a manicure every 7-10 days and always have them cut my nails and they look at me like I am insane.

  17. says

    I like this post. I can totally relate to a few of your confessions. The holidays are like that for us too and I try not to get too overwhelmed but the last few Mother’s Day we haven’t been able to please everyone and somebody always gets upset. It’s hard sometimes! We moved away 2 years ago and I felt like I was started over with friends. We are now contemplating moving back (maybe this year!) and I think I would feel that way all over again. I want to move back to my hometown to be by family, but I know it would be sad to at the same time. Oh well, I guess time will tell. I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day with your family!!!

  18. says

    I’m with you on the sponsored posts – I get the need for them, especially for bloggers that bring in a large chunk of their income from their blog. But too much is just…too much.

    And I wish I had long and strong nails! I’ve noticed a bit of an improvement over the last few months (woooot more calories and healthy fats!) but they’re still on the brittle side and crack before they get too long. Maybe one day I’ll be able to grow them out to a decent length.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the interview!

  19. says

    I honestly couldn’t imagine having to juggle that much family. I’m kind of lucky in that regard since I only have my mom and dad here on this side of the ocean, but at the same time I always wondered what it would be like to have more family and huge holidays and what not. Good and bad about both sides I guess :) And girl I feel ya on the hair frustration. I’ve got an appointment to freshen mine up in about an hour and I still have no idea how I want to do it.

  20. Alaina says

    Hate having to split holidays in between families, also, as it seems the stress is always on us to make everyone feel important (ie. we spent enough time with them). Because of this, my husband and I have done a few holidays at our home. We’ve kept it low key in order to keep the cost down for food and drink, and sometimes we just have everyone pitch in! It makes things much easier if your family is able to all be together. I know sometimes, with separated parents, that’s not always an option, though.

  21. says

    I totally hear you on the sponsored posts! Obviously, they’re going to happen from time to time but every. single. week…. is that even necessary? And about balancing holidays – you just have to set limits and stick to them! We tell our families every other year so we’re not bouncing all over the place and not even enjoying the holiday. And once we have kids, we’re telling everyone to come to us or you won’t see your grandchild 😉 Hehehe…

  22. says

    You sound crazy busy, but I am sure things will settle down! I am totally stressing over my hair too ha, not sure if I should trim it or just leave it be. Good luck with getting into your new house soon! My hubby, baby girl, and I are living with my parents for the summer, so I know how you feel :)

  23. says

    Hope things settle down for you soon and you have a new place to call home. Moving is so hard and so many mixed emotions involved! I’m jealous of your nail growing ability, my nails seriously cannot grow they peel and break.

  24. says

    I could not agree more on #4…. it definitely gets annoying. And now that I am finally starting to get some opportunities coming in, I am counting on my fellow bloggers to help keep me in check. I definitely don’t want it to become one of those blogs that people do not enjoy visiting anymore :(

  25. says

    Amen to sponsored posts getting really annoying. I try hard to not do them very often–I get having to get in some revenue blah blah blah, but every other day or several times a week? Boooooring.

    And that goes right along with the commenting/reading blogs. I just don’t have the time. And that is okay! Right there with ya, girl.


  26. lauren says

    Yup. Blatantly sponsored posts really bug me. They’re terrible to read. If you can work it in to something, sure, great…but lots of them aren’t written that way. And I know sponsors have all sorts of requirements, so it isn’t easy to get around that.
    Also, house hopping. Ugh. We hate it. Hate. My hubs has some family here, but I have both my parents sides to figure out, so we have 3 families as well. Figuring it out takes a lot of the enjoyment away. We always said we’d try to get people to come to us, but it was better in theory. It hasn’t really come to fruition yet. I always dread sharing our plans with our family, someone is always let down. Or..we end up house hopping, again.

  27. says

    Growing up, we lived in the same town as ALL of my extended family from both my mom’s and dad’s sides. For many years we did the whole, “go to one side, eat, open gifts, rush off to the other side of the family before doing it all over again.” I remember it being stressful for my parents. Then, we started just going to one side of the family for each holiday. If we went to Thanksgiving with one side one year, we did the opposite the next year. MUCH less stressful and much MORE enjoyable.

    I’m sure y’all will figure it out!

    Fingers crossed for y’all that you close on the house soon!

  28. says

    Rock that bun!! Haha! You look so cute with it! I have a bun 24/7 now, thanks to yoga every day 😉

    Oh, I feel ya on the sponsored posts. I actually turn down a lot of them, I don’t want my blog to turn into a big ad every day. I like to do sponsored posts, if it is with a brand I actually like, and I do enjoy talking about it.

    But, yeah i can’t do them a lot, I like my blog to be “me” and not sponsored posts all the time. I know people have to make money, so I get it.

    Happy weekend love! <3

  29. says

    I agree with the sponsored posts thing! I like them every once in a while; it’s a good balance, and still adds a new little flare to a blog!

    Confession: I wish I could see a few months into the future to see what life will be like.

  30. says

    I’m dying to know if we’re thinking of the same blog(s) who have sponsored posts almost every.single.day. It’s terribly obnoxious! I’m saying buh-bye to them because it’s not a blog – it’s a running advertisement for random products and it just so happens to be written by the same person. Blogs who have TONS of sponsored posts make it impossible to get to know the REAL blogger, so I don’t trust anything they say about the products. You know what I mean?!

  31. says

    I am with you about commenting on blogs. I read a lot of them, but rarely comment…I just don’t have the time…but your confession #7 caught my attention. All I can say is good luck :). We live right in between my family and my husband’s family, but they are both 45 minutes away (in opposite directions), so going to see both of them in the same day is a no go. We also have the only grandkids on both sides, so they both want to see us for EVERY holiday. Anyways, I have learned over the years that I just have to put my foot down and say no sometimes. I have also come up with some type of schedule to try and make it fair. It’s hard to do, and I have definitely upset people before (not intentionally). Anyways, that is why I say good luck :).

  32. says

    Nonstop sponsored posts drive me CRAZY as well! I understand everyone has to make a living and some bloggers rely on that, but WHY so often? I lose respect for blogs that do this too often and question the authenticity more than anything. I also think so many bloggers “pretend” to like products just to make a dime and that bothers me. You should value yourself and only promote products you truly believe in! Otherwise you’re just a glorified sales person 😉

  33. Ashley says

    Well, then I guess I should get a trim, eh? 😉 Yay for a couple interviews! Good luck! You’ll rock ’em!

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