Since My Half Marathon…

I hope all you mamas out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day! We had a great day celebrating the special mothers in our lives, and I felt very loved by my two boys. I’m waiting on a few weekend photos from family members, so hopefully I’ll be able to recap our weekend a little better within the next couple of days.

Until then, since several of you have asked, I wanted to share what I’ve been up to in my little world of fitness since my half marathon back in March.

Needless to say, there was a lot more running involved in my exercise regimen between the months of January and March.


A lot has changed since then! In fact, I haven’t been doing hardly any running at all. An occasional HIIT (high intensity interval training) run will happen, but even those are rare since I haven’t had access to a treadmill since we’ve been in Arizona. The lack of running hasn’t really been intentional … it’s more just because I haven’t been feeling it. I go in phases with running, and I think I was just “runned out” after all the half marathon training. I’m sure my spark for running will come back eventually, but until then I’ll be enjoying other forms of exercise.

Since we’ve been in Arizona (so, for the past month or so), I’ve been keeping up with exercise about 4-5 days per week. My workouts vary among circuit style strength workouts, tabata workouts, HIIT workouts, and lots of hikes and walks with my family – basically, whatever I feel like doing. For the past three weeks now, I’ve been following along with the Your Trainer Paige Bootcamp workouts which include 3 days of strength workouts, 2 days of cardio, and 2 days of rest. I’ve been loving it! It’s been nice to have some guidance without having to put too much thought into it. Not to mention the workouts are challenging but not overwhelmingly long or unrealistic. They are efficient, fun, and get the job done!


It varies a bit from week to week, but this is what an average week of workouts look like lately:

  • 2-3 days strength workout using circuits and/or supersets (~30-40 minutes)
  • 1-2 days tabata/HIIT/plyometric/metabolic cardio training (~20-30 minutes)
  • 3-4 days easy walking or hiking

This routine has been working well for me. The workouts are short and sweet, and the recreational walks and hikes are a great activity to spend quality time with my family. I’ll also say that I’m probably in some of the best shape I’ve ever been in, and as you can see, my workouts haven’t been taking over my life. Interesting how that works, eh? Winking smile

Of course my workout routine will change now that I’m getting into teaching group fitness. (P.S. Thanks so much for all your excitement and support for me in Friday’s post! You guys are the best.) From here on out, I’ll be going to a ton of classes to practice and shadow other instructors, and then I’ll be teaching on a regular basis from that point.

So there ya go, a little inside scoop into my world of fitness lately.

Hope you have a fabulous Monday!

What does YOUR fitness routine look like lately?

Do you always incorporate running into your routine, do you never run, or do you go in phases with it?

What are your favorite types of workouts? (i.e. HIIT, circuit training, running, etc.)

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  1. says

    I’m the same way…I’ve run a couple half marathons, and after each one I usually go a few months sans running mainly because I just don’t feel like it.
    Recently I’m all about Les Mills. Generally BP 2-3x/week, CXWORX 3x/week, lots of walking and stretching.

  2. says

    I go through phases with running too and I think that is perfectly normal. Right now, I’m trying to keep up with about 3 miles a few days a week, but it’s getting harder and harder. :) I know I’ll be switching to full-time walking pretty soon. :)

  3. says

    I’m glad you had a great mother’s day! Can’t wait to read more. I am like you and need to be switching things up. If I get tired of running, it’s best to just take a break. Obviously there are more ways to stay in shape :) I love that Paige’s bootcamp is short and to the point! I always love her workouts. I’ve been loving lifting and doing circuits, and I usually do those 2-3 days a week.

  4. says

    So glad you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! Since I learned that I’m pregnant with twins, my fitness routine has definitely changed a bit. I’ve stopped running and I still do cardio, but it’s all low impact now. I also use low weights, but do high reps. It’s definitely working out pretty well and as long as I keep moving, that’s all that matters to me!

  5. says

    Great job keeping up the fitness! I go through phases with running too. I’m trying to push it now since it’s hard to get to the gym, but if I had a bit more flexibility, I’d be doing more gym workouts.

  6. says

    I only do a teeny bit of running these days…sometimes none at all for weeks. Love kettlebells and spin and of course body pump and the NTC app is my go to in an indecisive slightly unmotivated mood!

  7. says

    I’m starting to build my base for half marathon training now. I was loving the T25 workouts this winter, but now that the weather is getting better, I’m loving walks outside and going to the gym more often. I have been doing spinning too. I really need to get more into lifting now.

  8. says

    Hi Ashley!
    I keep a regular routine of six days of working out a week, usually four are strength and two are cardio. My favorite way to sweat is probably teaching Les Mills BODYATTACK or Les Mills BODYPUMP, because it’s just so fun to move with the music.
    Have a good one!

  9. says

    I used to run HIIT intervals a couple days a week, but since being pregnant, I backed off on that. My workouts are very CrossFit-esque, with a main strength move followed by a circuit-style workout of the day (‘WOD’ or ‘Metcon’ in the CF world). It’s usually quick and not monotonous, since you’re moving from one exercise to the next. PS, I missed your Friday post. Congrats on the group fitness gig!!

    • Ashley says

      Thanks so much, Jaclyn! :) I love circuit style workouts too. They keep things interesting and make it a cardio/strength workout all in one!

  10. says

    nice work! i so miss running but don’t want to start again since i know it affects my body and i don’t want it to affect breastfeeding… ehhh for now walking will suffice with my lil man :) :)

    • Ashley says

      You’ll have pleeeenty of time to get back into running! I don’t think I felt like running at all until at least 6-7 months postpartum. Enjoy those walks!

  11. Amanda N says

    I’ve been doing (a lot of) only running post baby – and I just had another half this past weekend. My training was great but sometimes I wasn’t feeling it. It it paid off in the end with a new PR 7 minutes faster. Now I’d like to be able to focus on actually adding in other types of workouts to my fitness routine since I don’t “have” to run as much. I really like zumba/yoga but going to a class doesn’t fit in my schedule right now. I think I’ll be looking to try some circuits and HIIT/tabata style workouts as I think they’ll be easier to fit in.

  12. says

    I feel ya friend, I go in phases with running too! Unless I’m signed up for a race and having something specific to train for, I’m completely unmotivated. Those workouts you’re doing though sound great, keep it up! Hope you had a great Mother’s Day!!

  13. says

    running is definitely a ‘phase’ thing for me…although I don’t run at all over the winter (boo treadmill and running in the cold) so I haven’t gone running since…last fall? It’s something that I’d like to reintroduce eventually though. Right now: yoga, a bit of Physique, and lots of walking.

  14. says

    We’ve been doing pretty good for working out on vacation, which is nice!! But once we’re back home, I want to make sure I’m incorporating more strength training into my routine because sometimes I can just get into a habit of running and saying “I’ll do weights later” and then the later never happens! Sounds like you have a good routine right now!

  15. says

    Love these updates! Paige’s program sounds fabulous :)

    And YEssssss to switching to more group fitness classes! I can’t wait to read allll about your adventures :)

    My favorite way to workout? Teaching Les Mills classes!! (Pump, CX, Grit)!

    • Ashley says

      Yes, the weather definitely makes a difference for me too! I don’t mind treadmills for quick HIIT workouts, but for longer runs, I MUCH prefer the great outdoors!

  16. says

    Glad you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I’d say my routine very closely resembles your current routine. I usually do a few days of circuits mixed in with some HIIT. I’m not, nor never really have been a runner, however, there are definitely times when I get the itch for a run, and others where even the thought makes me want to gag. Ha!

  17. says

    I tend to not have a real workout “schedule” and go by more of what I am feeling than anything. I used to love running but it has been a while since I have gotten that “bug”. I think it’s because my neighborhood is so darn hilly that my legs(and lungs) are conditioned for it anymore. One workout I love at the moment is doing my weight training, tabata style. I shoot for 25 minutes and it goes by so quickly and you definitely feel the burn afterwards.

  18. says

    My fitness “routine” is all over the page right now! My work schedule isn’t very predictable so I try to fit a run or body pump in when I can. I’m not making a big deal out of it right now because I know in a few weeks, marathon training starts and I’ll wish I had some downtime!

  19. Katie says

    Lately just lots of walking & lifting when I can get it in! I always incorporate running (warm up) & then strength training! I like mixing it up all the time… running used to be my favorite but I love how “strong” I feel from TRX & classes like bodypump!

  20. says

    I took a full week off last week while on vacation and it felt pretty good! I’m anticipating being sore this week though as I ease back into Crossfit… I actually just went on an outdoor run today for the first time in ages and it felt great! Might start adding in a day of those since the mornings are so pleasant right now :-)

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