Eating All Weekend Long

I’m finally ready to share our weekend with you!

If the title gives you any sort of clue, we ate a lot this weekend. It was pretty awesome. Because let’s be real, eating food is one of my favorite things – good food in particular. We really don’t go out to eat too often, but if we have a good excuse, then I’m all about it!

First, let’s back up to Friday evening. We went out with Cody’s brother, his wife, and their adorable daughter to a great restaurant called Pita Jungle. I first discovered Pita Jungle back in the day when I lived in the Phoenix area during my high school years. It quickly became one of my favorite restaurants thanks to its mediterranean flair and tasty hummus. Throughout the last several years, I kind of forgot about Pita Jungle, so when my sister-in-law suggested it, I was all over it.

I ordered the roasted chicken atop mashed potatoes and steamed spinach and tomatoes per my sister-in-law’s recommendation. I had never ordered it before, but it’s definitely a new favorite! And wow – Delicious!


The babies were lovin’ life in their highchairs too. Thank goodness for somewhat of a loud restaurant to disguise their excited shrieks and squeals. Winking smile


Fast forward to Saturday, and we were back to eating out again. (No complaints here!) Some of our friends from Utah were in town visiting for the weekend, so we met up with them at Oregano’s – probably my all time favorite Arizona restaurant. They are known for their deep dish pizza, deliciously massive salads, tasty pasta, and the best pizookies (AKA “pizza cookie”) on the face of the planet.

I got the Oregano’s Favorite Salad with chicken. After munching on it for a solid 20 minutes, it barely looked like I put a dent in it because it was so huge.


Cody and I shared a pizookie that was devoured in 2 minutes flat. Half white chocolate macadamia nut for me, half chocolate chip for him, split right down the middle. I’m quite possessive of my half.


The rest of the day was SO relaxing and just perfect in everyway. I don’t think I can explain to you just how incredibly busy it’s been around here lately. I swear we’re constantly zooming off to this place or that, and the high stress levels that have come with figuring out the last minute details of closing on our house has just worn me out. Cody had some Mother’s Day stuff he wanted to take care of, so he took Hunter along while I got an hour of peace and quiet to myself as part of my Mother’s Day gift. Some HGTV and lazing around in my comfies was the perfect recipe for an hour to myself.

The rest of the evening consisted of some quality time with my two favorite boys Home Depot style. We picked out some paint colors, decided which ceiling fan we want in our living room, and bought a washer and dryer. Eeeeek! All of it is making me so excited to move in! (P.S. Many of you have been asking for photos. As soon as we move in and get settled, I promise I will share!)

Next comes the main highlight of the weekend – Mother’s Day!


via Instagram –> FoodNFitDiaries

I woke up to a beautiful handmade wreath from Cody and Hunter along with a super sweet card. Hunter even wrote a note in it! Winking smile Initially I thought Cody bought the wreath, but no, he made it himself! Who is this guy?! I was so impressed. It meant so much to me that he put so much time and thought into it.

We are very blessed to have three mothers here in Arizona – my mom, my stepmom, and Cody’s mom. We weren’t quite sure how the day was going to pan out, but it all worked out really well.

The first part of the day was spent with Cody’s mom and his side of the family. We went to church and had brunch over at my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s house. I didn’t take any photos, but my sister-in-law made a brunch with an assortment of some of my favorite foods – quiche, chicken salad sandwiches, berries, and chopped salad. I knew we were going out to lunch with my mom soon after, so I tried not to eat too much, but it was pretty inevitable. It was all SO good!

Next was lunch where we met up with my mom, stepdad, and brother at Tagliani’s, a delicious Italian restaurant. Another photo fail, but I ate some amazing garlic artichoke dip with bread followed by spinach manicotti. The rest of the afternoon was spent with my mama enjoying the beautiful weather in the backyard. We chatted for a couple hours while enjoying some of her favorite pie.


You’d think we’d be stuffed by this point, but nope, MORE food! Ha! P.S. I totally would’ve been freaking out about this day several years ago. All the eating?! Ahhh, so scary! But this time around, I totally embraced it, enjoyed my food but primarily focused on the company, and loved every minute of it.

Next up was dinner with my dad, stepmom, and (other) brother.


We went to Tommy Bahama where they are known for their seafood and other “island-style” entrees. I was set on getting seafood, but the parmesan crusted stuffed chicken was calling to me. I didn’t regret my choice one bit – it was a total winner!


We all split a couple slices of pineapple margarita cake that was decadent and light all in one. Typically I’m all about the chocolate, but this was incredible!


It was such a wonderful day celebrating the special mothers in our lives that helped shape Cody and me into who we are today.


And I am so thankful for the best gift ever, Hunter, who made me a mother and lights up my life every single day. Motherhood has brought me more joy than I ever knew possible!

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  1. says

    First, you look great! Second, I’m impressed that your boys made you a homemade wreath! I made three for the moms in our family, but I don’t think that would ever dawn on my husband.

    • Ashley says

      I wish you could’ve joined me too! How fun would’ve that been?! All the more reason to come visit us… I’ll take you to some of these fantastic places. ;)

  2. Ashley M says

    AWEEEEE! This sounds like such a wonderful weekend full of so many delicious meals and amazing people! What a blessing it is to BE a Mom AND share the day with THREE special ladies in your life. I have 3 Mom’s too – all play unique and different roles, but all amazing women of God. I LOOOOVE Pita Jungle. I go there every single time I come to visit my brother in AZ. Can’t wait to go back there in November when I come next!!!

    • Ashley says

      Hi Jess! I’m so glad you found my blog too! Welcome! :) And thanks so much for your comment. Have a great day!

  3. Ashley says

    I actually meant to take a photo, but then when I was editing my post, it was already late at night and it was dark. I’ll try to share when it’s hung! :)

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