Berries, Berries, & More Berries!

Berries are one of my top favorite things about summer.

Also add in grilling, swimming, being tan, lots of sunshine, sundresses, flip flops, tanks and shorts, camping, vacationing, etc. etc. Hm, you’d think I like summer or something. Winking smile

Anyways, back to the berries. I really don’t discriminate when it comes to berries. I love ‘em all – strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, huckleberries, you name it! I used to try to choose a favorite, but I’ve come to the conclusion that they all tie for first place.

I’ve been eating berries like they’re going out of style lately. And then when I saw blackberries for only 97 cents a carton at the grocery store the other day, I was convinced I was going to turn into a blackberry. 97 cents a carton? You don’t have to tell me twice. Needless to say, I stocked up! And then when I got home to unload groceries, I quickly remembered that we’re moving on Friday (yes, Friday! Yippee!). I guess that means I’ll be eating lots of blackberries in the next couple days. No complaints here!

In honor of What I Ate Wednesday, I thought I’d share my (berry filled) eats with you. No berries are going to waste around here!

Peas and Crayons


This cereal (will it ever get old? doubt it) made with chocolate whey protein powder, chia seed, peanut butter, and milk, and topped with…you guessed, it blackberries.



A cup of 2% mango CHO topped with chia and dun,dun,dun…blackberries.



I’m currently on one of my smoothie kicks. I made one with blackberries (ha! are you surprised?), strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, banana, spinach, and half orange juice/half water. It reminded me of a Jamba Juice smoothie – yum, yum, yum. Hunter shared it with me. He was a big fan too. I also had a piece of wheat toast with peanut butter and chia seed on top. Since we’re moving out on Friday, I don’t have much food right now so I’m trying to be creative with what we have left. Peanut butter toast is always a winner, I don’t care who you are.



Evidently lunch wasn’t enough because I got home from our errands starrrrving. I’ve had a thing for cheese and crackers lately, so that’s immediately what I grabbed. I had some garlic jack cheese (gives you bad breath, but it’s totally worth it) with Van’s Fire Roasted Crackers. Van’s recently sent me these crackers along with some other snack goodies, and these things are SO stinkin’ good. I can’t keep my hand out of the box. Oh, and they’re gluten free for you gluten free-ers out there.



I was SO good at taking photos of my food all day, and then came dinner. Whoops. Oh well. If any food had to be unphotographed from yesterday, you should be glad it was dinner. I made Grandma Haan’s Casserole (a spin-off of shephard’s pie), and even though it’s super tasty, it’s really not very pretty to look at. You’re welcome for forgetting to take a photo.


This was heaven in a bowl.


Nothing Bundt Cake with chocolate chip cookie ice cream. Need I say more?

Tell me your favorite…

  • …things about summer?
  • …fruit?
  • …berry?
  • …dessert?
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  1. says

    I love to pick berries and then use them on everything . I also can fruit and make jam with a few batches of fresh berries.

  2. says

    Are you sure about ALL the berries? I’ll step forward and say that gooseberries don’t rank high on my list. Or probably nowhere. My favourite part of my grandma’s gooseberry cake might very well have been that perfectly flaky, crumbly baiser topping or the whipped cream. Not so much the berries…
    Easily my favourite thing about summer is sunshine. All day long. Can we please fast-forward to then?? Oh, and can I get a bowl of heaven/ dessert, please?!

  3. says

    I am loving the berries right now, more so how they are so cheap! Strawberries in the summer are the best, but really any berry is great.

  4. says

    Ohhh I think I might need to buy some ice cream soon. Definitely one of my favourite desserts right there!
    Favourite berries are blueberries and strawberries, but really…I won’t turn down any berries 😉 And in summer, I love the sun and just being able to go outside in shorts!

  5. Katie says

    Yippie for moving on Friday!!! So happy for you :) Wish we lived closer so we could help you out!!! Summer=grilling, tan skin, iced coffee & ice cream! Blueberries are my favorite! Fruit…Apple. Dessert…Ice cream or homemade pie!

    …things about summer?

    • Ashley says

      You’re so sweet! I wish you were closer too … but more just so I could hang out with you and then Hunter and Drake could be BFFs. :)

  6. says

    I couldn’t agree more, berries are definitely one of my top favorite things about summer. Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries…they’re ALL good, I don’t discriminate! I also love grilled food! My husband is the grill master in our household and he makes some mean BBQ ribs!

  7. says

    Living in Montana I get SO excited and ready for summer! I soak up the sun, dresses, flip flops, fresh fruit & all too, then spend the rest of the year desperately waiting for them to return :-)

  8. says

    Cherry picking!! 6 more weeks!!! And then of course black cherries are my all time favourite fruit. When it comes to berries raspberries win out but all berries are SO expensive here. For a 1/2 a cup serving you’ll pay €3.50 which is about 4.80 dollars!!! Crazy!

  9. says

    Favorite berry? Currently, dried cranberries! I seriously cannot get enough of them! Yum! I’m also a big fan of blueberries too though, and those blackberries look ah-mazing! :)

    Favorite thing about summer? WARM WEATHER!! Lol. I was/am all too ready to get rid of the winter coats in favor of enjoying a warm breeze, for a change.

  10. says

    Berries are one of my favorite things about summer too! The strawberries have been so good recently that I wonder why I try to eat them any other time of year.

    I love Nothing Bundt cakes! Their pumpkin one is really really good (but I guess not exactly in season right now, haha)

  11. says

    I was driving home last week around 9 pm with a friend and we were talking about how nice it was to drive with the windows open again and how much we loved the evening/dusk weather in the summer time. I guess that’s one of my fave things about the season! Like you, I’m a huge fan of berries, too. I had a great batch of strawbs the other day and was really excited.

  12. Amanda N says

    I’m not a fan of berries at all, never have been. I’ve even been trying them recently as I have my daughter try them, and I still don’t care for them. I like jam though and can eat them as part of desserts if they’re mushed up – just don’t like them fresh or whole. I’m weird, I know. Favorite part of summer cooking is fresh corn, delicious burgers and hot dogs, and all around fresh veggies! We actually planted a garden this year so I’m excited to use product right from our backyard. Ice cream is a year round thing at our house but I love going to the local soft serve stand that has the best flavors – like peanut butter :)

    • Ashley says

      You don’t like berries?! Ahhhh, what am I going to do with you?! Kidding. It’s OK, I’ll forgive you. That also means more berries for me! :)

  13. Nicole says

    That Nothing Bundt Cakes bowl looks INCREDIBLE!!!

    Things about summer…..when I visit my bro and SIL and family in Seattle. The sun doesn’t set until after 9:00 p.m.!

    Fruit….Mango/Peaches/Nectarines. :)

    Berry….BLUE! I like the big ones that snap in your mouth!

    Dessert…..anything with ice cream!

  14. says

    I can forgive you for leaving ice cream out of your list of favourite things about summer since you ended your day with a delicious looking bowl 😛 And despite the fact that I love ALL the berries, I’d have to say that blueberries are definitely my favourite… especially in smoothies since I don’t have to deal with the seeds.

    • Ashley says

      Haha. Well, maybe I didn’t include it in my list because I consider ice cream a year-round thing. 😉

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