Three Day Weekends Rock…

…wouldn’t you agree?

Having Cody home yesterday was such a treat!

Let’s back up to Friday – my dad’s birthday! We headed over to my parents’ house after Cody got off work to celebrate my dad’s birthday.


It was the big 5-5 … double nickles as we called it. Winking smile

My sister bought some stick-on mustaches from the party store to help celebrate. It made for lots of good laughs and some pretty hilarious photos.


Hunter, however, was not a fan! He took one look at me and looked SO frightened. Ha!


My parents grilled steaks that we ate alongside asparagus, rice, and salad. My dad’s favorite, blueberry torte, was for dessert!


My dad is a huge blueberry lover, so I baked him some Blueberry Boy Bait to eat for breakfast/dessert/snack over the weekend. He loved it!


Moving right along to Saturday…

…the morning started with a Body Pump class and getting some stuff down around the house.

Then, we left Hunter with Cody’s parents and headed out to the lake for some boating with friends. Boating and water sports are probably one of my top favorite things EVER. Needless to say, I was so stoked when our friends invited us to come hang out with them on the lake.


This thing – it’s a tube called The Revolution (yes, it has a name), and it’s INSANE. The rope is connected underneath to the center of the tube, which causes the tube to spin as the boat starts moving. It feels like you’re on a merry-go-round on the water – SO fun but so crazy.

Some drinks were also enjoyed. Ever tried one of these? One of my new favorites. Yum.


We had a blast! It was so fun to catch up and hang out with good friends while enjoying a beautiful day on the lake.

I don’t have too much to show for Sunday. We tried out a new church that we think is a keeper, so we were excited about that! Another perk: it’s only five minutes away from our house. A HUGE deal considering our church in SLC was a thirty-five minute drive from our house. We are looking forward to getting plugged into a church family, so we’re hoping this one works out.

The rest of Sunday was spent over at Cody’s brother’s house with that side of the family to celebrate Cody’s step-brother’s birthday. (Told ya we have a TON of family out here. Ha!) We spent the afternoon swimming, playing with the babies in the grass, hitting around the volleyball, and eating good food. It was a fun day!

We agreed Monday was going to be more of a chill day since the rest of the weekend was so insanely busy. We did some more house stuff (it’s a constant thing these days Winking smile) in the morning, and then enjoyed some pool time in the afternoon. Hunter is already a little fish! I’m excited to take him swimming a lot this summer.


I convinced Cody to go look at some furniture later in the day, and we ended up with two end tables and a couple new lamps! Yay!

The day ended with grilled veggie pizza – the best!


I look back on the weekend and feel refreshed, content, and exhausted all at the same time. It was a busy and fun weekend, that’s for sure!

Do you enjoy boating / being on the lake?

Have you ever been tubing, water skiing, wakeboarding, etc.? Which is your favorite?

Did you do anything to celebrate Memorial Day?

What was the BEST part of your weekend?

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  1. says

    Water sports are so much fun. You are so lucky living close to family. We miss out on that by being a military family but I guess you can consider our church family close to being family. What an exiting time for you guys for a new home!!!

    • Ashley says

      It definitely has its pros and cons. 😉 I’m glad you have your church family though. I couldn’t have done it without ours in Utah!

  2. says

    What a great weekend! I love spending time on the water at my family’s cabin. Unfortunately we didn’t make it up this weekend, but I am itching to go!

  3. says

    That tube sounds great! We have a boat, but our tube isn’t that fun. I feel like you could end up sick turning in circles for a while, haha. I love your bathing suit! And you look great! What a fantastic weekend you had, full of lots of family and friends!

    • Ashley says

      I most definitely got pretty dizzy, but I never felt nauseous, thank goodness. I could only do it a few times, and then I had to take a break. Ha!

  4. says

    What an awesome weekend! Boating on the lake sounds amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever done that before, but it seems like something I should try at some point in my life. Although, we did go tubing one time and it was a blast!

  5. mia says

    Perfect weekend! You really do have a ton of family there.
    I’m so happy yall may have found THE church for you. We were so blessed to find our parish 5 minutes away too. Plus, they have a school, which may work out great once we have little ones in school.
    Happy belated bday to your Dad. Have a wonderful start to the week.
    Btw, you look so strong! You’re going to take teaching by storm. :)

  6. says

    Your weekend looked so fun, and I love your swimsuit! You’re rockin’ it! I love tubing, but I haven’t gone in forever, I really need to ha. My weekend was spent hanging out with my baby girl and my hubby. We went fishing, which was way fun. And then running and hiking. I wish I could rewind time and do it all over again :)

  7. says

    Happy belated birthday to your dad!!! Love being in the water or near it. We live on the coast so the sea is five minutes drive from me…we just lack the sandy beach!!! It isn’t too far away though..about 25 minutes! I’d love to live near a lake, would be much more consistent in terms of boating and what not! Irish waves and gale force sea breezes are a force to be reckoned with! Rocking some killer abs btw missus!

  8. says

    That’s hilarious that Hunter was scared of your mustache. Poor baby. On another note, I love those Angry Orchard ciders. They have a few flavors and they are also good. I drank them this winter a few times.

  9. says

    That picture of all you all with the mustaches and Hunter crying is HILARIOUS!!! I am sorry, I totally LOLed! 😉

    Girl, you are looking fab!! Way to rock that bod, hot mama!

    I LOVE BOATING! I can’t wait for our boat trip–it’s so soon, and I can’t wait to introduce baby L to everything lake related!!

    • Ashley says

      Haha, we were all laughing about it too. He gave me the most frightened look! I bet little Lily will LOVE the lake! I’m so jealous of your upcoming big boat vacation – it always sounds amazing!

  10. says

    I love boating/being by the lake! Maybe even more so than the ocean (I don’t like getting salt water in my eyes). My grandparents have a house by a HUGE lake in Maine and my husband already have plans to go up and visit them in July – I can’t wait for some water skiing, kayaking and grilling out on the porch! :)

  11. says

    I actually love being on the lake, but prefer to be in the boat. Although I’ll do it, I don’t find tubing fun at ALL! hahaha. I haven’t tried wakeboarding before, though.

    My weekend was low-key and awesome, including celebrating my wedding anniversary. Happy Tuesday to you:)

  12. says

    SO with you on the water sports! I have a life goal of owning a boat someday. :) Love love love it. And your swimsuit is adorable!!

    I’ve made that blueberry boy bait before and it totally lives up to its name! Esp. topped with whipped cream, YUM.

    • Ashley says

      Yes, us too! Cody and I are already planning on one in the next couple years. They are so stinkin’ fun!

  13. says

    So excited to hear you might have found a church home. Our church family has been such a blessing, especially since our actual family’s 5+ hours away. I’ve learned so much from them since we started doing life together 3 years ago. I hope you find the same.

    • Ashley says

      Thanks, Jaclyn! I hope so too. We had a great church family in Utah … hoping and praying we can find something similar here.

  14. Ashley M says

    This looks like such the perfect weekend; I am SO glad you were able to spend some extra time with family and enjoy Cody being home on Monday too! How fun! P.S. You are one hot Mama! Love that suit on you, and love those abs too! 😉

  15. Katie says

    Wow! Looks like you had a great weekend!! I’m jealous of that pool… I wish we had one of those in our backyard 😉 however with only 3 months of summer, the community pool will have to do! I LOVE being on the lake.. Haven’t been for while, since Drake was so little last year & then the summer before I was prego & had Horrrrible morning sickness the first 12 weeks. Jet skiing of my favorite!! We celebrate a lot this weekend.. Birthday’s, parades & working on the house of course. Best part of the weekend.. FAMILY TIME!

    • Ashley says

      Haha you’re sweet! My hair is naturally wavy/curly-ish, but it never does exactly what I want, so I typically add a few curls with my curling iron. I wrap a section around a one inch barrel, hold, and let it go, then run my fingers through it when I’m finished. 😉 Hopefully that helps!

  16. Breanne says

    What a fun weekend! That tube looks AMAZING!! It’s been way too long since I’ve been boating.

    You’re looking amazing!!!! Hot mama! :)

  17. says

    Ack! Tubing is SO much fun. I try and spend as much time as I can out by the lake every summer, and while I love boating, I have to admit that sea-doing is probably my favourite thing ever. The weather seriously needs to warm up here so I can go!

  18. says

    We live on a lake and used to own jet skis . We sold them and now my husband wants a boat. I am pregnant with twins, so that boat is going to have to wait a while! I do love spending every weekend and some week nights on the water .

  19. Amanda N says

    Our weekend was pretty low key as it was our first weekend with no plans in a while. My aunt/uncle were up from RI visiting my parents and they wanted to visit/see our home since they hadn’t seen us in a while and had never seen our house. We ended up grilling some dinner and having lobster (well, they did – I don’t do seafood). Sunday we did some cleaning up, went to the local Anheuser-Busch plant for a free tour (free beer!) and stopped at the kids park on our way home. Monday my in-laws decide to have a BBQ last minute so we spent most of the day over there with family. Overall, it was a great weekend – some relaxing, some good food, and family time.

    I’ve never been boating – though I’ve been in a boat once. I’m not a big water fan in general so I probably would not be a water sports fan. My husband does have his boating license but has never driven a boat!

  20. says

    I do love being on the lake….as long as it is a clean one! I fear it somewhat also though, especially now that I have kids. I hear about random drownings every weekend in the Summer and that make me nervous. Still, we will probably make several trips out this Summer….just being extra cautious!!

    • Ashley says

      I feel you on the drownings. It happens all over here in AZ. So, so, so sad. It’s just important to be on high alert ALWAYS!

  21. says

    Super cute swimsuit! I love being BY the water, but not IN the water. Like, I enjoy laying out in the sun by the water. :p Sadly, the weather hasn’t been that nice here in Oregon, so we didn’t get to enjoy any sun/water time over the long weekend. I did take advantage of the Memorial Day sales at the mall tho!!

  22. Ashley says

    Oh my goodness, you must be THRILLED he is home! Yay! I’m so happy for you. Glad you guys got a nice weekend together. :)

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