Summer is My Favorite Season to Eat

OK, who am I kidding?

I love to eat throughout ALL the seasons. Winking smile

But, I’d have to say, summer is my all-time favorite.

Refreshing smoothies, colorful salads, cold drinks, grilled everything and anything, fresh vegetables, fruit bursting with flavor, yummy ice cream… Can it get any better? I think not!

Yesterday was a pretty summery kinda day on the food front. In honor of What I Ate Wednesday (thanks for the link-up, Jenn!), I thought it’d be a good time to share my summer-ish eats with you.

Peas and Crayons


This cereal topped with blueberries. No brainer there. It’s my favorite, and it’s even more so my favorite when it’s hot outside.


I really need to mix things up on the breakfast front. I’m foreseeing a possible breakfast challenge in my future. It would involve eating a different breakfast every single day for a specific amount of time. Would anyone want to join me? Hmmm. I haven’t even convinced myself to do it yet, so don’t worry, you have some time to think about it. Winking smile

post workout drink

The blender was in the dishwasher, so I did an easy peasy protein shake made with Amazing Grass Vanilla Chai Infusion mixed with milk. Still lovin’ the Amazing Grass.



Leftover grilled veggie pizza. Duh.


Raspberries were also eaten straight out of the carton. This happens a lot around here.


We had some friends over for dinner, so we busted out the barbecue and grilled some hamburgers alongside corn on the cob and salad. Perfect summer meal right here.



Company coming over always calls for an excuse to bake something. Ghiradelli brownies did the trick. Those things are like crack.


Mmmmmm summer, I love you!

What are your favorite summer foods?

What would you say is your favorite season to eat?

Do you grill a lot during the summer? What are your favorite foods to grill? We grill everything! I love it all!

How do you eat your corn on the cob? With salt, butter, nothing, etc.? With butter and a little salt!

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  1. mia says

    I’m the same way with breakfast. Lately its been Vans power waffles with different toppings and iced coffee. Mmm!
    Sweet corn screams summer to me. That plus watermelon and slushies from the corner dairy bar. Take me back to being 7 for 5 minutes. :)

  2. says

    I agree, summer is my favorite season to eat! Food on the grill, fresh fruit and veggies…what more could you want?! My favorite foods to grill are fruit (peaches, pineapple), chicken and corn on the cob. Your dinner looked like a perfect summer meal :)

  3. says

    Corn on the cob is probably one of my favourite things about summer BBQ’s… There are roadside stands everywhere in the later summer, and we always stop by one when we’re going to the lake/park to pick up a few cobs. Grilled and topped with butter and salt? Heaven. Even if you have to spend the next 10 minutes picking kernels out of your teeth 😆

  4. Katie says

    Yum Yum Yum to this entire post!!! Oh I love summer foods… I wish the warmth lasted longer than like 3 months here!! Favorite summer foods, anything you can grill, berries & avocado, since that’s always in season at our house 😉 We grill at least 4x a week during the summer, Josh actually got me a little grill just so I can make quick stuff for lunches! :) Favorite foods to grill— kabobs, salmon, asparagus, mushrooms, peaches & pineapple! Coconut oil & sea salt on the cob please!!

    • Ashley says

      You could always move to AZ. We’re here AND it’s warm for several months! It’s a win-win. 😉 Oh my gosh, I love your idea of coconut oil on corn on the cob! I’m totally trying that next time!

  5. says

    I’m 100% in agreement with you… summer food rocks! Strawberries, corn on the cob, fresh cucumber salad, watermelon… I could go on, but I’ll stop before the drooling starts 😉

  6. says

    We really need to get a BBQ because I would love to grill veggies and tofu all the time!! Love smoothies, salads, and fresh fruits and veggies also. Farmers’ market is my fave Saturday morning activities during the summer!

  7. says

    Love summer!! Cherries, peaches, nectarines and of course Irish strawberries!!! Omelets, eggs, frittata or quiche are great ways to switch up for breakfast! Make the quiche or frittata on a Sunday night and it serve you for a few days running…love mine topped with almond or cashew butter!!! Or some smoked salmon!

  8. says

    Yes, yes yes to this post! I absolutely love summer eats… fresh fruits, smoothies, salads, grilled seafood and of course desserts – ice cream, gelato, frozen coffee drinks… ok I’ll stop there before I start craving everything. Lol! Just bought some more bananas so I can make more smoothies in the morning. I love frozen blueberries, kiwis, pineapples, greek yogurt, almond milk etc. – so mixing up diff. combos and having them all in one drink is such a treat!

  9. says

    I am SUCH a breakfast repeater, eating different versions of overnight oats everyday. I can’t imagine having to switch it up. That would be a real challenge.

    Is that pizza delivery? It looks fantastic!

    • Ashley says

      I knowwwww, it’d certainly be a challenge for me too. The pizza is actually homemade – it was awesome!

  10. Amanda N says

    Grilled corn on the cob (with a little butter) is one of the best parts of summer! That and a good hot dog, and burger, and steak tips, and veggies (okay really anything) hot off the grill. You can try to cook them indoors on a george foreman type thing but it’s never the same. I love summer foods, but I love the comfort/hot foods of winter like chili/soup/stew as well. It’s a toss up between winter and summer!

    • Ashley says

      I’m with you on the grill…it’s just not he same on an indoor George Foreman! I love grilled everything and anything too. 😉

  11. Stacey M. says

    No need to switch up that breakfast … I’ve been eating that cereal for breakfast for the past 5 or 6 months now and I’m STILL not sick of it! It’s just so easy to prepare and keeps me full for 4 or 5 hours. LOVE IT!

    I also had my very first smoothie of the summer last night (as part of my dinner) and it was fantastic. Note to self … buy more smoothie ingredients at the store this weekend. I’m think I’m going to be making smoothies a lot more often now that the weather is so much nicer and its warmer out. Perfect after workout meal!

    I also really need to pick up some watermelon. That fruit just SCREAMS summer. Waiting for prices to go down on blueberries though … why are they still so much??

    • Ashley says

      Amen to the breakfast! Isn’t it awesome?! We’ve been buying frozen fruit from Costco to always have on hand for smoothies. I mostly buy frozen blueberries, but I caught some fresh ones on sale the other day so I jumped on ’em!

  12. says

    While I do love my pumpkin and squash filled Fall, I have to give it to summer for having the best food. ice cream, berries, corn on the cob, smoothies…all favourites!
    I love grilled corn on the cob with a bit of butter, salt, and pepper!

  13. says

    Favourite summer foods are smothies, salads, grilled veggies and of course iced coffee :)

    That is a tough one, I love fall (hello – pumpkin!) and summer the most though.

    We grill a couple times a week, grilled veggies are my favourite, or chicken :) I want to try and grill fruit this year or maybe a pizza.

    I rarely eat corn on the cob but when I do just a little butter.

    • Ashley says

      I do love fall too, but I think summer still wins for me! 😉 You should totally try grilled pineapple – it’s SO good!

  14. Shaina says

    Yumo! I need a review of the chai amazing grass! Chai is my weakness so if this is good and healthy too then I need it!

  15. says

    I’m with you. I LOVE summer food! However also love every other season :-) We’ve been grilling at least twice a week for one because we love it and for two because we have no oven and basically one burner…. So grilling for the win!

  16. says

    My favorite summer food is anything in the fruit category. It alls Starts to come into season and I just want to eat all of it! Melons are probably my favorite type of fruit.

  17. says

    Can I seriously just have all of the food you ate?! It all looks so good! I think that I need to make that cereal every single time that you post it, so I guess I am just going to have to buckle down and make it ha 😉

  18. says

    Those brownies are the best!! I love fresh fruit in the summertime. Raspberries straight out of the carton are amazing, and I could totally eat a whole watermelon all by myself.

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