4th of July Camp Trip

Ahhhh! I’m exhausted. Man oh man, I guess camping will do that to ya. As much as I love camping, I would be lying if I said I loved all the prep work and clean up that goes into the whole ordeal. The quality family time, fun memories, and enjoyment of the beautiful great outdoors all make it totally worth it though. However, I will say, two nights is officially my max when there’s no running water. Sitting on my own toilet and taking a nice long shower never felt so good!

So anyways, yes, we braved tent camping with our 15 month old toddler, and of course he did amazing. Not only did he do amazing, but he absolutely LOVED it. I swear the kid was in heaven the entire weekend. Digging through the dirt, playing with rocks that he continually told everyone was a “ball”, and chasing around the dogs were a few of his favorite things. He is certainly ALL boy.


He surprisingly took really good naps (one of them was snuggled up to me, and I wasn’t complaining one bit about it), but nighttime was a little bit more of a struggle for some reason. Hunter’s wake-ups paired with noisy rain (yes, rain … I’ll get to that in a minute) and a sucky air mattress made for two nights of less than stellar sleep, but we survived.


And yes, there was definitely some major rain that happened both Friday and Saturday evening. Fortunately, we had a huge covered ramada (we were camping on our friends’ property where he had a covered area for his horses), so it wasn’t too big of a deal. It mostly just made for a noisy night of sleep and lots of muddy stuff, but hey, a little mud never killed anyone.

There was lots of eating, playing card games, chatting, four wheeling adventures, and just hangin’ out. We also wandered to “town” where they had a fun little 4th of July parade on Saturday morning. Below are several photos that family members and I captured throughout the weekend. And yes, most of them are of Hunter and some of my food, because let’s be real, those were two of my favorite parts of the weekend. Smile


“Ball! Ball!”


Breakfast burritos! Yum.


Having way too much fun!


Diiiirty after a fun four wheeling adventure!


Yes, those are DIRT lines!


Two peas in a pod!


Hard at work!


I only had about 50 of these cookies throughout the course of the weekend!


Helping Grandpa cook!




Thank goodness for Love Grown Hot Oats and Nuttzo packets!


Got my Organic Valley bag, Mom!


Sitting with Grammy & waving the American flag at the parade!


Amazing photo by my cousin, Kirsten!

An absolute blast of a weekend with friends and family – we are blessed!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend too!

What did you do this past weekend?!

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  1. says

    So brave of you trying out Hunter and camping, not sure I”d be that brave :)

    We did lots of packing for the upcoming move (I just pack then DAn moves the boxes into another room, it is a fun process) and we did a fun afternoon and dinner date for our anniversary. Fun packed weekend all around :)

  2. says

    Hunter is definitely having a blast in all of these photos! I’m not a huge camper – I need my running water and AC at night 😉 Although getting out of the city is always nice. So glad you had a great weekend!

  3. says

    Sounds like fun!! I don’t think I could handle anymore than 2 nights either!! I’d definitely prefer camping where there was at least public showers and bathrooms, but even then might be pushing it haha!

    We had a wedding on Saturday night, which was good. We brought Nia with us, so it was nice to get out as a fam, but also limited how late we stayed!!

    I was actually thinking about those hot oats this morning, and was seriously going to get some from the grocery store when I went in 30!! haha

  4. says

    It looks like y’all had a blast, getting dirty and all! We keep talking about a tent camping trip but I’m not sure I could do more than one night. This girl needs to be able to shave her legs….daily!!

    • Ashley says

      Haha I’m impressed you shave your legs daily … even when not camping! I guess I’m just lazy. 😉

  5. says

    Your trip sounds fun, but I agree with the 2 night limit. I spent my entire weekend working (taught 15 total classes), so it wasn’t exactly fun and relaxing. There was some good neighborhood pool time, though!

  6. says

    O wow, so much fun! 4 wheeling looks like a blast, haha being dirty is all part or the camping experience, right? 😉
    I’ve only been camping once, but it was during the fall and we rented a cabin with a nice cozy fire, but I would love to do it again!

  7. says

    Looks like you guys had a TON of fun! That is why I never go, it feels like too much work for me! But it is probably worth it for the fun :)
    We went to the farmers market, had a picnic, went a birthday and just hung out this weekend :)

  8. says

    I had an awesome weekend with some friends visiting me from Florida. We went all around San Francisco and had a great time together. The dirt lines on your body are hilarious. Looks like such a fun weekend!

    • Ashley says

      Hahaha! Nope, he’s taken! 😉 Quite a bit younger than you too, but he sure doesn’t look it, I know!

  9. says

    All those pictures of Hunter are adorable. It looks like you guys had a great weekend!

    Our 4th of July got rained out but the weather the rest of the weekend was amazing. Saturday my husband and I took our dogs on a hike and went paddleboarding with them, it was really fun!

  10. says

    Sounds like you had so much fun! We started the holiday weekend with a race on Friday morning and lots of relaxing the rest of the time. My sons went skydiving as part of my oldest son’s bachelor party activities!

  11. says

    That last photo is amazing! What an adorable little guy. I’m glad you guys had fun! I seriously love camping but Eric hates it (not an outdoors guy) so I don’t go too often anymore. The 4-wheeling looks like so much fun!

  12. says

    Oh girl, you’re brave! I’m so glad y’all had fun.
    Who knows, dirt lines could be the next big thing!?! Healthier than tan lines, eh? 😉

  13. says

    Those pics are sooo Adorable! Hunter is such a cute lil guy! :-) And yea, I don’t think I could handle more than one night of camping, with a little one – lol! Hubby and I spent the wknd in VA to see the Botanical Gardens and other sites – it was our little Ethan’s first overnight stay at a hotel. For a very active 5-month-old, he did Great thankfully, and even slept through the nights pretty well. BUT the naps were a different story – practically non-existent this wknd. Lol. So it was fun and exhausting – can’t imagine battling not having running water too! Kudos to you both & glad you had a blast!

  14. says

    Omigosh those shots of Hunter are just too freaking cute! And you’re definitely giving him some awesome freaking memories 😀 Camping with my parents was one of my favourite things ever, but I have to agree that it’s SO much better when you’re younger and don’t have to worry about all the prep work… and lack of running water 😆

    • Ashley says

      Haha! You’re the sweetest – thanks! It was definitely more tiring than what camping was like before little man was around, but it was even more fun! :)

  15. says

    Ok, I don’t know if I’m encouraged to try camping or even more scared, haha–it’s the nighttime sleep that worries me the most! But major kudos to you for going for it–sounds like it was worth the trouble! The pics of Hunter are all so darned sweet–his little teeth!!!! :) :)

  16. Katie says

    I hear you with the camping prep, We actually decided to skip our camping weekend & just go for the day to visit family… This last week has been all play, little naps & super late nights which is all fun, however I need to get back to routine! 😉 You know US type A people love that! Friday night we had our own fire, roasted s’mores (Drake ate his weight in them) & watched fire works from our house. Pretty great weekend, however today I’m exhausted! Love all the pictures from the weekend…Hunter & Drake would be best buddies!

    • Ashley says

      Ahhh it all sounds like so much fun! I hear you on the need to get back to a routine. Hope you’re able to experience some normalcy this week. :)

  17. says

    Yayyy looks like you had so much fun!!! I’m so not a big camping fan, but this actually looks fun! :) Maybe I should give it another shot- it HAS been years since I’ve been camping! Your boy is such a cutie, too!


    • Ashley says

      I think for me, I just have to get over my usual luxuries and recognize that it’s only temporary and the quality time with family in the great outdoors far outweighs the stuff I’m missing for a couple days. :)

  18. says

    Sounds somewhat similar to our weekend. Sleepless nights in a tent, small town parade. We didn’t have the rain or the four wheeling though. Looks like fun!

  19. says

    okay that car onesie Hunter is wearing is too much!!! I haven’t camped in years but this makes me want to go again sometime soon…our favorite camping food is pudgie pies which are basically bread with pie filling cooked in a little skillet clamper thing (ha hard to explain). So glad you guys had fun and that Hunter loved it :)

    • Ashley says

      Yes! I LOVE pudgie pies! We weren’t able to have a campfire (boo dry AZ), so we couldn’t do them, but they are some of my favorites.

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