Currently (5th Edition)

We’re going to bust out a new edition of what’s currently going on around here today. Who knows who originally came up with this fun little survey – let me know if it was you so I can give credit where it’s due!

Current Book:

Yikes. I really need to get back into reading. To be totally honest, reading has never really been my “thing”. But, I know it’s a good thing for my brain and my vocabulary, so I try to consistently read a little bit each day. When we moved, I got out of the habit, and I never really got back into it. I suppose a good book would be the right place to start, so if you have any suggestions, send ‘em my way!

Current TV Show:

Scandal. I’m obsessed. The show leaves me with all sorts of conflicting emotions at times. Sometimes I don’t know how I feel about it, but it keeps reeling me back in. We’re already almost halfway through season 3 … about time to start thinking about a new show again. I’m hoping the latest season of Parenthood or How I Met Your Mother (I’m super curious about how the show ends!) will come on Netflix before we finish Scandal.

Current Excitement:

Our California beach vacation that’s happening next month! In fact, one month from now we will be on the beach, and I will be in heaven. It’s been a long while since we’ve enjoyed a nice beach vacation, and I cannot wait. The beach is my happy place.

Current Exercise:

BODYPUMP. Bet that didn’t surprise you much, eh? Winking smile Still loving every minute of it! I’ve been teaching about 3-4x/week between my own classes and picking up sub classes. I hope to have my assessment video recorded and submitted within the week – woot!

Current Nail Color:

Coral. I’m back in one of my nail painting phases again. It comes and goes.


Current Song:

Where It’s At by Dustin Lynch

Current Bane of My Existence:

Humidity. I don’t know how you southerners/midwesterners do it. Monsoon season has officially begun around here which means lots of thunderstorms and hot, humid weather. I swear I sweat buckets every day! Gross.

Current Food:

Pancakes, pancakes, and more pancakes. I don’t know what it is about them, but I’m totally diggin’ them lately. Flapjacked is where it’s at, yo!


Current Drink:

Like I mentioned last Friday, I’ve been loving iced coffee lately. But even more recently, I’ve been loving Arnold Palmers. We had a bunch of unsweetened iced tea + pink lemonade leftover from our party on Saturday, so we mixed them together and have been enjoying it as an Arnold Palmer. Super refreshing on hot summer days!


Current Indulgence:

My mom’s lemon squares. She made them for our party on Saturday, and I’ve been loving the extras she left with us. Lemon desserts are right up there with chocolate desserts in my book. Yum.


Current Outfit:

White shorts (Hollister – old), flowy blouse (Gap), gold flip flops (Old Navy).


Current Photo:

Love him.

Tell me your current…

  • Book? (Help! I need some ideas!)
  • TV show?
  • Exercise?
  • Excitement?
  • Food/drink?
  • Nail color?
  • Song?
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  1. says

    I share a lot of the same currents as you here….loving coral, arnold palmer, pancakes, and I LOVE that blouse! SO cute! I need a new tv show as I have been watching Breakout Kings on netflix, but only have 2 left so need something else. Have a wonderful week! My current exercise is….running, any surprise there haha? I actually am enjoying yoga a lot too though!

  2. says

    I’m currently reading Unbroken – it’s about Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner and WWII hero. I’ve read it before but his recent death (at age 97) and the release of the trailer based on the book (movie in DECEMBER!!) I decided to read it again. It’s a great book and I really recommend it!

  3. says

    Love your outfit! I seriously need to invest in a good pair of white shorts — all mine are either jean or black. And I’m currently going through a bare nail phase because I got kind of sick of dealing with chipping all the time. Actually, I’ve been using a clear nail strengthener instead, and my nails have been growing like weeds 😯

  4. lmm831 says

    Book? Top Secret Twenty One by Janet Evanovich. But I highly recommend Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
    TV show? No TV here
    Exercise? Walking and stair climbing
    Excitement? Going to Indy for the race next weekend
    Food/drink? Green Tea
    Nail color? My toes and teal blue
    Song? NA

  5. says

    Love this!!
    Book? I need some ideas, too!
    TV show? Night Shift (this week is the
    Exercise? My bootcamp class!
    Excitement? Baby prep!!
    Food/drink? Pink lemonade
    Nail color? Hot pink on my toes!
    Song? Drink to That All Night (remix)…it’s been my warm-up song in spin class for the past week.

  6. says

    Hi Ashley. This is a fun little snapshot into your life. I’ve got a book called “Beautiful Ruins” that I started reading on vacation a month ago. It’s really enjoyable, but I’ve been to busy to pick it back up. Definitely my favorite current show is the second season of “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix. Exercise – BODYATTACK and weight training! Since I started teaching ATTACK it’s taken over the number one spot in my Les Mills love list. Have a great day!

  7. says

    Book: A Long Obedience In The Same Direction (Eugene Peterson) . Only started it a couple days ago, but I’m loving it and can tell I will be growing in my faith because of it!

    TV: Gossip Girl reruns on Netflix while I work out in my garage. Trashy, but it’s sometimes the only thing that gets me out there to work out!

    Exercise: Low impact everything, thanks to a freaking ankle injury.

    Song: Leave The Night On (Sam Hunt). OBSESSED.

    • Ashley says

      I should check out the book you’re reading – sounds like a good one! Sorry to hear about your ankle injury. Injuries are never fun. :(

  8. says

    I love all lemon flavored desserts! Have you tried the lemon Oreos? They are amazing!

    I miss the days (age and body wise) that I could wear short, fitted shorts and not look inappropriate. The joys of being in your mid 30’s……and pregnant, lol!!

  9. says

    I was never a big reader growing up. I always blamed the fact that I was forced to read which brings out my inner rebel…lol! As I’ve gotten older, I definitely enjoy that quiet time more often. I definitely go through spurts when I really enjoy reading and will not put down a book until I’m done with it. I made a goal at the beginning of this year to read 6 books this year and I’m almost there already which I think is pretty good!

  10. says

    Love that outfit! Nails – currently grubby! Hair..on top of my head! Pretty skirt makes up for it though! :) You should check out my lemon squares that went up today! Current cream!

  11. says

    I need a good book too! I just finished the last Hunger Games book (Mockingjay), and I don’t know if I’m ready for another fiction like that or just a good pump-me-up or motivational book. I like what you said about good for your brain and vocabulary. Love that!

    Can I please come on your vacay?!??! We need one. It hasn’t been the hot summer here I was hoping for after our brutal winter!

    We totally need a new show now too. Or some good movies!

  12. says

    I’ve been reading a lot of Emily Giffin lately – she’s great if you want something very chick lit-ish and easy reading! Perfect for summer or just relaxing in general.

    Lately, I’ve been watching the second season of Orange is the New Black (which is amazing!) and watching old seasons of Lost – I never watched it when it was on TV, so I’m catching up now and really enjoying it!

    • Ashley says

      I keep hearing good things about Emily Giffin – need to check her books out. Ohhhh LOST…we got hooked on it a few summers back. So good! At least the first few seasons…the last couple seasons weren’t my favorite.

  13. says

    We are always Netflix twins! :) I love Scandal and am waiting on that new season as well as parenthood and HIMYM too! It is pretty raunchy, but we are really into House of Cards right now! It is super intense and you have to pay attention, but it definitely keeps you intrigued!

    I am trying to really get back into reading too! I am going to start reading Tim Lahaye, but I want some light reads for my beach vacation that is coming up!

  14. says

    I’m actually heading to the library today to hopefully find a new good read. The last few I’ve picked up have been horrible! Uh, humidity! We have very high temperatures here but it’s a dry heat. Much different than humid for sure!

    • Ashley says

      It’s mostly very dry here, but for several weeks every summer we get humidity during monsoon season, and it’s something I can never get used to!

  15. says

    I love reading!! Here are some I’ve liked lately: “Unbroken” “Orphan Train” “Divergent” <–if you haven't read it yet "The Last Camellia" and "The One and Only"!! I am a book nerd!!

    Yay PUMP! I've been loving it too, good luck on your video!!!

  16. Alaina says

    Book: Anything by Emily Giffin!!!
    As for the remainder of the survey, nothing good enough to share. 😉

  17. says

    Ahh, so envious of your Cali trip!! We went there last March and I’ve been dying to go back ever since. We’re thinking of a SC beach vacation in September:)
    Yeah, humidity is gross right?!

  18. says

    My husband loves “That’s Where It’s At” and so do I! He sings it to our daughter all of the time and she just smiles and giggles. It is the cutest thing ever! I need to watch Scandal, I hear it is so good but I have so many series to watch ha. I’m overwhelmed 😉

  19. says

    Drink – Diet Coke. So bad for me but I’m pregnant and it’s summer and I live in WA state – we don’t have AC.
    Book – Check out Bill Bryson’s stuff for humorous travelogues.
    Exercise – Running when the weather permits, or DVD workouts at home.

    I love summer, but I always feel pressure to do it “right” – whatever that means!

  20. Nicole says

    •Book: I’m right there with you – I need ideas!
    •TV show: I don’t know what it is, but lately, I’ve been watching, “Top Gear” on BBC America. Something interesting about the British and how they analyze cars.
    •Exercise: BP! I taught release 90 for the 2nd time this morning and I have a class after work tonight, too! Two-times Tuesday!! :)
    •Excitement: My dad, bro, and I just booked a tour to Italy in November. Super excited to travel!
    •Food/drink: Food: Quest bars! I tried the Cinnamon Roll flavor this past weekend – thanks to your recommendation!! -and LOVED it! Thanks Ashley!
    •Nail color: Right now, they’re bare, but two days ago they were baby pink.
    •Song: Miss Jackson, Miss Jackson, Miss Jackson, Miss Jackson…… :)

    Yay for your upcoming vacation!! Woooohooo!!

      • Nicole says

        I like Release 90 – it took awhile to grow on me, to be honest! I am usually enamored with the shoulder track, but this time I had to fall in love with the “work” of the track first before tolerating the music. I really like doing tricep extensions and I’m glad they brought them back for this release!

        What are your favorite tracks to teach in this release?

        • Ashley says

          I totally understand what you mean. A few of the songs took awhile to grow on me too, but I’m liking it all quite a bit now. I especially love the triceps and lunge tracks!

  21. says

    1. The Divergent series (I’m on Allegiant.)
    2. Gone Girl (A thriller/mystery that’s being made into a movie starring Ben Affleck!)

    TV shows
    1. Dexter (funny/dramatic show about a serial killer who only kill other serial killers)
    2. Damages (A lot like Scandal but is more about a private practice law firm. Stars Glenn Close and Rose Byrne.)
    3. The Following (Mystery/suspense show starring Kevin Bacon. He’s a former FBI agent who’s tracking down a serial killer’s “followers” who are killing others.)

    1. Iced French Vanilla Protein Coffee –

    1. “Get Low” by Dillon Francis
    2. “Dear Boy” by Avicii
    3. “Boom Clap” by Charli XCX
    4. “Earthquake Weather” by Matt Nathanson
    5. “Nirvana” by Sam Smith
    6. “Under the Same Sun” by Ben Howard

  22. says

    What a fun idea for a post!! Your little guy is too cute! :) And I’ve been obsessed with iced coffee lately, too! I’m reading (errr… trying to read… it’s REALLY hard with a baby!!! Ack!) the Divergent series- I’m on book 2 and enjoying it! I also have “Where’d You Go Bernadette” in my kindle queue, next in line to read! :) You know, in like a year when I finally finish this one, ha! 😉


  23. says

    Love your outfit! I’m not sure if you read The Fault In Our Stars by John Green yet, it’s a really great book, but you may find yourself sobbing uncontrolably at times. Also, I am presently reading Run Or Die by Kilian Jornet (you know, the uber famous runner? lol)… IT’S AWESOME!!!! xoxo

  24. Sharon says

    I’m a big fan of books on Buddhism, and am completely addicted to the Bachelorette. Love sorbet in the summer, and just found a fast dry bright red nail polish. Been doing a lot of Core Fusion, and have been hearing so much about Body Pump. No classes easy for me to get to – so ordered the at home program. Hope it’s a fraction as fun as the classes sound!

    • Ashley says

      I’m going to be so bummed when it’s over! Yes, I love Parenthood too. I’ve seen all the seasons up until the last one that aired … I’m impatiently waiting for it to come on Netflix. 😉

  25. says

    First off, I love this post! It’s great and I may just need to steal it for my blog as well. If you don’t mind, of course 😉

    Books: I read We Were Liars and it was fabulous! Super quick read too!!

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