Staying Active During the Holidays

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Hope you’re having a great start to your week! I’ve been running around like a hot mess trying to get my life back in order after our weekend away and prepare for Christmas parties, so I’m letting my blog friend, Ashley (<—I knew I liked her right away from her name Winking smile), take over for today. She leads a fun life in San Francisco, and she’s very well educated and experienced in the world of fitness. I hope you enjoy what she has to share with you today. Head on over to check out her blog, A Lady Goes West, while you’re at it! I hope you have a wonderful day, and I’ll be back tomorrow!


First of all, I don’t want to confuse you. But I’m Ashley, and I’m also a BODYPUMP instructor and a healthy-living blogger.

I’m so excited to get a chance to introduce myself to you all here on My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries. You see, Ashley found my blog, A Lady Goes West, when she was looking into what it would be like to attend a BODYPUMP initial training. After a few comments here and there on each other’s sites, we became fast blog-friends, and I feel like I know her so well. But funny thing, we’ve never actually met in real life!

A little bit of background about me. I’m a personal trainer, Les Mills group fitness instructor and a writer. I started A Lady Goes West, when I moved with my husband from Florida to California about two years ago. We live in downtown San Francisco, and on A Lady Goes West, I write about fitness, food and all of the fun we have living in the City. (No kids yet!)

Ashley at A Lady Goes WestHere’s a rare shot of me not in workout clothes out on the streets of San Francisco.

But today, because it’s the holiday season and nothing but temptations and days off are upon us, I thought I’d share a little motivation to keep you active. There are tons of posts all over the Interwebs about how to avoid indulgence at holiday parties, but I think the most important thing to remember is to keep on moving. And trust me, just like you, I’d rather lay around in my pajamas during a cold winter break, but I know from experience that movement is medicine.

Top five ways to stay active during the holidays via A Lady Goes West

Top five ways to stay active during the holidays

1. Take family walks. This might seem so simple, but you may have to be the instigator in your family. You could take a post-breakfast walk, a before-dinner walk and definitely an after-dinner walk around your neighborhood or town to get your blood flowing. When I visit my family in Florida, my Mom and I always go on walks together. Not only for the exercise, but also because it gives us a chance to chat with each other with no distractions. No TV, no phone, just conversation and movement.

2. Bring your laptop, and try a new short workout video. I always travel with my laptop, not only because I like to keep connected for my blog, but also because I can use my laptop in nearly any space to get in a short workout. I like to browse through the short POPSUGAR workouts and even YouTube for a few quick sessions I can do at home. Of course, you can also use you a tablet or anything with a monitor to view the workouts. For so many videos, all you need is your own bodyweight and a few square-feet of space, so you’ll be fine without any equipment.

3. Play a game. Do you have younger cousins or children who are always going outside to play? Maybe you can set up some good bonding time by heading outside to throw a ball around or play a game of tag. The activity that you do over the holidays doesn’t have to be categorized as exercise, it could just be plain old fun. (And if you live in a cold climate, you can either bundle up or move the games inside.) This is a good chance to incorporate your pets too, because you know dogs loving running around after anyone willing to participate.

4. Set a fitness date. If you’re visiting family or friends, what’s a better way to spend time with them then getting in a little sweat session? While I usually meet my friends for a glass of wine or a mug of coffee, sometimes I like to switch it up and invite them to hit the gym. Perhaps there’s a new group fitness class you’ve been wanting to try. Well, bring someone along and then grab something healthy to nibble on afterward. You may not be able to talk too much during class, but you can definitely swap stories before and after. And have you tried BODYPUMP yet?

5. Make everything more physical. If you go grocery shopping, try using a hand-basket instead of a cart to work your arms. Take the stairs rather than the escalator when you hit the mall. Avoid the moving walkway at the airport and march your way from terminal-to-terminal. Park your car far away from the entrance of the store, so you have to walk a longer way to the front door. Do some active chores around the house or even help out by doing some yard work. There are tons of ways to add some steps and activity to your daily routine, and the holiday season is the best time to do it.

There you have it. While I won’t be maintaining my usual schedule of teaching and taking group fitness classes over the holiday when I’m back in Southwest Florida visiting my family for the week, I will be walking, playing and doing plenty of short bodyweight sessions via my laptop in my pajamas.

Okay, folks. Most importantly, enjoy your holiday season. If you’re able to be with some loved ones, then soak up their company and don’t fret over getting in an official workout. A little bit of activity each day is all you need and if you take some of the tips from above, you may even have a little fun doing it.

Thanks for letting me stop in and share with you today. If you’d like to stay in touch with me for more fitness and fun posts throughout the year, feel free to follow me here:

Have a wonderful rest of December! And go be active!


Questions of the day:

What’s one way you plan to be active over the holidays? Do you have a favorite outdoor game to play?

My Lorna Jane Holiday Wish List

As y’all know, I teach group exercise classes almost on a daily basis. This gives me a great excuse to wear workout clothes basically 24/7, and I’m not complaining one bit about it! There’s so many cute looks and styles out there these days that are both comfortable and stylish that it’s no wonder I choose to stay in my workout clothes all day…even after I get sweaty teaching classes.

I was so excited to try out a couple of Lorna Jane pieces recently as I’ve been eyeing their line for awhile now. They have some of the most unique and cutest stuff out there! I think one of my favorite things about Lorna Jane is their fashion-forward style. It’s awesome gym apparel, but you can wear it out and about to run errands just as well.

I thought my expectations were fairly high before I received my Lorna Jane outfit, but both the tank and the tights blew my expectations out of the water. The tank is a beautiful pink color that is super flattering, especially for someone like me with a small bust. It has removable pads to help lift and shape you a bit if you need help in that area. ;) Otherwise you can just remove them!

I also LOVED the back detail of this top – very unique and a great way to show some skin while still maintaining some modesty.

And these tights… Can I live in them please?! They hug me perfectly in all the right places, they are thick and quality fabric, and talk about being comfortable!

Naturally I decided to shop around the Lorna Jane website a bit to see what other pieces stuck out to me. Just to warn you, it’s kind of difficult not to love everything.

Here are a few Lorna Jane items I’m adding to my holiday wish list this year:

Biometric F/L Tight

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been all about the patterned workout tights and capris this year. They add such an element of “fun” to your outfits and workouts! I especially love that these Biometric Tights have a “wet look” print to make them extra unique. A few other perks that stand out to me about these is that they’re shrink and fade resistant, wick moisture, and are quick drying and breathable.

Cecile Excel Tank

I thought this tank was such a pretty color! I also love the flattering design of the front and back. It seems like it’d be a pretty versatile tank that I could wear for almost any kind of workout which is another huge plus to me.

Monroe Hoodie

A girl can never have enough pink! I love the striped pink and white pattern on this hoodie along with the cute button details at the top. I have a feeling this would be a piece I’d be wearing constantly this winter. I could wear it with jeans or leggings as a casual outfit or wear it over my workout clothes to get me to and from the gym.

Mix Up Run Short

We all know I haven’t been into running much lately (and if you didn’t know, well, now you do), but I still kept coming back to these cute run shorts. I’m all about the striped pattern, and I love the design and style too. The wide elastic waistband and small back pocket also appeals to me.

2015 Move Nourish Believe Diary

I was actually sent this diary to check out for myself, but I had to add this one to my list because it’s something I think every girl should own for the upcoming new year.

I’m SO excited to start using this come January 1st. My Type A planner self gets all sorts of giddy with this kind of thing.

This is easily one of the best planners I’ve ever seen.

A few of my favorite things about it…

…it has a place for you to make a vision board to help you accomplish your goals.

…it has plenty of space to write various activities and reminders for each day. I write EVERYthing down, so I especially love this.

…it has lots of healthy and delicious recipes and meal/snack ideas scattered throughout the planner to encourage us to feel our best.

There’s so many other great things included as well, like uplifting quotes, health challenges, and other life tips to help us be the best versions of ourselves.

Not only do I love Lorna Jane’s adorable workout attire, but I am also such a fan of the positive message they portray to women. They are all about getting the most out of life, feeling positive and fulfilled, and being your best self. Lorna Jane has a great website called Move Nourish Believe that includes some great articles to help encourage you to live your life to the fullest.

A couple articles from the site that caught my eye that also may interest you:

Lorna Jane has stores in CA, WA, OR, AZ (whoop!), TX, NV, and is coming to the East Coast in 2015. You can find your closest store HERE or get to shopping right away on

You can check out Lorna Jane on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.

What Lorna Jane pieces would you add to your holiday wish list?

How many days per week do you typically wear workout clothes?

What are some ways you are going to be the best version of yourself?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Lorna Jane.

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