My Total Body Conditioning Class + A Workout

You guys are the best! Thanks so much for your sweet texts, tweets, and comments yesterday. At least you got a yummy recipe out of it, right? Winking smile

Thankfully, yesterday was a MUCH better today. Actually, it was a really good day. Take that Monday!

Something I haven’t talked a whole about here on the blog is my Total Body Conditioning (TBC) class I teach every Wednesday morning. I compare it to a bootcamp class because that’s essentially what it is – a mix of strength, cardio, and core typically done in a circuit format. I know I give Les Mills (specifically BodyPump) a lot of attention because to be totally honest, it’s my favorite! My TBC class is still super fun though. I like that it’s a freestyle class so I can have fun prepping for it with my own fitness knowledge and experience.

My TBC class is totally different than BodyPump. The major differences being: 1) it’s a freestyle class that I plan; 2) it’s not choreographed or done “on beat”; 3) it’s typically done in a circuit style format; 4) I don’t do the entire workout with my class; 5) it’s a mix of strength training and cardio.

Here’s the workout I have planned for today’s class:


Here are how-to links for the individual exercises:

While it’s totally fun, I feel like I’m in a little bit of a “rut” with it lately. I’m in need of some new moves and exercises. (Our equipment in the group fitness room is limited to barbells/plates, super small dumbbells, and resistance bands.) So, I’d love to hear your feedback!

(Please answer the below questions as a group fitness participant, not an instructor.)

Which do you prefer: choreographed classes or freestyle classes?

What kind of music is your favorite to listen to while doing high intensity workouts?

In a bootcamp/circuit style class, do you prefer the instructor walking around and giving instruction/encouragement/tips OR doing the workout with you?

What are some unique exercises you’ve done lately that I can incorporate into my class?

Thanks so much for your feedback! Let me know if you try out the above workout. It’s a doozy!

Have a wonderful day!

Gym Fashion

Alternate post title: I want an excuse to buy more workout clothes.

Gym fashion – is it really a “thing”? Absolutely! At least in my little world since workout clothes is what I wear 80% of the time. And then there’s those days that you don’t even go to the gym nor do you actually workout, but you don’t feel like getting fully ready and still want to be cute. I know you can relate. P.S. Today is totally one of those days for me.

So, we’re talking “gym fashion” around here today because everyone needs some cute workout attire to add to their clothing repertoire. I simply want to share a few of my favorites, some outfits I wear on a regular basis, and other tips to step up your gym fashion a bit.

Selfie alert! There’s lots of ‘em in this post! Winking smile

Let’s start with tops and bottoms ‘cause you know, you gotta have those. Oh, and we’ll throw in some of my favorite shoes while we’re at it too.

I typically stick with capris or shorts for my workouts, and almost always a tank top. Below are a few of my favorites:


Fabletics Lima Capri in Taos Print with Reebok One Cushion shoes


Fabletics Lima Capri in Mulberry & Fabletics Norwalk Tank in Black/White with Under Armour shoes


Target tank top & Fabletics Suva Run Short II in Black Taos Print with Reebok ZQuick shoes


Fabletics Oula Tank in Cobalt & Fabletics Lima Capri in Black Camo with Reebok SubLite shoes


Fabletics Moro Short in High Intensity, Under Armour tank, Garmin Forerunner 110, & Under Armour shoes


 Puma FormLite XT Training Shoes

FYI: You can see more of my workout outfits on my Instagram account!

The key to making an outfit a winner is 1) it’s flattering to your body type; 2) it’s colorful!; 3) you feel confident in it.

Other tips to spice up your look:

  • Add accessories such as a sports watch or fitness bracelet.
  • Wear a cute headband, use fun hair ties, and/or do a fun braid in your hair.
  • Layer it! Wear a bright and/or patterned sports bra under a tank.

Don’t you think Hunter totally has the gym fashion thing going on?


(Bottoms are optional.)

Make it a great day friends!!

What stores/brands are some of your favorites for workout apparel?

Are you more of a capris or shorts person? Tee or tank top? Mix of both?

How do you wear your hair when you workout?

Bright shoes or neutral shoes to workout?

Disclaimer: Believe it or not, none of the above links are affiliate links. I simply linked up to help YOU if you especially loved anything in particular. The stuff that isn’t hyperlinked is because I couldn’t find it online. Some of the items above were sent to me from the company and some I have bought with my own money. I did not write this post because a company asked me to do it, but because I truly love this stuff.

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