Baseball Circuit Workout

Yesterday was a real fun one on the group fitness front. My RPM class was rockin’ with a full class and lots of energy, and my TBC class was extra fun because I did a little “themed” workout that I think my members really enjoyed. We’re near the end of spring training season here in Arizona, and baseball season officially starts soon so I thought a baseball themed workout would be kinda fun to mix things up a bit.

Since the workout seemed to be a hit with my class, I thought I’d share it with you guys as well! It’s a workout you could use in a group fitness setting, or you could take it outside and do it with a few friends, or you could modify it a bit and do it by yourself in the weights room or at home. I know it’s been way too long since I’ve shared a workout with you guys on here, so it’s about time!

Baseball Circuit Workout

So this is how it works… Start at the pitcher spot and perform deadlifts to upright rows for 60 seconds, choose a cardio exercise from the cardio options to do for 30 seconds, move on to first base and complete push presses for 60 seconds, choose a different cardio exercise from the cardio options to do for 30 seconds, and so on and so forth. Take a short break after you get through all the bases and repeat the circuit for a 15-20 minute workout. (Make sure you switch legs at second base when you do the lunges for the second time.)

Below are links to videos of some of the exercises that may not be as well known:

As always, please talk to your doctor before starting a new fitness regimen!

I tried to get a little clever and add in some exercises that pertained to “baseball”. For example, diamond push ups (for a baseball diamond – get it?), deadlift to upright row is KIND of like you’re going to start to pitch the ball (or something like that?), lunges like you’re going to steal a base (kinda sorta – ha!), and jump squats when you get to home base because you’re excited. Clever one over here. ;)

I hope you guys have fun with this one! This workout would be a great one to get outdoors to do with some friends as the weather warms up. Enjoy!

I’m off to Bible study this morning and then work and laundry are the on the agenda for later this afternoon. I’ll see you tomorrow for a pregnancy update!

What kind of workouts are your favorite lately?

How often do you get outdoors to do your workouts?

Are you a baseball fan? If so, who’s your team?

Challenge Yourself to Create Change

Yesterday was a good one. It was a fairly normal day, but it didn’t involve having to await ANY sort of test results from doctors. I feel like for the past month, we’ve been awaiting some sort of test results for either Hunter or me that’s been wearing me out with anxiety. It feels nice to know that we’re all healthy and happy for now – praying that it continues! Thanks for those of you that commented yesterday regarding Hunter’s situation!

Hunter in shoes

Another highlight of yesterday was teaching my 4:30 PM BodyPump class! It’s become one of my favorite classes to teach each week. The room is packed and the energy is high – it’s awesome!

Yesterday I challenged my class to choose a track and increase their weight for it. During our cool down, a few of my class members shared which track they increased their weight for and each of them said they felt stronger, yet it wasn’t as difficult as they thought it might be. I reminded them that we are often stronger than we think and we can surprise ourselves if we put our mind to it!


I think it’s easy to continue to stay within our comfort zone at times (in fitness and in life!) because it’s what we know and it’s fairly easy, right? We can give ourselves excuses up the wazoo, but when it comes down to it, we won’t see changes until we step outside that comfort zone and challenge ourselves.

If you’re wanting to see a change in your body, add in a few more repetitions, increase that weight, tack on another mile to your run, try out a different fitness class or workout – keep your body guessing! You’ve got to challenge yourself to create change.

Think about where you want to challenge yourself in your workouts this week and go for it! What do you have to lose?!

Where will YOU challenge yourself this week in your workouts?

What about your life? Is there an area where you know you should step out of your comfort zone to see growth?

Do you have an inspiring story where you challenged yourself & saw results from it? Please share! (In life or fitness!)

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