My Workouts Lately

Hello to my fabulous friends on this fine Friday! (<—Nerd alert!)

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared what my workouts are looking like around here these days. Of course there’s been lots of teaching BodyPump, but since several of you have asked, I thought it’d fun to share my fitness routine in a little more detail.

Because I’ve been teaching a few of my own classes each week as well as subbing here and there, most of my workouts are done in the group fitness room while I’m teaching.


Every week is a little bit different depending on various sub jobs, how I’m feeling, etc., but generally my weeks have been looking something like this:

Monday: Teach 5:30 AM BodyPump class

Tuesday: Teach 8:30 AM BodyPump class

Wednesday: 30-ish minutes of steady state cardio (usually the elliptical/treadmill/stairmill) + teaching boot camp (I typically walk around and instruct/encourage, but will do a few moves here and there with them)

Thursday: REST

Friday: Teach 5:30 AM BodyPump class

Saturday: Attend RPM class or REST (just depends how I’m feeling & what we have going on for the day)

Sunday: REST

As you can see, the front half of my week is a little workout heavy, so I make sure to rest plenty toward the end of the week. It’s not necessarily ideal to do BodyPump two days in a row, but I can’t be too picky with my class choices since I’m a newer instructor. (FYI: It’s best to do BodyPump on nonconsecutive days since it’s a full body strength workout and your muscles need time to recover.) I typically go a little lighter with my BodyPump weights on Tuesday morning so I don’t overdo it. My schedule will most likely be moving around a bit in the next few weeks since MOPS is starting soon, and they’re adding in some more classes at my gym, so we’ll see what happens.

I’ve been trying to attend an occasional RPM class from time to time since my boss is encouraging me to get certified in the fall, but we will see. I feel like BodyPump and my boot camp class are already taking up plenty of my time, so I’m not convinced it’s something I want to do just yet. Time will tell!

I keep saying I need to incorporate more yoga into my routine, but I never really make a conscious effort to do it. To be totally honest, I don’t love yoga (or maybe I just need to give it another shot with a different instructor/class), so it’s hard for me get motivated to do it. I know my body would appreciate it though, especially with all the BodyPump I’ve been doing.

So, there you have it – what’s been going on in my little world of fitness!

P.S. I had to share with you my excitement (if you didn’t already see it splattered all over social media)… Hunter ate mixed vegetables last night!!!! This is a BIG deal, you guys. I didn’t have to disguise or puree them or anything. My only secret was lots of butter and cheese, and he chowed right down. Duh, what was I thinking all these months?! Hallelujah!


Have an amazing weekend!

What have your workouts looked like lately?

Do your workouts vary or look similar from week to week?

Group fitness instructors: How many classes do you teach per week? Which classes?

Do you incorporate yoga into your routine? Any good online sources you’ve found?

Why I Love Teaching Group Fitness

It’s officially been a little over a month since I’ve gotten back into teaching group fitness. Obviously that’s not a ton of time, but I can tell you that the last several weeks of teaching have been some of the most FUN weeks of my life. Sure, there’s been some nerve-wracking moments and lots of pushing myself out of my comfort zone, but it’s been SO worth it. I think I’ve definitely found my niche/purpose/calling/whatever-you-want-to-call-it (or at least another one of them).


When I taught boot camp classes several years back, I enjoyed it, but my motives were different back then. I was primarily teaching the class to get more exposure for my personal training gig in order to gain more clients. It was actually something I didn’t really want to do at first, but I eventually decided to go for it with the push from my manager. At the time, I hadn’t experienced much of the group fitness scene. I wasn’t very confident at that point in my life and in turn, was nervous to attend group fitness classes. Needless to say, jumping into teaching a group fitness class was super scary for me at first. But, I did it and thus began my love for group fitness.

Since leaving the gym four years ago, I’ve continued to stay pretty active with group fitness. Of course there were phases of my life that I took a break from it, but I always had that passion and desire to be back in the group fitness room. And now, I’m back to teaching it and loving it more than ever! I think I actually feel more confident now in front of a group fitness room teaching than pumping iron on the gym floor. I never in a million years thought I’d be saying that!

Without further ado…


1. I get to help people reach their fitness goals.

2. I get to have FUN!

3. I get to build relationships with people.

4. I get to share my passion and knowledge with others.

5. I get to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

6. I get to challenge myself by learning new information & going outside of my comfort zone.

7. I get to witness and be a part of an amazing community of like-minded people.

8. I get to motivate, encourage, and push people outside of their comfort zones.

Group fitness instructors: Why do YOU love teaching group fitness classes?

Group fitness attendees: Why do you love attending group fitness classes?

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