How to Know When You’re Overdoing It

We all know I’ve had my fair share of issues in the past with “overdoing it” when it comes to exercise. And if you didn’t know, then you can read all about it HERE.

This is something I do not want to have to go through again, so I’ve been doing a little research to make sure that I don’t get myself into the trap of overdoing it. Exercise is a great thing and is crucial in leading a healthy lifestyle. However, exercising too much can be just as harmful as not exercising at all.


So how do you know when you’re overdoing it?

Here are some red flags to look for:

  • You’re always exhausted and fatigued.
  • Your workouts leave you feeling worn out rather than energized.
  • You have an irregular menstrual cycle or have lost it completely.
  • You experience insomnia on a regular basis.
  • Your performance declines.
  • You are getting injured more often.
  • You get sick easier.

All of these things, whether by themselves or together, are signs that you could possibly be over exercising. If your body is showing signs of any of the above symptoms, I would encourage you to reevaluate your fitness routine.

Realistically, you should be giving yourself at least 1-2 rest days per week and keeping your workouts at no longer than 90 minutes on a regular basis. I personally like to take two, sometimes three, rest days per week, and my workouts are rarely ever longer than an hour. I realize everyone is different, but it seems to work well for me and my body.

Have you ever experienced a time when you over exercised? How many rest days do you take per week? How long are your workouts?

Active Rest Days

“Active rest days” – oxymoron much?  Although it may not completely make sense at first, let me just tell you that active rest days are a great component to add into your weekly fitness routine.  Rest days in general are crucial to allow your body to recover and help prevent injury.  However, your butt being glued to the couch all day isn’t always the wisest choice for rest, which is where active rest days come in.  Low to moderate exercise that gets your heart rate up without going above 65% of your maximum heart rate would be considered part of an active rest day.

Most of my own personal active rest days take place on Fridays and/or Sundays.  I will occasionally take an active rest day in the middle of the week instead of a regularly scheduled workout if I feel as though my body needs a break as well.

Here are some of my favorite forms of active rest exercise:

  • Going on a walk with our pups.  Aren’t they so stinkin’ cute?  Gahh I love ‘em.

  • Doing a yoga video on Hulu.  (Below is my “I-feel-awkward-doing-this” face. Smile)


  • Going at a steady pace on the elliptical while browsing my favorite health and fitness magazines.

  • Shopping!  You better believe walking around the mall and/or shops for a couple hours is active rest in my book. Winking smile


  • Going on leisurely bike rides.  (Miss you sister!)


  • Hiking



Taking active rest days is a great way to get your heart pumpin’ and flowin’ to those muscles that are needing nutrients and oxygen to repair themselves after more intense workout sessions.  I highly recommend them!  Winking smile


And if you’re NOT having an active rest day today, head on over to In Sweetness & In Health for some FLOW action!  You’ll find some awesome new exercises and workouts to try out!

In Sweetness and In Health




  • Do you incorporate active rest days into your workout routine?
  • What are some of your favorite active rest exercises?
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