Our little baby boy, Hunter Robert, was born on March 29, 2013. Below are all of the posts about our little guy and my journey through mommyhood. Enjoy!


Birth Story:

Hunter’s Birth Story (Part 1)

Hunter’s Birth Story (Part 2)

Hunter Updates:

Hunter: 2 Weeks

Hunter: 3 Weeks

Hunter: 4 Weeks

Hunter: 5 Weeks

Hunter: 6 Weeks

Hunter: 7 Weeks

Hunter: 8 Weeks

Hunter: 9 Weeks

Hunter: 10 Weeks

Hunter: 11 Weeks

Hunter: 12 Weeks

Hunter: 4 Months

Hunter: 5 Months

Hunter: 6 Months

Hunter: 7 Months

Hunter: 8 Months

Hunter: 9 Months

Hunter: 10 Months

Hunter: 11 Months

Hunter: 1 Year Old

Hunter: 15 Months

Hunter: 18 months

Hunter: 21 months

To My TWO Year Old…

Postpartum Updates:

[1 Week] Postpartum

[1 Month] Postpartum

[2 Months] Postpartum

[3 Months] Postpartum

[4 Months] Postpartum

[5 Months] Postpartum

[6 Months] Postpartum

Life As A Stay At Home Mom Series:

Stay At Home Mom Myths

Making It Financially Work

How I Don’t Go Crazy As A Stay At Home Mom

Other Parenting Posts:

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