We will be expecting our little bundle of joy in April of 2013!


Feel free to follow along as I give weekly updates on how things are going!

The Secret Is Out!

Pregnancy Details

Week 9: Cravings & Aversions

Week 10: Double Digits!

Week 11: Pregnancy Weight Gain

Week 12: A Fit Pregnancy

Week 13: Cloth Diapering Vs. Disposables

Week 14: Guest Post From Cody aka Baby Daddy

Week 15: My Changing Body

Week 16: Random Pregnancy Thoughts

Week 17: Will We Find Out the Sex?

Week 18: Maternity Clothes

Week 19: Baby Registry

Week 20: Halfway There!

Week 21: How My Workouts Have Changed


 Week 22: Gaining the Title “Mom”

 Week 23: Pregnancy Survey

 Week 24: Healthy {Pregnancy} Snacks

 Week 25: Baby’s First Christmas

Week 26: Baby Showers

 Week 27: Natural or Epidural?

 Week 28: Start of the 3rd Trimester

Week 29: Expecting More

Week 30: Opinions On Pregnancy Weight Gain & Exercise

Week 31: Third Trimester Thoughts

Week 32: Growth Spurt?

 Week 33: Getting My Body Back Post Pregnancy

Week 34: The Countdown Is On!

Week 35: Being A Stay-At-Home-Mom

Week 36: Sleeping Arrangements

Week 37: Nursery Tour

Week 38: A Little Scare